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"Human Rights Abortion" Google Search

On January 30, 2015 I did a Google search on the words "human rights abortion". I was disappointed to find the Human Rights For All Ages Campaign way down at number 50 on the list. However, even more disheartening was the first page of 10 hits, all of which were *proabortion:


"Abortion is linked to the right to the highest attainable standard of health, the right to privacy, the right to be free of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and the right to make decisions about one’s reproductive health and life,…"
" Safe abortion services are necessary…."
"… have identified unsafe abortion or lack of access to safe abortion as a human-rights issue"

Human Rights Law Review

(Title) "Abortion as a Human Right…"
"This article focuses on the striking expansion of international and regional human rights standards and jurisprudence that support women's human right to abortion."

Human Rights Watch

"Women’s ability to access safe and legal abortions is restricted in law or in practice in most countries in the world."
"The denial of a pregnant woman’s right to make an independent decision regarding abortion violates or poses a threat to a wide range of human rights."
"Access to legal and safe abortion services is essential to the protection of women’s rights to nondiscrimination and equality."

American Civil Liberties Union

"…extremist politicians have been trying to take that decision out of a woman’s hands."
"The ACLU works every day to stop this attack on reproductive freedom."

Children By Choice Association

"Abortion is first and foremost a human rights and social justice issue." – (On this point, at least, we agree!!)
"It is therefore dictatorial, degrading and an insult to the intelligence of a woman to have the decision on whether she will become a mother imposed on her by law…"
"Failure to repeal laws against abortion is a flagrant example of man's inhumanity to woman."

Women On Web

"The right to safe abortion, to determine when and if to become a parent, and the right to healthy sexuality is an issue of both human rights and of social justice."
"It is time to make abortion legal, safe and accessible in every country of the world…"


"…Ireland’s draconian anti-abortion law…"
"…reproductive rights are crucial to achieving gender equality worldwide."

Think Progress

(Title) "UN Warns Countries With Draconian Abortion Bans That They’re Violating Human Rights"
"…several countries with particularly harsh abortion bans…"
"…harsh law … depriving women of their human rights."
"…harsh abortion policies, ,,, in which women have been denied reproductive care."

The Independent

(Title) "Ireland abortion laws could breach international human rights treaty, UN warns"
"The Irish Government has been warned that its [anti-]abortion legislation is still in breach of international human rights laws."
(*This is the only one of the ten articles that does not take a direct pro-abortion stance. It does, however, report on the U.N. "Human Rights" Committee's stance in favor of abortion.)

Reality Check

(Title) "Enforcement of Abortion Laws Violates Human Rights"
"We know well that criminalization of abortion violates women’s rights to health and life by making abortion inaccessible"
"…barriers to legal abortion also violate human rights."
"…governments violate human rights when they criminalize abortion."

Not a single article in the first page of a Google search said anything about the real human rights issue that abortion represents - the killing of innocent children. Is it any wonder that we haven't succeeded in ending this slaughter? We need to step up to the plate, that is, the human rights plate, and make it clear that abortion is a violation of human rights, not a human right! Until we do this, the killing will go on.

"If you believe abortion is murder, ACT like it is murder. " --Operation Rescue

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