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Booth/Table contents

Here is a potential layout of a Human Rights For All Ages Campaign table at at Human Rights Day event. This is for a small table (approx. 2' x 3). Not all of these materials have been prepared yet.

Front: HRFAA banner

Left side:
Right side:

Other items you might add if you have room:

Also, you should always have an embryology textbook on hand for any display pertaining to the unborn. That way if anyone questions the accuracy of anything you will have an authoritative source of information readily available. (Of course, this means that you should always make sure that the information that you display is indeed accurate. Sometimes it is not. Don't just assume that because you trust the source the information is therefore accurate.) Embryology textbooks can be purchased quite inexpensively. Sources include:

Of course if you happen to have a source/bookstore nearby you, then you can examine the book before you buy it and see if you like it.

NOTE: Every year there is a specific theme identified for International Human Rights Day. Of course, given the immensity of the issue of abortion as a human rights issue, it should be the theme every year until it is ended, but we have not done our job in getting that message across yet. We have not included anything in the picture above in regards to this year's theme, but besides having information about the plight of preborn human beings, we recommend also having at least something regarding the theme. The theme for Intenational Human Rights Day 2014 was "Human Rights 365", with the idea that "every day is Human Rights Day", and claiming that "each one of us, everywhere, at all times is entitled to the full range of human rights, that human rights belong equally to each of us." If only those who make these statement would actually live up to them. (Note: If you wish to contact the U.N. yourself and express your concerns about this, their phone number is 212-963-4475 and email address is

Here is a potential design for a banner for Human Rights for All Ages. (Also seen in picture above.) What do you think?

"Nearly ten years ago I declared myself a pro-lifer. A Jewish, atheist, civil libertarian, left-wing pro-lifer. Immediately, three women editors at The Village Voice, my New York base, stopped speaking to me. Not long after, I was invited to speak on this startling heresy at Nazareth College in Rochester (long since a secular institution). Two weeks before the lecture, it was canceled. The women on the lecture committee, I was told by the embarrassed professor who had asked me to come, had decided that there was a limit to the kind of speech the students could safely hear, and I was outside that limit." -Nat Hentoff

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