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Ending Abortion

While at the Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco on January 24, 2015 I decided to ask as many people as possible how it is that they intend to end abortion. I spoke with people who represented various organizations that had tables set up at the event, as well as individual marchers. I asked one question of the organizations: "What is [your organization's] strategy to end abortion?". I asked the individual marchers two questions: 1. "How are we going to end abortion?" and 2. "What are you going to do tomorrow about it?" Here are the results.


Question: "What is [your organization's] strategy to end abortion?"
Note: Some respondents were not comfortable speaking for the organization. I have indicated those as "Anonymous".

Sidewalk Advocates for Life

We are going to eliminate demand at the abortion facility by offering women life-affirming alternatives.


Through prayer and peaceful witness on the highways of America to change hearts and minds one at a time.

Pro-Life Fiddler

Encourage pro-lifers or those that are supportive of the pro-life cause to be active. I give them the ideas for how to be active.


Training youth to be leaders in promoting the culture of life.

Divine Mercy Eucharistic Society

Providing shelters for homeless pregnant women. Evangelization. Teaching them the importance of life.

California Association of Natural Family Planning

By advocating and empowering women and couples in their role as pro-creators by promoting sex that is 100 percent natural, sustainable and lifesaving.

Students for Life of America

Encourage students to engage their peers on campus and let their peers know that abortion is not their only option.

40 Days for Life

Prayer and fasting and community outreach.

Curbside Catholics

By telling people on the streets that Catholicism is truth they'll discover that Catholicism is pro-life.


Through prayer and the holy mass.

Stand up Girl

Working with girls who are in their point of crisis to get them into a life-affirming pregnancy center.

The Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco

Prayer. Promote the dignity of life. Take full advantage of social networking.


Inform youth and provide them with any help that we can.

Thomas More Society

Restoring respect in law for life, family and religious liberty. Stand up for pro-lifers' legal rights, and fighting unjust laws that are against life.


Recruiting, training and equipping young people to end abortion in their generation. Every year we do a two-week activist training camp.

Feminists for Life

Empower, educate and equip a generation of college students to be pro-life and pro-woman. Secondly, work with college campuses to allow college campuses to provide resources to their pregnant and parenting students.


Help people connect the life issues so that they realize that the life issues are connected. War, poverty, euthanasia, racism...


Make abortion something that people won't do by strengthening family life. Having parents and children talk to one another. Communication in family with children. Letting children know your values.


Conversion of heats. Deeper experience of God's lve in a person's life.


To actually get out into the community, and letting women know that they have options other than abortion.

Human Rights For All Ages Campaign

Challenge so-called "human rights" organizations to stand up for the human rights of all people at all stages of life ("call them on the carpet" for their support of killing children), and get those who do oppose killing preborn children to stand up and be counted as human rights advocates.

The following organizations have responded to the question since the Walk for Life:


To produce and air gentle, yet powerfully effective sanctity of life television messages and web videos, providing a minute of education and a lifetime of hope for babies and abortion-vulnerable women.

Crusade For Life

Ending Abortion In America with a Human Life Amendment.

Please Let Me Live/National Life Chain

We are endeavoring to end legal abortion by persuading Christís church to discern the humanity of Americaís unwanted preborn children and, in each local community, to be a triumphant church that develops and applies comprehensive protection for its at-risk Little Ones.

Napa Valley Culture of Life

Napa Valley Culture of Life affirms and facilitates operation of existing life affirming options in the Napa valley and when none exist, fosters new life affirming resources to protect, enhance, and affirm life from creation to natural death.


Two questions. First answer is to the question, "How are we going to end abortion?" Second answer is to the question, "What are you going to do about it tomorrow?"

Chino Hills, CA

Make the people of the US realize that the baby has life in the womb. Define what life is and show that the baby is alive in the womb.

Go pray rosary for the end of abortion.

Sacramento, CA

Prayer. Conversion of people involved in the whole abortion industry and our legislators.

Pray. Offer up mass.

Vallejo, CA

Telling everyone and sharing on social media.

Share my thoughts to everyone, and if anyone is contemplating doing it, tell them it is wrong.

Morgan Hills, CA

Keeping the walk for life up and making people informed.


Stanville, CA

Pushback. Personally get engaged in the fight for life.

Pray for unborn children and pray for mercy for those who have their hands in blood in the killing of children.

San Francisco, CA

End it if you have a Supreme Court rule that it's murder.

Give money to pro-life groups.

Columbia, CA

Pray and minister to the women who are thinking about having abortions. The biggest thing is restore the family. Strict laws about people getting married.


Sacramento, CA

Efforts like this and awareness. Information through rallies, church and even schools.

Pray. Tell friends. Social media.

San Mateo, CA

Rallies like this that help to change hearts and minds of people.

Continue to pray to Jesus Christ for his will to be done.

Walnut Creek, CA

This way. Helping people understand that there is a life inside the mother, and don't make decisions based on fear.

Go to mass and pray. Talk to people who ask about my baby's feet pin.

San ???,

Pray. Lobby pro-life legislation.


Dublin, CA

Walking and protesting. Talking about it when the conversation opens.

Tell my friends.

Fresno, CA

By being here and supporting the unborn children.


Los Angeles, CA

Making our message known to politicians and educating the masses through pro-life marches, as well as printing educational materials to schools.

Post on Facebook. Launch a social media campaign.

Santa Paula, CA

With enthusiasm and fire and strength. Showing how beautiful life is from conception. By changing people's hearts, not by yelling at them. By showing them charity.

Pray. Live our lives upholding the dignity of life.

Los Angeles, CA

By our laws. And more fundamentally by changing people's perception of what abortion is and when life begins. Get out there and stand up.

[Busy with other things tomorrow.]

[Southern California]


Begin conversations.

Sacramento, CA


Go to mass.

San Ramon, CA

Tell people the truth. Change people's minds.

Pray. Teach my kids the truth.

Reno, NV

Visibility. Wearing paraphernalia. Being vocal with love.


Lodi, CA

A change of heart. As the gospel goes forth people come to know the truth that God is the one that created us. Once we understand that true love grows in us and that love doesn't kill people.


Lodi, CA

Promoting open adoption more, and helping more women who are in their pregnancies.

Share my story. I'm a birth mom. I placed my child for adoption

San Jose, CA

Convince everyone that contraception is wrong.

Talk to as many people as possible about contraception. Pray. Offer up mass.

San Bernardino, CA

Making people informed that there's alternatives to abort.

Pray. Let people know.

Santa Maria, CA

Implementing everything that Bishop Cordelione mentioned in his homily. Live the love of God in all ways.

I'm going to go to mass.

Lander, WY

Prayer and active. Spreading what it is and what we stand for. Leading a pro-life lifestyle.

Pro-life group at school will send boycott letters to people who support abortion.

Novota, CA

Turning people's hearts and making them realize that it's evil to take a child's life. Educating them.

Go to church and pray.

"We shall have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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