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Abortion and Human Rights News

Of course, every story about abortion is a human rights-related story, but here are some that more specifically address the issue in human rights terms:

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Doctor resigns from Amnesty International, finding it ironic that an organization whose motto is "Stand Up for the Human" would promote abortion. Derry doctor resigns from Amnesty International in protest at the organisation's campaign calling for the reform of abortion laws in Northern Ireland (10/20/16)

This actress says abortion is now "a human rights issue", but then goes on to support the killing, completely ignoring the human rights of those being killed. Scarlett Johansson: Abortion Is 'a Human Rights Issue' (/16)

"[I]f that baby were outside the womb and you stuck a knife through its chest, you’d be charged with first-degree murder. You kill it in the womb, and we call it a 'human right.'" Ben Shapiro destroys abortion arguments: 'No one has a right' to kill another human being (10/12/16)

Once again, "human rights" groups promoting killing. Polish Women Went on Strike Over Terrifying Abortion Restrictions—Here's Why it Matters to Everyone (10/3/16)

"Human rights organizations" criticizing proposed Polish law to protect preborn children. Polish women go on nationwide strike against proposed abortion ban (10/3/16)

In Chile, one of the few countries in the world where preborn children's rights are fully protected, the president is using "human rights" as an excuse to promote killing. Not a word here about the children's human rights. Chile's president defiant over abortion changes (9/29/16)

UN "experts" declaring that protecting chidren's lives is a violation of women's human rights. Women Demand Safe Access to Abortions Around the Globe (9/28/16)

Once again, an organization using "international human rights law" to justify the killing of children. IFPA: Citizen’s assembly insufficient to make abortion laws compliant with human rights standards (9/23/16)

Once again protestors wanting the right to kill children are referred to as "human rights campaigners". Laws against abortion are deemed to be because Poland is "Europe's most Catholic Country". So there you have it -- promoting killing is human rights activity, while opposing killing is religious activity. Poland's Abortion Ban May Force Women To Choose Between Pregnancy Or Prison (9/19/16)

Australian man arrested for protesting too close to abortion clinic says it's an "incredible thing that a person can be arrested in Australia for promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights". Note that the article refers to the laws he opposes as "Reproductive Health laws", rather than what they are, laws that allow the killing of preborn children. Anti-abortion protester Graham Preston to be first to appeal conviction under Tasmanian law (9/18/16)

Here is that lie again that "human rights campaigners" are protesting against a law to protect children's lives. They are not human rights campaigners if they support killing people. Thousands protest against proposed stricter abortion law in Poland (9/18/16)

An anti-abortion group described as "a union of human rights activists". Now, that is the kind of reporting that we need. (Although I'm not quite sure why Created Equal hasn't joined with the Human Rights For All Ages Campaign.) Video: Student changes mind on abortion in mere seconds (9/15/16)

This article has it a little backward. Students "understand [abortion] from a human rights perspective. Now with Faith Foundations they'll be able to understand if from a theological perspective." No! We need to get people to understand abortion from a human rights perspective and address the human rights horror in human rights terms! The last "pro-life" rally I went to expressed virtually a continual stream of theologically-related language: Jesus, God, prayer, etc. Human rights were mentioned once. It needs to be the opposite way around. Laying the groundwork for pro-life leaders (9/14/16)

London Against Abortion is using "graphic representations" to "educate the London area about the human rights violations of abortions". Anti-abortion flyers put on student houses (9/14/16)

International "human rights" bodies complain because Paraguay refuses to allow the killing of preborn children. Paraguay defies UN, asks president to declare 'Year of the Right to Life' (9/2/16)

A group of Australian lawyers asking the New South Wales Parliament to pass a bill to allow killing preborn children have the audacity to say that "archaic" laws protecting children's lives have "violated fundamental human rights". NSW Parliament pressed to reform 'archaic' abortion laws (8/25/16)

According to James Scott Jones, the purpose of I Am Whole Life is to "move the abortion argument out of the sex-based 'culture wars' and place it where it belongs: in the realm of human rights. We should talk about abortion in the same breath as genocide, religious persecution, and other examples of violence against the vulnerable." Well said! I hope he means it. Mark Shea would lie to attack pro-lifers, but not to save Anne Frank or babies (8/17/16)

Here is that "unsafe" abortion idea again: "Unsafe abortion leads to 47,000 deaths and 5 million disabilities worldwide each year." An understatement. "Unsafe" abortions (i.e., those that are unsafe to any of the parties involved) lead to tens of millions of deaths each year - mostly to the children being aborted. There is no such things as "safe" abortion, not for the one being aborted. We need to call them on this any time they use such a ludicrous term. The Website Helping Women Access Safe Abortions (8/15/16)

According to this article protecting the lives of preborn humans causes women and girls to "suffer from severe mental pain and suffering—a fact that has prompted human rights bodies and experts to recognize the denial of abortion as torture." How long will we let them get away with this. No! No! No! Organizations that call for the killing of children are NOT "human rights bodies". We need to challenge such statement whenever they are made! How Obama Failed Women Raped in War (8/12/16)

The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform uses "graphic" abortion images to this human rights violation. This booming pro-life group has a secret weapon they think will end abortion in Canada (8/10/16)

"Human rights" groups among those presenting a concert in support of killing preborn children. Sia Is Headlining A Free Concert To Advocate For Better Abortion Access (8/9/16)

The U.N. Human Rights Council using the excuse of a woman being convicted of abortion as a reason to call for the decriminalization of killing children. Case of woman sentenced to 8 years for alleged abortion causes uproar in Argentina (8/9/16)

The Mexican state of Veracruz passed an amendment protecting the lives of preborn children, and what does the U.N. Commissioner for Human Rights do? Condemns it! 18th Mexican state passes pro-life constitutional amendment, UN officials express outrage (8/1/16)

The African Union has dedicated this year to "Human Rights, with Special Focus on Rights of Women". The writer claims that "unsafe abortion is globally, regionally and nationally recognised as a serious public health problem as well as a human rights violation." Let's see now, unsafe child killing is a human rights violation. I get that. Don't you? Good policy frameworks for women's rights must be fully implemented (7/5/16)

When federal clinic workers in Mexico refused to kill a woman's preborn child she sued them for violating her "human rights". Mexican Supreme Court overwhelmingly rejects proposal to legalize abortion nationwide (7/4/16)

Activist promoting the killing of preborn children is honored by the U.N. UN Honors Planned Parenthood Abortion Activist With Population Award (6/30/16)

Effort to get the UN to declare September 28 of each year as International Safe Abortion Day. Safe abortion - how is that for an oxymoron? Pro-abortion Non-Governmental Organizations Request UN to Mark International Safe Abortion Day (6/30/16)

In Northern Ireland, attorneys for Human Rights Commission are concerned that the "political logjam" over abortion is harming women's rights. Why are they not expressing concern over the rights of the ones who are being killed by abortion? Abortion: Appeal Court urged 'protect women who risk criminalisation' (6/23/16)

Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Cora Sherlock states that the UN human rights committee is not the authority on human rights that some people would like to make it out to be. Isn't that an understatment! Minister to seek AG's advice on abortion bill (6/22/16)

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life’s Global Outreach program addressed the U.N. Human Rights Council, pointing out that there is no right to abortion under international law, but rather that human rights instruments "provide support for the equal protection of human beings at all developmental stages and in all conditions". Thank you MCCL! Pro-Life Advocate Demolishes Abortion in UN Speech: "Every Human Being Has a Right to Life" (6/21/16)

Protestors in Poland against laws to protect preborn humans claim "Women's rights are human rights". Apparently not during their first nine months of life, though. Thousands March Against Proposed Changes To Poland's Abortion Law (6/19/16)

In Cuba, a doctor is persecuted for speaking up about the horrors of abortion. Persecution of Pro-Life Doctors Isn’t Limited to Cuba. It Happens Here. (6/17/16)

The U.N.'s Working Group on discrimination against women in law and in practice will report to the Human Rights Coucil that laws protecting preborn human beings "are discriminatory and dangerous". Nothing "dicriminatory" or "dangerous" about killing little children, I guess! U.N.: Severe Abortion Laws Discriminate and Endanger (6/17/16)

The Society For The Protection of Unborn Children reports on its efforts with the Committee on the Rights of the Child that the committee will sometimes recommend making abortion more freely available. Apparently, the rights of the child include the right to be killed! Parents must prepare themselves for persecution (6/15/16)

The actress playing the main character on Scandal, who has an abortion on the show, says, "I tend to be a pretty outspoken person when it comes to all kinds of human rights — women’s reproductive rights, immigrants’ rights, workers’ rights, rights for people of color, voting rights." Apparently not all kinds ... no concern here for the rights of children in their first nine months. But nobody calls her on that. Kerry Washington Had To Block A Lot Of Twitter Trolls After Abortion Episode Of 'Scandal' (6/15/16)

The Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner criticizes efforts in Poland to protect the lives of preborn children. Poland should provide abortion, contraceptives, mandatory sex ed: Council of Europe (6/15/16)

U.N. "human rights" experts rail against laws protecting children! Who would have believed it? United Nations human rights experts have found that Ireland's abortion ban subjects women to discriminatory and cruel treatment (6/9/16) [lots of articles about this on this date and following]

This website continually puts out pro-abortion articles in the name of human rights. It is completely one-sided. Never any concern over the killing of little children. Uganda: CSOS Call for Legalisation of Abortion (6/8/16)

Kenya Parliamentary Human Rights Association and Kenya National Commission on Human Rights among groups listening to women who "blamed ignorance and lack of access to safe abortion clinics." Is this for real?? Kenya: Review Law on Abortion, MPs and Rights Groups Tell Ministry (5/23/16)

"Induced abortion is illegal in Brazil under most circumstances and is seen as a human rights issue because it takes the life of the unborn child." Well, at least one country has it right. Former topless Femen protester testifies against abortion before Brazilian Congress (5/24/16)

The "top United Nations human rights official" wants El Salvador to allow killing children! Zika virus looms but El Salvador stands firm on abortion ban (5/24/16)

Imagine. Trying to use the Maine Human Rights Act against those who are protesting the killing of children. Yet it is true! Judge rules in favor of Maine abortion protester (5/23/16)

Center for Reproductive Rights says Oklahoma bill to prohibit killing preborn children is in "contravention of ... basic human rights". It is amazing that people can get away with statements like that, but where are those who are pointing out that is exactly the opposite? Not a word about this being a human rights measure. Oklahoma Legislature passes bill criminalizing abortion (5/20/16)

In the U.N.'s periodic review of Ireland's human rights record will ask the government about its abortion laws and what it will do to "bring the law into line with international human rights standards" (read: "allow people to kill their children"). 'Restrictive' abortion laws to be questioned by UN members (5/3/16); also here

Ripping babies "limb from limb" (i.e., dismemberment abortions) "has to end in Mississippi to achieve basic human rights". Thank you, Anja Scheib of Students for Life. Mississippi gov. signs ban on abortions that rip babies 'limb from limb' (4/15/16)

U.K.'s House of Lords using "human rights" as an excuse for promoting the killing of children! Can you belive it? British Lords tell US to fund abortions worldwide (4/15/16)

Professor is quoted as saying that Poland's attempt to pass legislation protecting preborn children "may be just the beginning of a frightening stream of policy proposals aimed at dismantling basic human rights and rule-of-law protections in Poland." There is no quote from anyone pointing out the human rights horror of killing young children. Poland's culture war: Let the abortion battle commence (4/15/16)

Here is a "pro-life" news source who calls these groups calling for killing children "human rights groups". Do you see our problem? Feminist Groups Protest Proposal in Poland to Ban All Abortions: "Cancer is Live Tissue Too" (4/11/16)

The Council of Europe, purported to be an "intergovernmental human rights organization", complained about lack of access to "safe abortions" in Italy. A human rights group wants "safe" killing of children!? Will we stand up and yell and scream in horror over such horrendous perversions of justice? Italian Abortion Law Update: Council Of Europe Slams Italy For Restricting Women's Reproductive Rights (4/11/16)

According to this article, sixty feminist and "human rights" organizations are protesting Poland's attempt to pass legislation to protect the lives of preborn human beings. No, they are not "human rights" organizations if they promote killing! Will we stand up and challenge such ludicrousy? Thank you to Mariusz Dzierzawski of the Pro-Life Foundation who points out, "It is not a human right to kill the weak and children with genetic defects." Protesters rally over plans to ban abortion in Poland (4/11/16)

The U.N. Human Rights Committee continues to try to get Northern Ireland to allow killing children. The UK's abortion shame: Northern Ireland urged to stop prosecuting women under abortion ban (4/12/16)

Michael Khan of Georgetown University Right to Life points out that school administrators, who are allowing the head of Planned Parenthood to speak at the university, "view abortion as morally different from other human rights violations, like slavery and child labor, and therefore the promotion of its use is acceptable speech." Georgetown, Notre Dame students fight plans to honor abortion advocates at their Catholic colleges (4/8/16)

Northern Ireland woman who self-induced an abortion: The articles over and over again refer to the Belfast High Court ruling that abortion restrictions violate the human rights of women and girls. They ignore the human rights violation of killing children. Year of probation for Northern Ireland teenager who aborted pregnancy causes outrage on both sides of debate (4/7/16)

Amnesty International Northern Ireland director Patrick Corrigan says that abortion should be addressed as a matter of human rights. He's right. So why does he continued to deny human rights and promote the savage and brutal killing of those in the womb? More importantly, why doesn't the article ask that question? Second woman faces prosecution under 150-year-old abortion laws (4/7/16)

Preborn baby thrown out in the garbage after woman's self-induced abortion in Nothern Ireland. "Human rights" group Amnesty International doesn't care! Woman Prosecuted for Illegally Buying Abortion Pills Left Her Fully-Formed Baby in a Trash Bin (4/6/16)

Again, Precious Life, a Northern Ireland group that upholds the rights of the preborn, states their concern regarding an abortion decision. The article then says, "However, a human rights organisation said...". So there you have it. Those who deny the rights of those in the womb are "human rights" organizations, but those who stand up for the rights of the youngest human beings are ... well ... something else it would seem! Abortion pills: Housemate speaks of guilt over 'baby in bin' (4/6/16)

Another biased article. All the "experts" are saying that Northern Ireland needs to allow killing children in the name of "human rights". Northern Ireland abortion law back in the spotlight following suspended jail sentence (4/6/16)

Typical biased reporting here. Those who oppose Poland banning killing children do so on the basis of "human rights", but those who are trying to protect the lives of children are doing so because of the influence of the Catholic Church! Thousands of Poles march against proposed abortion law (4/3/16)

A doctor pointing out that a new Indiana law protecting preborn children is a step in favor of human rights. Indiana's giant stride for human rights (4/3/16)

United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights pushing Costa Rica to make it easier to kill children! UN committee recommends Costa Rica allow abortion in cases of rape (4/2/16)

March for Life marchers "see abortion as the human rights issue of today". I hope this writer is right. March for Life Leader: 'Punishment' Is 'Last Thing' Women Who Have Abortions Need To Hear About (3/31/16)

The title says it: "Amnesty International Supports Human Rights, Except for the Human Rights of Unborn Children"Amnesty International Supports Human Rights, Except for the Human Rights of Unborn Children (3/30/16)

"Burma's Deadly Abortion Taboo" is the title of this article. So, let's see, stopping the killing of children is deadly, but allowing the killing of chldren isn't? Burma's Deadly Abortion Taboo (3/30/16)

U.N. human rights committees condemn Peru for protecting the life of an innocent preborn child! Peruvian Government Publicly Recognizes Human Rights Violations Against Rape Survivor As Part of Landmark U.N. Abortion Case (3/29/16)

Pro Life Campaign: "It is very easy for Amnesty [International] to criticise Ireland over its abortion laws while turning a blind eye to horrific human rights abuses like the situation in places like Britain and Canada where babies that survive botched abortions are routinely left in the corners of hospitals to die alone without receiving any medical attention." Amnesty ignores horrific human rights abuses in abortion industry, says Pro Life Campaign (3/29/16)

This article needs more than just a brief comment, but I'll just empasize the irony that the writer points out: "Ironically, the Satanic Temple of Detroit attempted to frame its pro-abortion activism as an action in defense of human rights...." Meanwhile, I hope people will not take all this crap about Satanism seriously. Pro-lifers: Satanic activism proves abortion is evil (/16)

Here is a group of Cambodian students on the right track. They accuse a man of murder and human rights violations for asking his girlfriend to get an abortion. Students Accuse Kem Sokha of Murder Over Abortion Remark (3/26/16)

Indiana Representative Casey Cox: Protecting preborn humans' lives "is a human rights cause". Indiana Acts to Protect the Sanctity of Life (3/21/16)

Here is a Newsweek opinion article saying that killing children should be "based on human rights". Could anything be more ridiculous? Will the Zika Outbreak Ease Abortion Laws? (3/20/16)

President Obama standing up for "peace and security and the human rights of all people". Well, except those in the womb, you see... Obama: Every human being has 'inherent dignity'...but we can abort them on demand (3/14/16)


"Human rights" groups trying to get Sierra Leone to allow killing children. No, they are not human rights groups if they promote killing! Human Rights: Sierra Leone abortion bill blocked by President Bai Koroma again (3/12/16)

Gay rights group "saw no separation between these two human rights struggles" of abortion and gay rights. This is true. You cannot uphold the rights of gays and deny the rights of those in the womb, or vice-versa. Unfortunately, the article doesn't see it that way. LGBT Rights and Abortion Rights Are Inseparable (3/12/16)

A group of U.S. Congressmen calling on the U.N. to actually stand up for human rights, rather than using the Zika virus as an excuse to undermnine the human rights of those in the womb. House Members to UN Official: "Abortion is Not the Answer to Zika Virus" (3/11/16)

Author of a bill to prevent aborting a prenatal child because of disabilities says, "For many of us, this is a human rights cause." I beg to know, what is it for the rest? Abortion restrictions based on fetal gender, disability advance to Gov. Mike Pence (3/10/16)

"Human rights" demonstrators calling for the "right" to kill one's child. Female protesters strip off and take to the streets across South America to demand legalising abortions and an end to domestic violence as part of International Women's Day (3/9/16)

UN again trying to say that to kill one's preborn child is a "human right". 'Preposterous': Pro-life leaders blast UN claim that denying abortion is 'torture' (3/8/16)

"Denial of abortion" is here seen as a human rights violation. Nothing about the human rights violation of killing innocent children. Right to sexual and reproductive health indivisible from other human rights - UN experts (3/8/16)

In Charleottetown, PEI someone is putting up posters declaring "Pre-born Human Rights Now". Anti-abortion posters go up in Charlottetown using 'Hey Wade' messaging (3/4/16)

The Universalist Unitarian Association, one of the "human rights" groups in our listing, is fighting for the unfettered right to kill preborn children. Read this: UUA supports abortion access in statement to Supreme Court (3/2/16)

Another "human rights" NGO complaining that Ghana doesn't allow "safe" killing of children. Religious laws impede safe abortion campaign - NGO (3/3/16)

"Human rights" organization in Ghana bemoaning the fact that Ghana doesn't have "safe" child killing (a.k.a., abortion). NGO says Religious laws impede safe abortion campaign (3/2/16)

She is motivated "by her commitment to human rights and justice". That's why she has a group of facilities for killing children, right? "The intent is to make this 5- to 10-minute abortion procedure seem dangerous": The plaintiff in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt on defending her Texas clinics all the way to the Supreme Court (/16)

A group of U.S. Representives are calling on the U.N. High Commission on Human Rights to clarify that it is "not calling for changes to laws protecting the human rights of unborn children" in countries threatened with the Zika virus. But, of course, that is exactly what the Commission is doing! GOP Congressmen to UN: Don’t Use Zika to 'Overturn Laws of Many Nations Protective of Life at All Stages of Development' (/16)

This abortion advocate in Colorado is concerned that laws to protect preborn children would "bestow human rights to fetuses". She is wrong. It would be impossible to "bestow" human rights on anyone. The whole concept of human rights is that everyone has them, regardless of whether they are upheld or not. They may be violated, but everyone has them simply because they are human beings. No "bestowal" is needed. The only question is whether we will uphold the human rights that are currently being trampled. The Battle Over Abortion Could Make a Big Difference in Colorado This Election (2/29/16)

Here it is! It is the "Catechism of the Catholic Church" that opposes abortion, but the high commissioner for human rights who calls for "safe abortion services". How disgusting to use church as a scapegoat to call killing children a "human right"! Head of UN Women: Expand 'Reproductive Rights' in Zika-Affected Countries 'Not Only Because of Zika' But It’s the 'Right Thing to Do' (2/23/16)

A one-sided article in Scientific American about abortion and the Zika virus. Quotes various people speaking about human rights, but never about the human rights of the children being killed by abortion! Zika Awakens Debate over Legal and Safe Abortion in Latin America (2/23/16)

This writer calls for " contraception, abortion and sexuality education that meets internationally accepted standards of human rights". Yet, there is no international human right to kill one's child. Indeed, the Covenant on the Rights of the Child clearly states "The child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, before as well as after birth." Will we continue to let these people claim such horrible and violent "rights"? Health, Human Rights and the Zika Virus (2/16/16)

Senator in Maryland promoting the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act says abortion is a human rights issue. Local legislators sponsor bill limiting time span for abortion (2/14/16)

"It is disconcerting to learn that the Attorney General questions whether or not providing for access to abortion in cases of fatal foetal impairment is compatible with international human rights law, when it is very clear that it is exactly what is required by international human rights law," says the leader of Northern Ireland Amnesty International, and continues to say that the attorney general's concern for the right of the children does "great disservice to those in Northern Ireland who want an informed discussion on this important human rights issue". But who is it who doesn't want an informed discussion? Is it not Amnesty International who simply wants to dismiss the human rights-based concerns being brought before it? If AI wants an informed discussion then let's have an informed discussion! Larkin's fear law change may be against human rights (11/2/16)

Another "human rights activist" helping women kill their children. No! She is not a human rights activist if she is involved in killing children! Dutch doctors send free abortion pills to women with Zika (2/11/16)

"It's a strange kind of human right that says a human being can have its life ended," says Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign as the battle over child killing heats up in Ireland. In Catholic Ireland, Battle Lines Drawn Over Abortion as Election Looms (2/10/16)

Although I disagree with Mr. VanMaren's contention that "All truth is God's truth", I applaud his insight here to realize that "abortion is probably the simplest social issue to debate with atheists [or anyone else, I would add], because the case against abortion is one of human rights." Yes, if you will just talk in terms of human rights we "atheist" will come around. If you can’t convince an atheist abortion is wrong…you’re doing it wrong (2/10/16)

Finally, someone (Northern Ireland's Attorney General) points out that it is the allowance of killing children that "could breach international human rights obligations". (That's not just a "could", Mr. Attorney General.) Plan to relax north's abortion laws 'could breach human rights legislation' (2/10/16)

U.N. selects the woman who led Amnesty International's turn to support killing childrem to be Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights. UN rights office hires woman who led Amnesty’s abortion activism (2/8/16)

"Human rights" groups try to use human rights to get the president of Sierra Leone to allow the "safe" killing of children. Sierra Leone: Letter to President Koroma of Sierra Leone (2/4/16)

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights using the Vika virus as an excuse for killing children. Zika virus: UN calls on countries to provide women reproductive counselling (2/5/16)

U.N. declaring abortion to be a "human right". UN Committee Calls Abortion a Human Right, Punishes Country That Protected Unborn Baby (2/3/16)

We are "terrifying" and "extremists" if we think that we should uphold the human rights of preborn children. Mainstream Media Must Leave Abortion Stigma in the Past (2/8/16)

United Nations and African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights Commission expert push the president of Sierra Leone to sign a "Safe Abortion Bill". You know, the same old "killing is safe" line! UN and African experts urge Sierra Leone’s President to save millions of women’s lives by signing the 2015 Safe Abortion Bill (1/29/16)

"Human rights" organizations not only support killing preborn children, but even condemn a government's recommendation for woman to avoid pregnancy in areas where the Vika virus is prevalent. Perhaps they want women to get pregnant as often as possible so that they can have more abortions?! Why Latin American Women Can’t Follow the Zika Advice to Avoid Pregnancy (1/28/16)

"Human rights, civil rights, women’s rights matter," Hillory Clinton says. Yes! So why does she insist on allowing people to kill each other? Hillary Clinton Celebrates 43 Years of Abortion by Pushing Free Abortions for Poor Women (1/25/16)

Northern Ireland attorney general seeks to overturn the court's decision that condones killing preborn children. Northern Ireland's attorney general to appeal ruling on abortion ban (1/25/16)

Once again, our "premier" "human rights" organization, Amnesty International, is standing up for the "right" to kill. Northern Ireland: Amnesty will resist attempt to overturn High Court ruling on abortion (1/25/16)

In the Peru case, the U.N. "Human Rights" Committee has sided with the killers. United Nations Committee Affirms Abortion as a Human Right (1/25/16)

"The court's failure to protect the basic human rights and dignity of the unborn is counter to Kansans' sense of justice," Gov. Sam Brownbeck said in response to the Kansas Court of Appeals ruling against a ban on dismemberment abortions. Appeals court: Kansas Constitution protects abortion rights (1/25/16)

Jeanne Mancini of the March for Life, as snow storm hits, says, "there is no sacrifice too great to fight the human rights abuse of abortion." I hope she means it. March for Life President as Blizzard Began: No Sacrifice Too Great to Fight for Right to Life (1/22/16)

For Millennials: "Abortion is the greatest human rights issue of our generation." Millennials: We have a choice to make on abortion (1/22/16)

Students at University of California at San Diego complain when the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform showed them the reality of abortion. "This is a human rights issue. We’re here to make people aware of what abortion is," responded CBR's Kevin Olivier. UCSD Students Protest Anti-Abortion Advocates (1/20/16)

Students attending "the largest human rights watch in the world" - the March For Life. St. Mary's Students Travel to D.C. for Worlds's Largest Human Rights Watch (1/19/16)

Peru has finally caved in to the U.N.'s so-called Human Rights Committee and "compensated" a woman who was prohibited from killing her baby. Peru will compensate woman in historic human rights abortion case: UN (1/19/16)

Here is language we need to countermand: "Forced pregnancy to me is a crime, it's against my human rights." Protecting the life of an innocent child becomes "forced pregnancy". I suppose a woman who refuses to have an abortion when the father of the child doesn't want her to have it is forcing him into "forced fatherhood". We can't allow "forced fatherhood", right? Ireland - The Right to Abortion (Video) (1/18/16)

Marco Rubio claims, "For me the issue of abortion and life is not a political issue, it's a human rights issue." Marco Rubio: Right to Life of Unborn Children "is a Fundamental Right Given to Us by Our Creator" (1/16/16)

After being critized because a panel on abortion had only male speakers, one of the speakers clarifies: "The right to life of the unborn is obviously at stake in this debate and that is a human rights issue, not a woman's issue or a man's issue per se." Irish pro life group criticised for all-male panel on abortion (1/13/16)

"The 'legal framework on abortion' should be revised to protect the human rights of girls experiencing crisis pregnancies, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has said." Do you supppose this effort will seek to protect the human rights of girls during their first nine months of life? Human rights body recommends revision of abortion laws (/1/13/16)

Finally! This writer has it right! Those who promote abortion are "so-called" human rights groups! Northern Irish pro-lifers call for appeal to abortion ruling (1/8/16)

Women representing the U.N., which is constantly pushing countries to get them to allow their citizens to kill preborn children, claim that the U.S. is far behind "international human rights standards". Meanwhile, those who protest against such killing are branded as "terrorists"! UN Representatives: U.S. Abortion Protesters Are 'Terrorists' (12/20/15)

This article talks about human rights. A woman attempted to kill her 24 week old preborn child and was unsuccessful. Instead, her attempt caused her to be rushed to the hospital "where doctors delivered a 1.5-pound baby boy". The woman was charged with attempted murder. The article expresses horror, of course, over the fact that the woman tried to kill the baby shortly before it was delivered, right? Well, no. The article says that it is the "human right" of all women to do the same! How can anyone employ such twisted thinking? Our Greatest Fear Has Come to Pass: Coat-Hanger Abortions in Tennessee (12/18/15)

Northern Ireland judge's decision: "It is quite shocking to hear a judge effectively sweep aside all consideration of some of the most vulnerable members of the human family, and do so in the name of human rights." - Liam Gibson, Northern Ireland Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Another judge rules Northern Ireland’s pro-life law is 'incompatible' with human rights (12/16/15)

UN complains that the US isn't respecting human rights of its citizens. That's probably because we kill many of our children while they are waiting to be born, right? Oh, no. It's because we don't make it easy enough to kill them! UN “Experts” Complain U.S. Has Too Many Pro-Life Laws Protecting Babies From Abortion (12/15/15)

And it goes on and on... Just one of many recent articles talking about how Ireland and/or Northern Ireland are falling short of human rights standards by not allowing abortions. Where are all the articles about the human rights violation of killing children in the womb? Over 4,600 Northern Ireland women travelled to have an abortion in last five years (12/15/15)

Irish abortion laws "force" women to have to travel. Let's see now ... these laws force women to kill their babies. How does that work now? Ireland strict abortion laws force 25,000 to visit UK clinics over 5yrs (12/14/15)

Governments "can no longer turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses caused by" strict abortion laws, says Amnesty International. So why does Amnesty International turn a blind eye to the violence being done by laws that allow killing children? Women from Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland had almost 25,000 abortions in England & Wales over last 5 years (12/14/15) and here

On, another ridiculous smear by Amnesty International, saying that those who promote killing children are "human rights defenders" and demonizing the true human rights defenders, those standing up for the rights of those in the womb. Americas: Activists promoting safe abortion and sex education targets of growing attacks (12/10/15)

On International Human Rights Day the American College of Pediatricians and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology are calling on people to deal with the human rights issue of children being killed in the womb (and links to this campaign!) Focus on human rights cannot ignore atrocity of abortion (12/10/15)

The pro-abortionist interviewed here claims that abortion is a human rights issue. It is! So why does she wish to deny the human rights of everyone during their first few months of life? Abortion rights advocates want to create buffer around clinics (12/9/15)

A Human Rights Day call for Canada to respect human rights by recognizing them for preborn human beings. On International Human Rights Day, Canada is Silent on the Rights of 100,000 Aborted Babies (12/9/15)

Another article claiming that those who promote "safe" killing of preborn children are "human rights defenders"! We have to counter this. Abortion rights activists harassed in Americas (/15)

Another "human rights" award for one of the biggest killers on earth - Planned Parenthood. What could be more luidcrous? Attendees at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Gala Give Planned Parenthood CEO Standing (12/9/15)

This writer says he bases his claims on human rights, but complains that in Northern Ireland "the main difficulty lies with the fact that the foetus and mother are granted equal human rights". But that is the definition of human rights, ins't it: Everybody has human rights just because he or she is human - no other condition required? A person has those rights while living in the womb as much as when living outside of the womb. The case for abortion in Ireland should be made in terms of human rights, not feminism (12/6/15)

"Human rights" groups have spoken out against Dominican Republic's commitment to uphold the rights of those in the womb? No. They are not human rights groups if they stand up for killing people! Dominican Republic high court restores total abortion ban (12/4/15)

Salt Lake City giving human rights award to one of the biggest human rights violators on the planet! Yes, believe it! Planned Parenthood kills over 300,000 innocent preborn children every year, and Salt Lake City decides to award them for it. Salt Lake City gives Planned Parenthood human rights award (12/4/15) and here

Here is the problem. Those who laud the Northern Ireland Court's decision say that protecting children's lives is "in breach of human rights law". Those who oppose the decision say that it is "morally wrong". Well, yes, I suppose it is (although one can argue that everyone has different moral standards), but why is it morally wrong? Because it is the killing of children that is in breach of human rights law, not protecting them! That is the message we need to get across. NI abortion law: New draft guidelines may be out of date due to court ruling (12/4/15)

After Dominican Republic upholds law protecting preborn humans, "human rights groups estimate that nearly 85,000 clandestine abortions are performed every year in the Dominican Republic, with about 15,000 women being hospitalized in serious condition as a result." Nothing about the number of preborn children killed by these abortions. How could "human rights groups" overlook that? Dominican Republic: Court Blocks an Abortion Law (12/3/15)

Amnesty International representative says that failure of the Dominican Republic to allow killing preborn children "takes women's and girls' human rights back to the 19th century". Well, she is at least more-or-less right. Here in the U.S., at least, a girl's human right to life was protected by law at the latter part of the 19th century, and up through the first two thirds of the 20th century, during her fist nine months of life. If only our country would go "back" to protecting everyone's life! Dominican Republic takes women's rights back to 1884 (12/3/15)

Someone using the plight of girls kidnapped and raped by Boko Haram in her argument to justify killing children. Instruments of Oppression (12/3/15)

In Northern Territory, Australia talk of giving women access to the abortion pill as a "human right". Nothing about the human rights of the one killed by this procedure. Access to abortion drug RU486 a step closer for Northern Territory women as bill introduced to Parliament (12/2/15)

Here is the problem! This article, refering to the Northern Ireland High Court decision that some laws prohibiting abortion are in violation of human rights, says, "a judge has attached new rhetoric to the procedure: human rights." New rhetoric? Is this really new rhetoric? Hasn't killing children always been a human rights issue? We haven't gotten the word out there and made it clear: Killing children is absolutely a human right issue and a human rights violation! Why haven't we gotten this word out there? Is Abortion a Human Right? (12/2/15)

Northern Ireland Assembly Member who opposes the ruling that abortion laws are in violation of human rights "has questioned the judge's assertion that abortion is a human rights issue", and wants to hold the line that "abortion isn't a human right". Well, no, abortion isn't a human right, but don't say that it is not a human rights issue! This is where we go wrong. Whether we can kill a little human being is most certainly a human rights issue! We need to make that absolutely clear! Larkin considers appeal against High Court abortion ruling (12/2/15)

"Human rights campaigners" calling on the Northern Ireland Assembly to legislate to allow baby-killing in light of the High Court's decision. No, these are not "human rights campaigners" if they want to legalize killing children! If we are truly human rights advocates we need to help Northern Ireland protect their children against such threats. Amnesty calls for legislative reform after NI abortion judgment (12/1/15)

Women unfairly jailed for having suffered miscarriages (so the author claims) in El Salvador. What is the answer? Instead of fighting the injustice of false imprisonment, just allow the killing of preborn children, then we won't have to worry about this anymore. Makes perfect sense, right? (Perhaps you sense a note of sarcasm?) We need to stand up and reveal the horror and injustice of such ideas. Jailed for Miscarriage, Women Reveal the Cost of Criminalizing Abortion (11/30/15)

Spokesperson for Precious Life in N Ireland is saddened that the judge in N Ireland "did not recognise the right to life which is shared by all unborn children in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child." Let's demand recognition of basic human rights for everyone! Abortion ruling 'morally wrong' says Derry campaigner (12/1/15)

Pro-abortionist says, "human rights legislation exists to prevent one group of people imposing their will ... on another group...." Is this person thinking about what he/she says? Let's stand up and stop people from imposing their will violently on the helpless children! That's what human rights legislation exists to do, right? Let's make it so! Let's at least confront such absurd and violent ideas. Ruling on abortion offers hope (12/1/15)

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women is pushing Malawi to allow killing preborn children ("'safe' abortion"). Expand access to abortion, UN committee tells Malawi (12/1/15)

Now Amnesty International (you know, that "bastion of human rights" that thinks killing children is just fine) is talking about following the Northern Ireland example and pushing for a similar judgment in Ireland. Case on Irish abortion law 'possible' after Belfast ruling (11/30/15)

At least a few make some reference to the rights of unborn children: here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here

And on and on it goes. Allowing the killing of children is being done in the name of human rights! here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here. Nothing about the human rights of the ones being killed! The Northern Ireland ruling only applies to cases of rape, incest, or fetal deformity, but that is the first step toward allowing all abortions in the name of "human rights". And is it compatible with someone's human rights to kill her because her father is a rapist or she has a disability? We need to end this now!

And here again, for Northern Ireland to protect its children's live is "incompatible with human rights legislation regarding inhuman and degrading treatment, privacy and discrimination." So they are saying that killing children is compatible with human rights legislation regarding inhuman and degrading treatment? How do they get away with such convoluted and ghastly thinking? Once again, because we let them! High Court rules Northern Ireland abortion law breaches human rights (11/30/15) We can end this!

Northern Ireland's high court has ruled that Northern Ireland's law against killing preborn children "breaches the human rights of women and girls". The so-called "Human Rights" Commission welcomes this! The commission even argued that protecting the lives of innocent children "was incompatible with the European convention on human rights". How can that be true? Of course, it says nothing about whether it is in compatible with the international Covenant on the Rights of the Child (one of the ten primary international human rights covenenats), which states, "the child ... needs special safegards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth." How can they get away with such twisting of the laws? Because we let them! Northern Ireland law on abortion ruled 'incompatible with human rights' (11/30/15) (Do you want to know what the European Convention on Human Rights does say in regards to abortion?)

Allow killing children in the name of "children's rights". That makes sense, doesn't it? Well, it is the ridiculous thinking of the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child. UN tells Poland to allow abortion-on-demand - in the name of 'children’s rights' (11/24/15)

An "open letter" to governments to allow the killing of preborn children. "It's time governments treated abortion for what it is; a healthcare and human rights issue, not a criminal act," Amnesty International says. Yes, abortion is indeed a human rights issue. That's why it is a criminal act! Africa: Doctors and Midwives to Governments - Criminalising Abortion Puts Women's Lives At Risk (11/20/15)

Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life in Northern Ireland seems a bit confused. She says "Abortion is not a 'healthcare' issue or 'human rights' issue." Then in the very next breath she says, "Abortion is in fact no more than the intentional killing of the most defenceless and vulnerable human being, the unborn child." That makes it most surely a human rights issue! Medics ought to be ashamed over abortion letter, says campaigner (11/21/15)

U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child (of all places!) is pushing Poland to allow the killing of children! What hope is there for the children as long as the "defenders" of human rights push for killing them? UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Tells Pro-Life Poland to Legalize Abortions (11/20/15)

"Women’s lives are being put at risk" in Northern Ireland, North's abortion laws risk women's lives, warn medics (11/20/15)

The TV series "Scandal" featured an episode in which the star character, Olivia, gets a abortion. She does so after one of the other main characters fights against a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, claiming she was trying "to protect what should be basic human rights". I haven't watched the episode, but I suspect there was nothing said in the episode regarding the real human rights issue at hand here. 'Scandal' season 5 winter finale recap: Olivia gets an abortion, breaks up with Fitz (11/19/15)

U.S. President Obama tells his daughters to "protect people who may not have voices themselves" and see themselves as "looking out for the vulnerable". Meanwhile, he promotes killing preborn children! Obama Tells His Daughters to "Look Out for the Vulnerable" as He Supports Abortion (11/18/15)

"From a human rights perspective, women should be able to have access to the highest quality of health care," this proabortionist is quoted. The article doesn't quote anyone pointing out, "From a human rights perspective, children should not be killed." Report: In Texas, Hundreds of Thousands Have Attempted to Self-Induce Abortions (11/17/15)

This is the insidious stuff. "Draconian measures" such as prohibiting the killing of preborn children violate human rights! But they don't try to argue that this is true, they just expect you to accept it without question. "As those measures violate basic human rights, few governments are prepared to take such drastic steps...". Since it is true, without any question, therefore ....! The problem is, it isn't true! We need to stand up and challenge such language. We should be countering, "As abortion violates the most basic of human rights, no government that cares about human rights would allow such draconian violence!" Analysis: More Countries Want More Babies (11/17/15)

Another campaign to promote "safe, legal" baby killing as a "human right". 20 000 illegal abortions in KZN (11/16/15)

Amnesty International, the "human rights" organization, once again claiming that protecting the lives of children is violation of human rights! Chile: Urgent progress needed on right to choose after young woman arrested for a clandestine abortion (11/12/15)

This article points out the bias in the media (specifically, The New York Times) that feels the need to qualify the term "gun rights", but accepts the term "abortion rights" without question. The New York Times' double standard on guns and abortion (11/13/15)

A BBC article talks about the "human rights" group Amesty International promoting abortion, and quotes it as saying "The human rights of women are violated on a daily basis." Not a word here about the human rights travesty of killing a little innocent child just because it still lives in the womb. Irish women tweet periods to Enda Kenny in abortion protest (11/5/15)

Another petition to challenge a "human rights" organization (again, Amnesty International) for advocating killing as a "human right". Over 100,000 Petition To 'Defund' Amnesty International Over Abortion Campaign (11/5/15)

Here's that "unsafe abortion" language again, the greatest oxymoron in the English language. She claims she is concerned about "the human rights implications of unsafe abortion". So she is concered about the human rights implications of all abortions, since they all kill a young human being (i.e., are "unsafe")? Right? Nigeria: IPAS Urges Review of Abortion Laws (11/4/15)

"Women are being treated as vessels without basic human rights," this article claims. And how are we treating those children who are being killed while living in the womb, may I ask? Does Ireland Think Abortion Is Worse Than Heroin? (11/4/15)

"Human rights" groups are concerned about the possiblity of tougher abortion laws if the abortion issue is devolved to Scotland. Notice that these groups are not labeled as "claiming" to be human rights groups, like Youth Defence (10/28). Again, organizations that promote killing are "human rights" groups, while organizations trying to protect innocent human lives are only "claiming" to be human rights groups. Yvette Cooper calls for abortion devolution plan to be scrapped (11/4/15)

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's Genocide Awareness Project display shows how abortion compares to other human rights atrocities in history. Anti-abortion group erects graphic display in Alamo Plaza (11/2/15)

"Amnesty International, which was born out of the conviction that the human rights of the oppressed and vulnerable should be vocally supported by those who believed in the dignity of all human beings, now perversely campaigns for a human right to end human lives." Amnesty International pressurising Ireland and Northern Ireland to legalise abortion (11/6/15)

Another article about those "cruel" and "draconian" laws that protect preborn children's lives in Ireland. The "right to choose" is "the most urgent human rights issue in Northern Ireland today." Well, she is right on that last point. The "right to choose" is the most dire threat (and therefore the most urgent issue) to human rights in the country today! Cruel abortion law is most pressing issue of our times (10/30/15)

When a bill is passed to keep abortion protesters at least 50 meters (over 150 feet) from abortion clinics in Australia, the health minister says, "The limitations on human rights in this bill are proportionate and justified." Hmmm, babies are being butchered, and anyone protesting can just stay well away. That sounds like a "reasonable limitation" on human rights. Right? Canberra abortion clinics to get protest-free 'privacy zones' as laws pass ACT Legislative Assembly (10/29/15)

Well, this article at least starts to go in the right direction. It says that Youth Defence, an organization working to keep baby killing out of Ireland, "claims it is a human rights organization". It is good to hear an organization that is fighting for the preborn identifying itself as a human rights organization. On the other hand, I don't believe I have ever read an article reporting that Amnesty International "claims it is a human rights organization". To my recolection they are always simply identified as being a human rights organization. An organization that promotes killing children is a human rights oragnization, while an organization dedicated to protecting them only claims to be a human rights organization. See the problem? Foreign influence shapes Ireland's abortion debate (10/28/15)

Continuing the Nauru rape victim in Australia saga, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for the killing of the woman's child. What kind of "human rights" organization says to fix one act of violence by committing another? United Nations issues urgent call for Australia, Nauru to care for 'deeply traumatised' pregnant refugee Abyan (10/27/15)

Referring to Planned Parenthood, European Parliament member Alojz Peterle says it is "unacceptable that an organization which appears to be breaching human rights, ethical standards and laws is operating in the EU and is also being funded by EU taxpayers."Intact baby heads 'something to strive for' (10/27/15)

A little narrower than the Human Rights For All Ages Campaign's scope, UK anti-abortion organizations Right To Life and LIFE Charity have launched an Amnesty Travesty campaign to draw attention to and challenge Amnesty International's support for killing children under the banner of "human rights". Shamnesty: Pro-Lifers Launch Anti-Amnesty International Campaign (10/27/15)

This article points out the irony of giving a human rights award to pro-abortion Vice-President Biden. Greek Orthodox give highest award to pro-abort VP Joe Biden…for 'defending human rights' (10/26/15)

The group bringing the "abortion pill bus" to Ireland is referred to as a "human rights organisation". An organization that helps kill children is not a human rights organization! We need to challenge such language. If we don't people will eventually just accept for fact that promoting abortion is a human rights stance! Pro-choice campaigners take controversial abortion bus on a tour of Ireland (10/26/15)

Here! The pro-abortionists claim that abortion is a human rights issue. Let's treat it as such! Here's Why You Should Watch The GOP Debate With A Conservative Friend (10/26/15)

"Sarah", seeking abortion pills from the illegal "abortion pill bus" in Ireland, is quoted, saying, "It needs to be about human rights and people need to be put first." That's why she want to kill her baby, right? We need to stand up and point out clearly the ludicrousness, of such claims. 'I'm in Trouble': The Women Boarding Ireland's Illegal Abortion Bus (10/26/15)

"Perhaps Canadians are in part to blame. Perhaps we didn’t bring up pre-born human rights as loudly and clearly as we meant to." Indeed, they have "hit the nail on the head". But it isn't just Canadians, of course. Why won't my fellow U.S. "pro-lifers" talk about the human rights of the preborn more than they talk about their religious beliefs? Pro-Abortion Justin Trudeau Loves Science, Ignores Research of Babies Singing in the Womb (10/23/15)

New Secretary General of the Organization of American States "will continue to work with OAS member countries to create a legal framework in the context of 'human rights' –that includes access to abortion." How can killing children be done "in the context of human rights"? Will we challenge him to answer that question? Top OAS Official Seeks to Legalize Abortion in the Americas (10/22/15)

This article about a pro-abortion film/ad is at least fairly well balanced in talking about the pro-abortion vs. the anti-abortion sides. Unfortunately, they talk too much about the Catholic Church, and less about the human rights horror of killing little children. Liam Neeson accused of anti-Catholicism after narrating pro-abortion ad (10/21/15)

In Paraguay, "human rights advocates" working on behalf of killing a preborn child, rather than standing up for its rights. 11-Year-Old Rape Victim Who Was Denied Abortion in Paraguay Could Find Justice in Human Rights Court (10/20/15)

"Human rights" groups are greatly concerned about 17 Salvadoran women who they claim have been falsely convicted of killing their preborn children. Why aren't those same "human rights" groups concerned for the thousands of innocent children who are killed every day? How El Salvador's Abortion Ban Destroys Women's Lives (10/19/15)

Should all be welcomed into the human rights movement of our time? Pro-Lifers Cozy Up to LGBT Movement (10/19/15)

Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association is "raising the profile of pre-born human rights" in Canada. Pro-life movement active in Saskatchewan during election (10/14/15)

In Scotland, "human rights" organizations concerned that devolution of abortion law to Scotland could lead to stricter abortion laws. Where is their concern for the rights of the children who are being killed? Abortion law devolved to Scotland despite warnings (10/14/15)

In Scotland, "Leading human rights and women's groups have said that devolving abortion law could undermine the right of women to make their own decisions". What they mean is "So-called human rights and women's groups have said that devolving abortion law could undermine the right of women to kill their own children." Scottish Parliament to be given powers over abortion laws (10/14/15)

"Human rihts" organizations fighting for "safe abortion". We have to challenge such ridiculously deceptive language! Rwanda: Human Rights Bodies Fight for Women to Have Safe Abortion (10/10/15)

"Unsafe" abortions, again. "Safe" abortions must be good, right? We have to counter this insidious language! Alarm in Ghana over rise in unsafe abortions (10/9/15)

An opionion piece describing how those who claim they stand for human rights deny human rights to the most vulnerable of all. Grisly business of abortion (10/9/15)

The U.N. Human Rights Committee has prepared a draft report, after its deliberations on Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the one guaranteeing the right to life, which denies the right to life of the preborn child. UN Human Rights Committee Prepared to Exclude Unborn Children From International Law (10/8/15)

In Canada, the Liberal Party's "disregard for the human rights of any children in the womb effectually means that they are complicit in the deaths of 100,000 members of the human family every year". Canada’s Next Prime Minister Supports Late-term Abortions and Sex-Selection Abortions (10/8/15)

The National Alliance for Life in South Africa domonstrated in "expression of the last human rights issue in the 21st century." Big turnout for anti-abortion march in Durban (10/5/15)

The author of this article says it is "human rights activists" that are advocating for "safe abortion" in Tanzania. Will you let them know that "human rights activists" don't advocate for "safe" actions that kill people? Tanzania: Activists Call for Abortion Law Review (10/3/15)

The chair of the Kenya National Human Rights Commission wants the killing of preborn children in Kenya's hospitals. How's that for "human rights"? Allow abortion in public hospitals, say medics (10/3/15)

Killing preborn children is a human rights violation, right? Oh no. According to this writer preventing the killing of chidren is a human rights violation! Abortion Rights Are Under Attack All Over the Globe (10/2/15)

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission is trying to get Ireland to allow killing children "in line with international human rights standards". Apparently they want to ignore the standard in the Convention of the Rights of the Child that says that "the child ... needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth". Abortion referendum endorsed by Human Rights Commission (10/1/15)

This article refers to a WHO report on "unsafe abortion", saying that ending it is a "human-rights imperative". Of course, they are right. We should end all unsafe abortions, which, of course, means all abortions, since no attempt to kill someone can possibly be called safe! But this article doesn't say anything about the danger of abortion to those being aborted. No. It tries to make out that preventing the killing of children is the human rights problem! Abortion and Maternal Health: The Global Health Crisis No One Is Talking About (9/30/15)

Here's the world's premier "human rights" organization (Amnesty International) referring to laws that protect children as "draconian". How can they get away with such deadly irony? Chile: Extreme anti-abortion law creates climate of fear and substandard health care for women (9/28/15)

Center for Reproductive Rights president and CEO talks about "reproductive rights", equating them with human rights. No one bothers to ask her what about the little humans who are killed under the banner of "reproductive rights". Northup ’81 P’16 advocates access to reproductive rights (9/28/15)

"The Obama administration often scolds China over its human rights record ... but it’s hard for the United States not to look hypocritical given its own checkered history, writes Jonathan Marshall." Yeah, like the fact that we kill over a million of our own children every year, right? Oh, no. He complains that we don't make it easier to kill!! Can Obama Lecture Xi on Human Rights? (9/25/15)

How is this for biased reporting? "El Salvador’s abortion ban is one of the harshest in the world, with the country repeatedly ignoring its international human rights obligations to ensure women’s reproductive health and rights," instead of "El Salvador's has some of the strongest laws protecting the lives of pre-born human beings, with the country firmly standing on its obligation to protect everyone's right to life." Laws that protect people's lives are not "harsh"! What is "harsh" is killing people! 55 Members of Congress Call on Secretary of State John Kerry to Review Cases of Salvadoran Women Wrongfully Imprisoned for Pregnancy Complications (9/25/15)

This one claims that Irish pro-abortion group is trying to "ensure the health and rights of Irish women are protected in line with international human rights standards". We have to stand up and make it clear that international human rights standards do not include killing little human beings! Our Lives, Our Choice (9/25/15)

Marco Rubio: The right to life is a human rights issue. Marco Rubio on Boehner Resignation: 'The Time Has Come to Turn the Page' (9/25/15)

Irish pro-abortion group twists the meaning of the Universal Decalaration of Human Rights' guarantee of "life, liberty and security of person" to support killing pre-born children. Thousands expected to take part in March for Choice (9/25/15)

LifeTOUR in Canada wants to change the debate so that rather than politicians seeing preborn children as liabilbities, instead, "refusal to talk about pre-born human rights becomes a political liability." Good luck, LifeTOUR! Canadian Pro-Life Group Embarking on Cross-Country Bus Tour to Stop Abortion (9/22/15)

Frank Provone says that "the pro-life movement is the largest, most sustained, most peaceful human rights movement in our nation's history". Priests for Life leader: Five reasons why I'm proud of our Planned Parenthood protests (9/15/15)

This group of artists claim that Ireland's law protecting preborn children from slaughter is "a key source of Ireland’s failure to reach international human rights standards". Nothing about the human rights atrocity when people are allowed to kill their children. Leading Irish artists call for repeal of 8th amendment (9/15/15)

In the wake of the Planned Parenthood revelations, abortion "is the worst human rights atrocity in the history of the United States of America." - Rep. Trent Franks Abortion the focus at Planned Parenthood hearing (9/9/15)

Exclusion zones to keep anti-abortion protesters away from abortion clinics are being promoted to "comply with human rights laws". How does supporting those who are killing children comply with human rights laws? Women's groups call for 50-metre abortion clinic exclusion zones in the ACT (9/9/15)

"Human rights bodies increasingly find that denying or obstructing a woman's access to abortion can amount to 'cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment'." Yes, this is true. What are we going to do about such horrendous misconstruences of the notion of human rights? Pope Francis, Inequality and Abortion (9/6/15)

"Creating a safe space to talk about abortion issue." Where is the safe space for the victims of abortion? Creating a safe space to talk about abortion issue (9/7/15)

Human Rights Law Centre director is unconcerned with the human rights of the children being killed by abortion. She wants buffer zones to make it more difficult for those who are standing up for their human rights. Meet Susie, the woman behind the push for abortion clinic buffer zones (9/5/15)

In a desperate attempt to refute the facts about the sale of aborted fetal parts ... the Latin America Consortium Against Unsafe Abortion [sic] has started a petition drive. Many "Latin American human rights-defending organizations" ... have signed the petition..." No, Ms. Gillett-Ibern, please do not give these groups the confirmation of calling them "human-rights defending organization". No group that promotes killing children can truly be a "human-rights defending organization", no matter what they might claim. IPPF in Latin America ‘stands with’ affiliate that sells baby parts (9/2/15)

This article isn't entirely clear, but apparently the European Court of Human Rights has issued a decision stating that human embryos are not just objects that someone can possess and do what they want with. So apparently some progress is being made. Major ECHR Ruling: Human Embryos are Not Things, Destruction May be Prohibited (9/1/15)

"If someone truly feels it in their bones that this really is a human rights atrocity, their discussion of it doesn’t sound indistinguishable from how they talk about banking regulations or environmental mandates. They take every mention of it as an opportunity to hammer home how it’s a barbaric artifact of humanity’s worst impulses that should have no place in any post-Enlightenment western democracy." Pro-life “terrorists”? Hillary Clinton’s unbelievable smear, and the GOP’s all-too-believable response (8/28/15)

The bust of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in the U.S., sits in the Struggle for Justice display at the Smithsonian. I agree with Marjorie Danenfelser: "The Struggles for Justice exhibit ought to be reserved for true champions of human rights." Why do we tolerate the founder of such a violent organization to remain in such a display? Smithsonian Won’t Remove Bust of Margaret Sanger (8/28/15)

Another "human-rights advocate" who promoted abortion. She cannot be a human rights advocate and promote human rights abuses! Arts and human-rights advocate Frances Wasserlein dies (8/26/15)

"[W]ith the recent videos revealing the dismemberment of unborn children for sale and profit ... 'progressives' who say they staunchly defend 'human rights,' still stand by Planned Parenthood." Unfortunately, very true for the most part. However, the problem is not, as this article tries to say, liberalism or progressivism. The problem is that the cloak of "human rights" has been taken over by those promoting killing children. We need to take it back. Sodom, we have a problem (8/25/15)

"Our arguments against the homosexual movement and the horrifying evil on display at Planned Parenthood clinics in our nation have been reduced to a debate about morals and human rights," says John Burton. I'm sorry, Mr. Burton, but you are wrong. Abortion is a human rights issue, and when we elevate it to that leval, and start truly addressing it as a human rights issue, then we will be on the way to ending it. And as for your arguments against the "homosexual movement" (as if there is some effort afoot to make people homosexual), you are entitled to your beliefs, but keep them out of the discussion of killing children. We need to let people know that we support the rights of all people if we are going to make headway. Your prejudices have no place in the fight to end the greatest human rights abuse on earth. It's Time to Start Talking About Hell Again (8/25/15)

The pro-abortion protester said that it comes down to a matter of fundamental human rights. She is right, so why does she support killing children? More importantly, why is there no similar statement by anti-abortion protesters. Did they not make such statements, or did the reporter fail to include them in the story? Abortion protestors target ABQ Planned Parenthood (8/23/15)

Responding to a careless comment about abortions being performed at the White House by Ann Coulter, Kristi Brown says, "Smart, forward-thinking, compassionate, and courageous conservatives realize that goal number one is ending the human rights violation that is abortion. If you can joke for one tweet about abortions being performed in the White House, you are neither conservative nor moral." Well, thank you, Kristi. You are very right. But your comment applies to liberals just as much as conservatives. Anyone who can joke about the killing of thousands of innocent children every day has no concept of what it is to be moral or compassionate. Ann Coulter owes conservatives an apology (8/18/15)

Here are those "draconian" abortion laws that protect human beings in the womb. This writer uses the term "human rights" over and over to justify her position that we should allow children to be killed! Will we stand up and correct such horrible and ironic nonsense before it becomes established that it is someone's "human right" to kill another? Draconian Abortion Laws Kill Women and Girls (8/18/15)

Defunding Planned Parenthood, the biggest killer of children in America. "We see it as a human rights issue," says Social Work Students United for Reproductive Freedom. If indeed they see it as a human rights issue, then why don't they stand up for human rights? You know, those rights that are supposed to belong to every human being, regardless of any condition or qualification. Social Work Students Defend Planned Parenthood Against Deceitful Smear Campaign (8/18/15)

Devolution of abortion law to the Scottish Parliament is being opposed by "human rights" groups. They are afraid it could have "a differential and discriminatory impact on women and girls in Scotland". Where is their concern for the impact of abortion on those still living in the womb? Life peer attempts to renew abortion devolution bid (8/18/15)

Here is our problem. This articles says the debate about allowing the young Paraguayan girl to have an abortion is a "debate between protecting life of the unborn and human rights". NO! Those who wish to protect the life of the unborn are on the side of human rights. This is a debate between human rights and those who wish to allow baby killing! 11-year-old rape victim caught in middle of abortion debate gives birth in Paraguay (8/16/15)

And it goes on.... More articles about the Paraguayan girl who gave birth, and concerns about her "human rights" being violated by being refused an abortion, and how those groups that advocated for killing the baby are "human rights" groups. How many of these articles comment on the human rights victory that her little baby wasn't killed? None. here and here and here and here and here and here (8/17/15)

"How can America be a champion for human rights across the world stage when we treat animals better and with more respect than our human unborn babies?" THE REGULARS: Congress should end federal funding for Planned Parenthood (8/16/15)

Here is an interesting view on that last story. The young woman gave birth to a little baby girl. This writer says that the government of Paraguay's refusal to let her kill the child before being born "speaks loudly as to how the Paraguayan government views women and girls – as sub-human". So protecting the lives of little girls is treating them as "sub-human", but killing them is not? An 11 year old was raped and denied an abortion in Paraguay. This doesn’t just happen "over there" (8/11/15)

The Paraguayan governemnt's refusal to allow a girl to kill her preborn child has drawn "criticism from many human rights organizations". No! True human rights organizations do not encourage killing children! 11-year-old gives birth in Paraguay after heated fight over right to an abortion (8/13/15) and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here!! They just repeat it over and over, and if we don't stand up and clarify everyone will just accept it! We need to tell them loudly and clearly, "True human rights group do no advocate for killing children!"

"There is very little credibility in America decrying human rights violations in other countries when genocide is taking place in the United States." U.S. Abortion and the Third Reich Atrocities (8/13/15)

"By defending abortion, the human rights organizations are also contradicting themselves because at the same time, they have been calling for abolition of death penalty." Roundup: Opinions divided in Senegal over proposal to decriminalize abortion (8/13/15)

This writer says the 5th and 14th Amendments are "there to protect the human rights of people, not fetuses." And what other human beings would this writer like to exclude from the category of "people"? Donald Trump Isn't Even the Worst Misogynist in the 2016 Race (8/12/15)

Attention Amnesty International: "You can't claim to be a human rights protector and then campaign for the lives of innocent children to be brutally ended." Pro-life protest tells Amnesty International Conference that ‘\'Abortion is Torture' (8/11/15)

Human Rights Watch wants the U.N. Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to help people with disabilites by allowing them to kill their children! Perhaps they haven't considered that one of the primary reasons why preborn children are killed is because they have disabilities. Submission to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities On Article 6: Women with Disabilities (8/10/15)

Mike Huckabee: "We didn’t end slavery by just limiting how many slaves a person could own or for how long—we recognized that it is a violation of basic human rights." Mike Huckabee: "The Baby in the Mother's Womb is a Person From the Moment of Conception" (8/10/15)

"This is not a black or white, right or left, male or female issue. This is a human rights issue." - Jeremiah Weekley We Must Be Heard! (8/9/15)

This commentator contends that, as is the theme of Steven Pinker's book The Better Angels of Our Nature, we have progressed over time toward "human rights, more democratic liberties and other progressive goals." In general, I agree with him. There is one little problem with his argument, though. To support his contention he says that as the world evolved, "Sunday 'blue laws' were undone. Teacher-led prayers were banned. Gay sex became legal. Liquor clubs were approved. Killing children became legal." Oops! He didn't say it exactly that way. He wrote that last sentence as "Abortion became legal". But how does killing children equate to more human rights or progressive goals? The true question is, Why, in spite of so many advances in other areas, are we still killing children? James A. Haught: The tide of history flows left (8/9/15)

This article bemoans the fact that the U.N.'s development plan doesn't include more "abortion access". Shouldn't we bemoan the fact that there is already enough "abortion access" to kill 40-50 million children in the world each year? The UN's 'Bold' Development Plan Won’t Include LGBTs or Abortion Access (8/8/15)

Here are those "safe and legal" abortions that are supposed to be "specified in global human rights law". No explanation of how something designed to kill can be "safe", and no citation for this supposed "human rights law" that specifies the killing of preborn children. Will we let the lies go on unchallenged? Abortion Demonstration Taking Place In Dublin Today (8/7/15)

In Canada: "Politically, any discussion which comes remotely close to the topic of pre-born human rights is immediately quashed by the shrill voices of a minority of Canadians who fear that any law which recognizes the rights of a child in the womb as imposing on a woman's right to abortion. This is unfortunate and has resulted in the continued disrespect and trampling of victims' rights."Killed in a Murder at 5 Months: Canada Says Unborn Baby Wasn’t a Human Being (8/7/15)

Political analyst Kirsten Powers doesn't understand Democrats' lack of response to "grotesque human rights abuses against unborn children by Planned Parenthood Federation of America doctors." Kirsten Powers: I've got news for Democrats. It's a baby! (8/5/15)

And here it is again: Ireland must allow the killing of preborn children in order to be in accordance with "international human rights law". As ridiculous as this is, if we let them keep saying this over and over people will accept it as true. Amnesty stage international Dublin protest calling for repeal of 8th amendment (8/6/15)

"What moral authority can a nation have to chide other nations for human-rights violations when its own laws and prevailing politics protect the murder of viable human beings in the womb?" Ramnath Subramanian: The quiet that surrounds the savagery of ending life (8/6/15)

A "human rights" report reported the "shocking effects" of defunding Planned Parenthood in Texas. Do you suppose this report said anything about the shocking human rights abuse that takes place in Planned Parenthood clinics? If we don't counter such statements people will actually believe that preventing the killing of children is a human rights violation. It’s Not About Planned Parenthood (8/5/15)

In response to the revelations about Planned Parenthood selling body parts, Denise McAllister has it right: "While it is offensive and illegal that Planned Parenthood might be making money off the sale of baby parts, this is nothing compared to the alarming fact that they’re killing babies in the first place. If all we do is defund Planned Parenthood, babies will still be butchered, and their legs, arms, brains, and livers will still be sold." Let’s Get Beyond Defunding Planned Parenthood (8/5/15)

Planned Parenthood providing "intact fetal cadavers". Think that might be a human rights abuse? (Hint: They weren't cadavers when they started.) 'Intact fetal cadavers' make the most money (8/4/15)

Kathryn Lopez talks about abortion "because it is the human rights issue of the day". Lopez: All lives matter (7/31/15)

The U.N. Human Rights Committee, monitoring compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, pushes countries to allow killing preborn children. The committee is supposed to stop human rights abuses, not encourage them! Focus on UN : Human Rights Committee and UNFPA Seek to Overturn Pro-Life Laws (7/31/15)

Vandals destroy several of Show the Truth's signs with pictures of abortion victims ("graphic images"). Show the Truth states, "We show these images because abortion is a violent act that kills a preborn child, and thus is a human rights violation." Vandal arrested after smearing black paint on graphic pro-life billboards (7/31/15)

In India, a girl raped by her doctor: solution - kill her baby! It's "about a woman's fundamental rights, a woman's human rights". Nothing here about the rights of the one being killed. India to Allow Abortion for 14-year-old Rape Victim (7/30/15)

After Cecil the Lion is killed in Zimbabwe, "kill a lion halfway across the world, in a nation riddled with grotesque human rights abuses [killing preborns in the U.S.], and the administration is on it!" Cecile Versus Cecil: One is the World’s Top Predator, The Other is a Lion (7/30/15)

This article decries Canada's denial of "pre-born human righs". This phrase is mentioned 4 times in the article. (God is not mentioned at all.) Good! Maybe there is hope for us! Canada Approves Dangerous RU 486 Abortion Pill That Kills Women and Unborn Babies (7/30/15)

"Since the late 1960s ... women have been leading the charge in the pro-life movement, and doing so precisely in the name of the human rights of women and of the unborn ...". Helen Alvaré, Women Speak for Themselves. Really? I would like to think so. But if you ever attend a "pro-life" rally you will be lucky to hear the phrase "human rights" even mentioned. (You will hear God mentioned over and over.) Women Betrayed: A New Generation Rallies Nationwide to Protest Planned Parenthood (7/31/15)

"The Essence of human rights is the right to life and each day our government funds Planned Parenthood it is rejecting basic human rights for women in Alabama and our nation." - Deborah Garrett, Eagle Forum of Alabama Hundreds of Alabamians protest at Planned Parenthood facility in Birmingham (7/29/15)

Another article about those "draconian" abortion laws. You know, the ones that say you can't kill a helpless child! And, of course, it is "human rights activists" fighting those draconian "human rights violations". We have to stand up and shout loudly and clearly and correct these misconceptions. El Salvador's Draconian Abortion Laws Are a Miscarriage of Justice (7/29/15)

Head of the Irish Family Planning Association says Ireland "cannot continue to abdicate its human rights responsibilities" by keeping abortion illegal. The head of the Pro Life Campaign is reported to respond by referring to the "abortion regret" felt by women. It's not clear if she didn't say anything about the human rights of the preborn child or if the story just didn't report that she did, but how can we just let this go by? Sharp increase in Mayo abortion figures (7/29/15)

Abortion restrictions "encroaching upon human rights". No. What could be more absurd. We have to yell loudly and clearly that it is abortion , that is, the killing of children, that is "encroaching on" human rights. Income, Race, Geography and Laws Limit Access to Abortions (7/29/15)

"[T]his is a human rights issue," says Deborah Garrett. Prayers and tears flood Birmingham’s Planned Parenthood for pro-life rally (7/28/15)

Kelly Tolman of Seneca, Choices for Life, talking about Planned Parenthood selling fetal body parts. She "says she is appalled at what she calls a human rights issue." Local pro-life group reacts to alleged selling of fetal body parts (7/28/15)

Human rights NGOs and U.N. Human Rights Committee pushing Malta to allow killing children in the womb. How can they be "human rights" groups if they promote killing? We need to stand up and ask that question loudly and clearly. Updated: Human rights NGOs back call for abortion debate (7/28/15)

El Salvador has one of the most stingent laws against abortion in the world. According to this article that equates to one of the "most archaic anti-abortion laws in the world". Imagine that! El Salvador is far ahead of much of the world in protecting the lives of innocent children, but it is regarded as "archaic"! Salvador's Draconian Abortion Laws: a Miscarriage of Justice (7/27/15)

"Reproductive rights are human rights"? Perhaps. But the "right" to kill one's child isn't. Last time I checked the right to life was still a human right. We have to challenge these empty and deceptive mantras or people will come to accept them. Women's rights must be respected in Nepal (7/28/15)

Here is one part of our problem - mixing the issues of gay rights and abortion. How will we ever convince people that we care about children living in the womb when we at the same time wish to discriminate against those who are already born. Thousands protest against gay marriage, abortion in Mexico (7/26/15)

The U.N.'s Human Rights Committee complains about Northern Ireland's "highly restrictive" abortion laws. Imagine! Restricting the killing of little children! How horrible! North’s 'highly restrictive' abortion laws criticised by UN committee (7/25/15)

The U.N. Human Rights Committee's discussions on Article 6 (the right to life) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Will the committee declare that killing children is in keeping with the right to life?! Major UN Committee Breaking Its Own Rules to Push Abortion as a Human Right (7/24/15)

"The UN's Human Rights Committee said this restriction put claim that banning abortion puts "women's lives and health at risk", but also "forced" them to travel elsewhere to seek abortions. No. No woman is being forced to kill her child. In what other situation would we claim that a person was being "forced" to undergo a difficulty in order to kill someone? Abortion Law In Northern Ireland 'Endangers Women's Lives,' The UN Warns (7/24/15)

Woman complains that having to travel outside the country (of Northern Ireland) was a "living nightmare". Hmmm. I wonder what it was like for the child! Northern Ireland still won't let women have free NHS abortions in England and Wales (7/24/15)

Here again it is reported that women in Northern Ireland are "being forced to seek a termination in England". No. No women is being "forced" to kill her child! Northern Ireland abortion ban endangers women's lives, says UN (7/24/15)

This article reports that Northern Ireland’s "highly restrictive abortion laws are in significant breach of the UK’s international human rights obligations", that Amnesty International called the "draconian" abortion laws "the harshest in Europe", and the director of Marie Stopes Nothern Ireland as claiming that "forcing" women to leave to get abortions is "degrading and inhumane treatment", and that as long as abortion remains illegal women will "remain second-class citizens in the United Kingdom". Nothing here about the fact that abortion itself is in violation of the human right to life, that killing children might be considered "draconian", that killing children might be "degrading and inhumane", and that preborn children "remain second-class citizens" (or zero-class citizens) in countries that allow killing them. The article also reports Amnesty International's claim that "more than 59,000 women had been forced to travel from Northern Ireland to secure an abortion since 1970". We need to challenge such claims. No one is "forced" to kill her child! Abortion Ruling Denies Northern Ireland Women Right To Free Procedure In England (7/22/15)

"There is a disturbing irony whenever human rights law is being used to end human life." Indeed! Abortion challenge fails in London court but mother and daughter to take fight to the Supreme Court and Europe (7/22/15)

Mike Huckabee: "We didn’t end slavery by just limiting how many slaves a person could own or for how long—we recognized that it is a violation of basic human rights." Mike Huckabee: It’s Not Enough to De-Fund Planned Parenthood, We Must End Abortion (7/21/15)

"Amnesty International are[sic] currently running a campaign across the Irish border regarding the human rights issues flagged up by the restrictive abortion laws that exist in these two countries" of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Nothing about the human rights issues flagged up by allowing people to kill their children! The uphill struggle for reproductive rights in Northern Ireland (7/20/15)

"Human rights" groups pushing for more ability to kill children? No. I don't think so. True human rights groups do not promote killing innocent children! Also refers to "the well-established international human rights law recognizing that the right to life begins at birth." And which well-establish international human rights law is that, pray tell? Is there any major international human rights instrument that says that the right to life begins at birth? No! Will we let them keep on repeating this lie until people just take it for granted that it is true? Human Rights Groups Urge UN to Defend Women's Right to Life (7/16/15)

How's this for bias? Laws protecting preborn children in El Salvador are "draconian"! Doesn't give the reader the chance to make up his or her own mind on that. Bad laws, right? Not just bad, but "draconian"! It's a given. What could be worse than "draconian"? Nothing "draconian" about killing children, though, I guess!! They also blame leaders who "bowed the knee to avoid the wrath of the Catholic Church." Is it truly only the Catholic Church who cares about the lives of innocent children? Why the reluctance to prosecute self-declared procurers of abortion? (7/16/15)

Doesn't sound very hopeful for the children during the U.N. Human Rights Committee's discussion of Article 6 of the Indternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which guarantees the right to life. Will this commitee, which has been pushing countries to allow the killing of preborn children, actually use the right to life article to promote killing children? UN considers reinterpreting ‘right to life’ to allow exceptions for abortion and euthanasia (7/15/15)

Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said the U.N. Human Rights Committee, which is pressuring Ireland to allow the killing of preborn children, had a "duty to protect life", not to seek "to pressure countries to remove human rights from certain sections of society". Will they live up to that obligation? Or will they continue to try to push countries to allow killing children? Irish Pro-Life Leader Tells UN Unborn Children Deserve Human Rights (7/15/15)

Congress being asked to stop bankrolling the horrific human rights abuser, Planned Parenthood, after it is discovered that they are selling body parts from aborted children. Bobby Jindal announces investigation into Planned Parenthood (7/14/15)

Here is an interesting argument from someone representing Amnesty International: "So here are some basic facts... Treaty bodies are very clear that women and girls have a human right to abortion,...We cannot view the world through a narrow lens of the human rights we want to acknowledge, and deny those that make us uncomfortable." Yes indeed, treaty bodies are doing this. But the treaties say otherwise. There is no right to abortion! Furthermore, we cannot view the world through the narrow lens of the people whose human rights we want to acknowledge! We have to acknowledge human rights for all human beings. If AI truly wants Ireland to "respect basic UN human rights" then why doesn't AI respect them for all people? All Amnesty wants is for Ireland's abortion laws to respect basic UN human rights (7/10/15) Will you write Mr. O'Gorman a letter?

Show the Truth is doing a week-long Truth Tour in Canada, showing the reality of abortion to the Canadian public. "Show the Truth does not present as a religious group, but calls itself a human rights group, dedicated to showing the truth of abortion to the Canadian public." Good. It's about time that groups working to save the preborn identified as human rights groups. But what is that about presenting as a religious group? Why would the writer even mention that? Abortion is the killing of a young child - clearly a human rights abuse. What would that have to do with a "religious group"? Protest group aims to show humanity of the unborn, inhumanity of abortion (7/10/15)

Rachael Campos Duffy -- the real feminists are the women fighting against abortion and other human rights violations going on around the world. Pro-Life TV Personality Rachael Campos Duffy Slams Pro-Abortion Feminists “They are Science Deniers” (7/10/15)

Amnesty International's claim that allowing the killing of children is a "human right obligation" gets repeated over and over and over and over and over and over! We cannot let this ridiculous and violent lie go on. We have to counter this!

"But the deeply held convictions of any person, or group of people, cannot be forced upon others who disagree with them in a way that violates their human rights." But I guess it's okay to force the pregnant woman's beliefs on the preborn child in a way that kills it, huh? Head to head: Colm O'Gorman argues in favour of repealing the eighth amendment (7/9/15)

"The strategy of using human rights to end human life is deeply concerning." Yes! And we need to get more people concerned about it. A culture of abortion is damaging to human dignity (7/8/15)

"Amnesty International had a long standing and highly respected reputation for being scrupulously impartial when conducting research in the area of human rights. That well deserved reputation has been greatly undermined by Amnesty’s decision to adopt such a one-sided position on the abortion issue." Report Exposes Amnesty International’s Link With Radical Pro-Abortion Group (7/8/15)

"Decriminalising abortion is not only a human rights obligation – it is what people in Ireland want." I don't know what the people of Ireland want, but it is not a "human rights obligation" to make it legal to kill someone! That would be a human rights abuse! Irish abortion survey finds majority of people support decriminalisation (7/8/15)

A call by preborn child advocacy groups in Ireland for people to support those organizations "who genuinely speak up for all human rights, including the right to life". Abortion campaigners clash outside the GPO ahead of Dublin Pro-Life rally (7/4/15)

And it continuues on ... Once again, those standing up for the human rights of those living in the womb are "anti-abortion" demonstrators, while an orgnization that promotes killing them is a "human rights advocacy" group. We need to break this dichotomy! Opposing sides clash during abortion rallies in Dublin (7/4/15)

Another U.N. "human rights" committee pushing a country, this time the Philippines, to allow the killing of preborn children. UN and abortion group coordinate attack on the Philippines (7/3/15)

"Amnesty [International] can no longer claim to be a human rights organisation since they trample on the rights of the most vulnerable members of the human family – unborn children." Should This Beautiful Girl Have Been Aborted Just Because She Has Down Syndrome? (7/3/15)

An interesting point if view here about how liberalism relates to abortion. I'm not sure if I agree wirh the auithor, (although one can hope,) but I can only quote Michael Aston at this point: "I can't believe the pro-choicers' attitude toward unborn children - to me it's the ultimate liberal cause, to defend those without a voice." Francis Wilkinson: Liberal triumphs could lead to an abortion ban (7/3/15)

Killing children = "human rights defenders"? Abortion Activists Now Call Themselves "Women’s Human Rights Defenders" (7/2/15)

The pressure is on to get Nigeria to allow killing in the name of "human rights". Take victims and make killers out of them. That solves the problem? Help Girls Impregnated by Boko Haram Get Abortion -UN Tells Nigeria (7/2/15). And here and here and here and here and here and here.

"Show compassion" for Boko Haram victims: Kill their children! UN: Show compassion for rape victims (7/2/15)

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights wants to make it easier for Boko Haram victims to kill their unwanted children. No. Another act of violence does not correct a first act of violence. These women need caring solutions that do not involve killing. UN Advocates Ease Of Abortion Laws For Boko Haram Victims (7/1/15)

Here's this concept of "forced pregnancy", which they say is "in violation of human rights and international humanitarian law principles". Granted, this is taking place in very tragic circumstances with Boko Haram commmitting human rights abuses against women and others in Nigeria, but killing innocent children does not make the situation right, and is "in violation of human rights and international humanitarian law principles". Oral Update on Boko Haram by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein at the 29th session of the Human Rights Council, 1 July 2015 (7/1/15)

President Obama says that "every child is entitled to life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Hmmm. So why does he promote killing them? President Obama: 'We are people who believe every child is entitled to life' (but not for the preborn) (6/30/15)

Referring to "unsafe" abortions again, as if abortion could ever be safe when the whole purpose of it is to kill someone. Increase in unsafe abortions (6/30/15)

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women pushing the Philippines to allow the killing of preborn children. This committee is supposedto be upholding human rights, not undermining them! UN: Philippine efforts to uphold women’s rights not enough (6/29/15)

And here it is again. They repeat the claim (i.e., the lie) that laws restricting abortion "violate international human rights agreements", but nothing about the fact that it is abortion itself that violates human rights agreements, such as the right to life in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Video: 'Abortion Drone' delivers pills to Poland (6/28/15)

They use a drone to deliver the abortion pill. And they "drone" again that "reproductive rights are human rights". If they keep on droning and droning they will convince people that somehow it is actually true that it is a person's "human right" to kill a child. Note how they also "drone" on about the fact that Poland is a largely Catholic country -- as if somehow that has something to do with whether it is alright to kill children! Activists send 'feminist drone' delivering abortion pills to Poland to highlight country's restrictive laws (6/27/15)

In Northern Ireland the government is prosecuting a woman for obtaining the abortion pill for her daughter. A "human rights campaigner" wants the government to not prosecute and just do nothiong while people kill their preborn children. What kind of "human rights campaigner" would do that? 'Prosecute us too'- challenge to police (6/27/15)

An article that states very well the relationship between abortion and human rights. False idea that abortion is a human right attacks the humanity of unborn children (6/26/15)

Chile, Ireland, Uganda and Venezuela urged by the UN's Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to allow the killing of preborn children. UN Demands Four Pro-Life Countries Stop Protecting Unborn Babies From Abortion (6/23/15)

Representative from Centre for Reproductive Rights says that Paraguay denying an abortion to an 11-year old girl is a violation of international human rights. Of course, it isn't. It is abortion itself which is in violaton of international human rights. Why does the article not say anything about those who point out that abortion violates human rights? 11-year-old Paraguay girl denied abortion after rape to be induced (6/23/15)

"Once again, the Committee has shown itself to be incredibly biased on abortion. It has shown no consideration for the rights of unborn babies throughout the full nine months of pregnancy. This is not the first time that a Committee associated with the UN has simply ignored the rights of the unborn and at this stage it is stretching credibility for the UN to claim to represent genuine human rights in any real way." UN Committee Pushing Ireland to Legalise Abortions on Disabled Babies (6/22/15)

The U.N. Economic and Social Council wants Ireland to allow abortion "in line with international standards on human rights". How long will we let this travesty continue? Will we call upon the Council to get in line with international standards on human rights by upholding the rights of those human beings still living in the womb? UN calls on Ireland to hold referendum on abortion (6/22/15). And here and here and here.

Proabortionist talks about "having open and honest conversations about abortion in the context of the wider range of reproductive rights and justice issues and a human rights framework". She says nothing abour the human rifghts of those being killed in abortions, though. Isn't that what they call "doublespeak"? Pro-abortionists Amanda Williams, Amy Hagstrom Miller on ‘shift’ of abortion stigma (6/21/15)

This writer is upset that the U.S. has refused to ratify the Covenant on the Rights of the Child. "Ratifying the CRC would signal to the rest of the world that we are indeed interested in joining the community of nations that are working for the betterment of their children and youth." Indeed it would. Let's ratify it and begin upholding human rights standards for all children. As the CRC says, "the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth". Maybe then we will stop killing them before they are born. America's shameful child rights record (6/20/15)

"Reproductive rights" (understood by all to include the right to kill one's preborn child) is included in the "whole gamut of human rights". No! Killing a child is contrary to human rights. If Modern Feminists Were On The $10 Bill, These 6 Women Would Absolutely Have To Make The Running (6/18/15)

Will the U.N. declare killing preborn children to be a human right?! There is only one problem with this article. The groups opposing the killing are referred to as "prolife" groups, rather than "human rights" groups. Break the dichotomy!         30 Pro-Life Groups Plead With UN Not to Declare Abortion a Human Right (6/18/15)

Proabortion RH Reality Check says, "We are pro human rights for all people". Not for thoses in the womb. Could there be a more bald-faced lie? A New Reminder That 'Pro-Choice' Is Not 'Anti-Baby' (6/17/15)

"[G]enetic testing ... should be used to enhance health and human well-being instead of discriminating against people based on their genetic predisposition" - Downpride. Prenatal screening for Down syndrome is about eliminating a group of people, not health (6/17/15)

"Some of our nation’s children are denied a safe and carefree childhood," the Maine Alliance for Reproductive Freedom says. Their answer? "[A]ccess to the full range of reproductive health care, including killing children". Oh! They didn't use the phrase "killing children". They said "abortion." Sounds better, I guess. Do "#BlackLivesMatter"? Only if they are outside of the womb, it appears. #BlackLivesMatter to Maine’s reproductive justice organizations (6/18/15)

In Ireland: "The Human Rights Commission want to take away the right to life of disabled unborn children. Not only is this wrong it is also inconsistent with UNCRPD (UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities)" - Attorney General John Larkin QC. Exactly! Court plea for 'right to life' (6/17/15), also here

Another pro-abortionist trying to use "human righrs" to justify killing chldren: "The State cannot continue to abdicate its human rights responsibilities. It must now vindicate women's right to health by reforming its abortion laws...." Number of Westmeath women travelling to UK for abortions drops (6/17/15)

"Secular Moroccan women's rights activists are demanding a general decriminalisation of abortion on the basis of universal human rights and female self-determination. But for many very devout Moroccans, the central issue is not the human rights of the woman, but the protection of the unborn child." If it is only "devout" Moroccans who say this, then there is really a problem. Why would "nondevout" people accept killing a preborn child? The writer wants you to think this is a debate betwween human rights activists and devout Muslims. Don't let such language fool you. It is between human rights activists and those who call themselves hunan rights advocates but wish to allow killing children. Acknowledging reality (6/16/15)

"If Canada is going to give human rights more than lip service, we can tolerate modern-day eugenics [aborting children with disabilities] no longer." Are We Any Different Than Nazi Eugenics When We Abort Babies Because They Have Down Syndrome? (6/16/15)

Here it explains that thing about degrading or inhuman treatment in Northern Ireland a bit further. "Traumatised women and girls being forced to travel to England and Wales for abortions are victims of inhuman and degrading treatment". "Forcing" a woman to travel to have her child killed is "inhuman" and "degrading". (She is being "forced" to do this, you see.) She should be treated humanely and have her child killed right at home! Court hears NI minister cannot change abortion laws (6/16/15)

"It is time for Canada to follow every other democratic nation and begin to protect pre-born human rights." - Mike Schouten, "The fetus is not your body; it’s someone else's body" (6/15/15)

Florida "anti-choice" bill requiring 24-hour waiting period before killing one's child is described as "roll[ing] back ... constitutional rights for millions of women in Florida. Abortion access is a matter of human rights." Well, yes it is -- a human rights travesty for the children being aborted. Florida 24 hour delay on abortion described as attack on rights, ‘anti-choice’ by LGBTQ group (6/15/15)

Ah! Here it is! The supposed right to an abortion! It's to be found, you see, in Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which states that "no one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment". So there you have it. Preventing someone from killing her child is "torture" or "inhuman" or "degrading". Killing the child -- well, that's okay, you know! Case seeks to legalise abortion in cases of rape, incest and "serious malformation" (6/16/15)

Still in Northern Ireland: "I'm greatly concerned that a so-called human rights organisation wants to take a case that will take the rights of unborn children, who have a fundamental right to be born." --Bernadette Smyth. Yes. Extremely troubling. Northern Ireland High Court to decide whether to allow abortion for victims of rape and incest (6/15/15)

"We're not coming at it from a political angle. We're coming at it purely on the basis of international human rights standards," Salil Shetty of Amnesty International said. Bullshit!!! International human rights standard #1: "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person" (UDHR, Art. 3). That's everyone, Mr. Shetty! International human rights standard #2: "The child ... needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth" (my italics) (CRC, Preamble). All children are included, Mr. Shetty, not just those you happen to like! Human rights standard #0: "A woman has a right to kill her preborn child." That's 0, as in zero, as in, it ain't in there, Mr. Shetty! Amnesty says it has 'no political axe to grind' on abortion (6/15/15). Will you send them a letter expressing your horror?

We don't want to leave such an important issue in the hands of politicians (who are, of course, accountable to the prople). Better to sidestep them and just get a ruling from the court. That's real democratic, right? Reminds me of 42 years ago here in the U.S. (Roe v. Wade) -- child killing by judicial decree! Abortion law changes 'cannot be left to politicians' (6/15/15)

Like Ireland, Northern Ireland is being pressured by its "human rights" commission to allow killing preborn children. "It is very hypocritical of our Human Rights Commission to want to deny unborn children, the most defenceless and vulnerable human beings." - Bernadette Smyth, Precious Life Northern Ireland's women are being failed by abortion laws (6/15/15). Also here, here, and here

This rebuttal from Amnesty International, Ireland, states, "So abortion laws like Ireland’s indisputably violate numerous human rights, including the rights to life, health, privacy, to be free from discrimination and from torture and other ill-treatment." Will we let them continue to get away with such lies? There is no (that is, none, zero -- doesn't exist!) international human rights treaty that gives a right to an abortion! Several, however, include the right to life, and the Covenant on the Rights of the Child states with utmost clarity, "The child ... needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth." (my italics) Stop the lying! Amnesty International and abortion (6/13/15).

Finally! An article that refers to an organization that opposes abortion as an organization "that advocates for human rights", rather than "anti-abortion" or "pro-life". Unfortunately, that is only one sentence in an article (in the "Faith Matters" section) full of talk about God, Christ, etc. Will the reader believe that this ia a human rights issue, or someone's religious philosophy? Faith Matters: Anti-abortion advocate hopes to help others heal (6/13/15)

RH Reality Check says, "We are pro human rights for all people." Well, except for those still living in the womb, mind you! Why Are Abortion Foes Still Surprised When Pro-Choice Women Have Babies? (6/12/15)

"[T]he withholding and denial of abortion-related information to women in Ireland violates fundamental human rights." Nothing here about the human rights of the children being aborted. 345 Cork women access abortion services in year (6/12/15)

"We're of the opinion that women [taking the abortion pill in Ireland] are always acting within their human rights...." Hmmm, let's see. Killing a little child. That's acting within one's human rights. How does that work, now? The women risking 14 years in prison to get 'illegal DIY abortion pills' by post (6/12/15)

Once again, shame on Amnesty International for promoting the killing of young children. (/15)

The U.S. is one of only seven nations -- including China, North Korea, and Vietnam -- that allow late-term abortions. Graham unveils 20-week abortion ban in Senate (6/11/15), also here

"Increasingly, we view abortion as a human rights violation rather than a religious issue." That's right! Tht's what it is -- a human rights issue! Abortion Rates Are Dropping -- and It Could Be Thanks to Millennials (6/11/15)

18,000 post-viable, late-term preborn cildren killed each year right here in the U.S. Is that a human rights catastrophe, or what? 18,000 Viable Unborn Babies Die Every Year in Painful Late Abortions in the United States (6/11/15)

"The idea that just because someone voted for gay marriage to pass in a referendum must mean they also favour abortion rights is ... 'a glitch in the matrix of liberal thinking'." Yes, it is! Why would anyone think that, because a person cares about people who are gay, he or she think it's okay to kill children? Doesn't it seem thar the opposite would be true? This Far, No Further: How the Irish Pro-Abortion Campaign May Be the Brick Wall After Gay Marriage (6/11/15)

The media have also been giving lots of attention to this tragic situation involving a raped, 10-year old girl in Paraguay. They will focus on one extremely difficult situation, and express their concerns for the girl's human rights, but where are their concerns for the thousands of children being killed every day through abortion in more normal circumstances? Paraguay ordered to protect life of girl, 10, allegedly impregnated by stepfather (6/10/15)

June 10, 2015 - And still more on Ireland prohibiting child killing. Times of Malta, Irish Central, NewsTalk, RT, Dundalk Democrat, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, Sentinal Republic, Jurist, Yahoo, Irish Times, International Business Times

"Amnesty [International]was founded to highlight human rights abuses ... But now it seems to spend most of its time attacking the rights of the most vulnerable person of all – the unborn child." - Niamh Uí Bhriain, The Life Institute Amnesty’s abortion obsession brings it to attack the most vulnerable people of all (6/9/15)

June 9, 2015 - And a host of articles today about Ireland and its suppossed human rights violation of prohibiting abortion, and the effort of human rights groups such as Amnesty International and the U.N. Human Rights Commission to get Ireland to relax its laws and allow more killing. Not much concern here over the human rights abuse of countries such as the United States which allow killing preborn children on demand!, Europe Online Magazine, RTE News, Irish Independent, The Telegraph, BBC, Newstalk, Irish Times, The Nationalist, Irish Health, Vice News, PTI, UTV Ireland, Irish Times, Sputnik International, The Hindu, Her, Irish Times, Irish Times, Irish Times, Irish Times, Sunday World, Huffington Post, Newsy, Christian Science Monitor, WHAS, Deutsche Welle, The Tribune, Belfast Newsletter, Leinster Express, Thompson Reuters, KOLO, Washington Post, The Guardian, Irish Examinef, LifeSite, Reuters, Boston Globe, Newsweek, Laois Nationalist, Yahoo News, Bustle,, Wall St Journal

"Human rights" group Amnesty International claims Ireland "fails to comply with the country's human rights obligations" by restricting abortion. Don't you think it is time for Amnesty International to comply with its "human rights obligations" and stand up for the human rights of all people at all ages? Will you tell them so? Amnesty to attack Irish abortion legislation (6/9/15)

"[T]he UN Human Rights Committee has consistently criticised Ireland for not expanding the availability of abortion". Govt questioned by UN over rights record (6/8/15)

This writer looks forward to "an Ireland that celebrates women's rights". Does this mean that she supports the rights of developing women at, say, 3 or 4 years of age. I assume she does. So she supports the rights of women during the first nine months of their lives, right? Wrong! If Ireland can allow gay marriage, surely it accepts a woman’s right to choose (6/8/15)

"Ireland’s remaining constitutional protection for the unborn child and pregnant women is not in conflict with international human rights law. The unborn child has a right to life as a member of the human family." - Lorcan Price, Pro Life Campaign Report on abortion to be discussed at Oireachtas (6/8/15)

Religious leaders joining "human rights" activists in calling for the U.S. to fund killing preborn children with its foreign aid. No! These are not humnan rights activists if they call for us to support killing. They are activists for human rights violations. Religious leaders renew calls for Obama to quash abortion funding law (6/5/15)

Director of abortion clinic asks Canada's Supreme Court to carefuly consider the human rights implications of the case involving protestors at abortion clinic. I hope they do. Melbourne council questioned over 'failure' to deal with anti-abortion protesters (6/4/15)

Here you go. Banning the killing of children hurts children. That makes sense, right?! How foreign abortion bans hurt children: The wrenching case of a 10-year-old girl in Paraguay shines light on a widespread problem (6/3/15)

In Australia: "Human rights" commission targets those who protest against killing children, rather than against those doing the killing! East Melbourne abortion clinic lawyers demand end to pro-life 'nuisance' (6/3/15)

A Ghanian "human rights" organization promoting the killing of preborns. Sexual reproductive healthcare key to sustainable dev't (6/3/15)

Note that the writer of this horrendous story didn't say the "fetus" was put on a grill, but rather the "baby" was put on the grill. Family Beat Teen Until Miscarriage, Put Baby On BBQ Grill (6/2/15)

Human Rights Law Centre supporting a clinic that kills children (against those evil protestors that are "harrssing" them, you see)! Melbourne abortion clinic says council must stop harassment by protesters (6/2/15)

Woman works for a "human rights campaign of the Center for Reproductive Rights". A human rights campaign by an organization that promotes killing children? Really? On the Rio Grande: A Texas story (5/30/15)

"Human rights crusader" promoting abortion. No! He is not a human human rights crusader if he promotes killing children. We have to stand up to these people and not let them get away with convincing people that killing babies is the "human rights" thing to do! Gender equality is key to achieving sustainable development (5/29/15)

A proposed bill "would make North Carolina women to wait three days before getting an abortion, but what concerns human rights activists more is that it would significantly reduce the number of doctors who would perform the procedure." If they really are human rights activists, why would they be concerned about less people killing children? North Carolina Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay Marriage Bill (5/29/15)

International Day for Women’s Health focuses on a woman's "right" to an abortion. "Women’s right to comprehensive reproductive health services, including abortion, is rooted in international human rights standards, which guarantee the rights to life, health, privacy and non-discrimination." Nevermind the cruel absurdity of using the right to life to promote killing. What are these "international human rights standards" that they are referencing? The article goes on to clarify what is really happening: "In reality, no U.N. treaty declares a right to abortion but members of treaty monitoring bodies distort the meaning of universally recognized human rights to advance access to abortion". Activists Celebrate “International Day to Promote Abortion” Day Today. Guess Who’s Not Celebrating (5/28/15)

In Peru, "The Commission of Justice and Human Rights of Congress filed the Bill 3839 (decriminalization of abortion in cases of rape) in seeking to safeguard the health of the mother and the best interests of the unborn child". How's that for double-speak? Killing a child is in its best interest! How can we let them get away with such lunacy? Peru: Decriminalization of abortion archived in Congress (5/27/15)

"The most telling example of the church's continued malignant influence on public policy is that abortion remains illegal in Ireland." First of all, there is nothing "malignant" about protecting children's lives. What is "malignant" is killing children! Secondly, it is a sad day if the only reason abortion is prohibited is that the church opposes it. What about those who oppose abortion because it is a horrendous human rights abuse? Who gives a "rat's behind" about the church's beliefs. The implication that this is a religious issue needs to be challenged. It is a human rights issue. Let's just stand up for human rights for all human beings, at all stages of their lives! Irish voters overwhelmingly support legalisation of same-sex marriage (5/27/15)

Advocate of killing children heading up what she describes as "a trip for peace, for reconciliation, for human rights". Abortion Advocate Gloria Steinem Heads Campaign To End Korean War (5/26/15)

In Canada, the Campaign Life Coalition says, "We have boots on the ground. We are grassroots activists willing to fight for human rights and we want to show that." We need more of that spirit!Police not pursuing criminal charges related to graphic anti-abortion flyers targeting Trudeau (5/26/15)

Southern Alberta Association for Reformed Political Action sets up a flag display to talk to people about pre-born human rights. Flag display today at Galt Gardens to reflect abortions in Canada (5/22/15)

"Human rights defenders" pushing to allow the killing of a preborn child in Paraguay. Movement to decriminalize abortion in Paraguay grows (5/20/15)

U.N. Periodic Universal Review of the United States included complaints that the U.S. doesn't fund "safe" abortions with it foreign aid. US Human Rights Violations: Geneva Centre for Justice (5/18/15)

Here's the problem: the effort to prevent the killing of preborn children is an "anti-abortion" movement, whereas the groups favoring killing are "human rights" groups. 11-Year-old girl's pregnancy renews battle over abortion in Uruguay (5/16/15)

Court of Human Rights, Human Rights Council - they all want El Salvador to allow the killing of preborn children. How is killing considered a human right? In El Salvador, Nicaragua, abortion can mean death or jail (5/16/15)

In Morocco it's the National Council of Human Rights that is prmoting the killing of children in the womb. Morocco to allow abortion in cases of rape, incest (5/16/15)

"Scores of human rights groups have spoken up" to encourage the killing of a preborn child in Paraguay. We have to challenge this! Latin America's abortion laws fail women and girls (5/16/15)

Here's our problem. This anti-abortion activist says the struggle against abortion "is not just about human rights". With only a passing comment about human rights she goes on and on about religion, Christianity, God, the Bible. NO! Abortion, at least the question of whether we allow it in our society, is NOT about God and religion. It is purely and squarely a human rights matter. We are killing people. I don't give a damn what your religion is -- killing children is just plain wrong. You don't need religion to realize that, and wrapping your activism in a religious cloak will only serve to convince people that it is a religious issue, rather than a human rights issue. Forget your religion, at least when advocating for the preborn, and make it clear that there is a human rights horror taking place! 'Dear Marchers for Life': an open letter from jailed pro-life activist Mary Wagner (5/14/15)

In Canada "political parties continue to ignore the very real concerns about human rights and justice". A quote worth repeating here from director Mike Schouten: "There are several reasons why the pro-life movement has not had any legislative successes. One is the false understanding that marching a few hours through the streets fills a pro-lifer's quota of political activism for the year." Topless Feminists Disrupt Canadian March for Life to Protest for Abortion (5/14/15)

And it continues on in Paraguay. "Human rights groups" pushing to kill a preborn child. No. We cannot call them "human rights" groups if they promote killing people! What could be more ironic? Latin America Is Failing Its Women (5/14/15)

This author is identified as a "human rights advocate". So why is he promoting the killing of little human beings? Take Your Nose Out of Women’s Womb (5/14/15)

Marchers gather at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa, Canada to remember those killed by abortion. We can end abortion in our lifetime: Canadian youth urged to promote right to life on eve of March for Life (5/14/15)

Once again, postcards showing Trudeau and abortion victim. This time a woman writes that women's human rights are threatened. Nothing about the human rights violation that is staring her in the face. Trudeau targeted with graphic anti-abortion flyers in Mississauga (5/13/15)

Canadians marching to affirm the human rights of pre-born children. Pro-life activists prepare to march for life in numerous cities across Canada this week (5/13/15)

Canada's Campaign Life Coalition sending out postcards with picture of pro-abortion Justin Trudeau next to picture of a child killed by abortion. "Nobody is doing anything to stop these human rights violations, so when we expose injustice, it inevitably becomes intolerable," CLC says. Let's hope they are right.Justin Trudeau Targeted In Anti-Abortion Flyers (GRAPHIC) (5/13/15)

The U.N. Human Rights Council criticizes many failures of the U.S. on human rights. Of course, one they point out in particular is our killing of over 3000 preborn children every day, right? Oh no! They don't mention that at all. Instead they complain that we don't foreign aid for "safe" abortion services. You know: killing = safe! From Drones Abroad to Police Brutality at Home, UN Slams US Human Rights Record (5/12/15)

In Paraguay, this article pits the abortion debate over a pregnant girl "between national governments that are heavily influenced by the Catholic Church's unrelenting anti-abortion stance and the human rights of victims of sexual violence." Interesting that when they want to kill a little developing human being in the womb it is the "human rights" of the mother that are upheld. Not a word about the human rights of the child in the womb. The article refers to "life-saving treatments, including abortion". Hmmm, now killing someone is a life-saving treatment!? Why A Pregnant 10-Year-Old Is Being Denied An Abortion (5/12/15)

The U.N. Human Rights Coouncil is now criticizing the U.S. Let's see, that's because we kill over 3000 children every day, right? Oh no, it's because we are trying to limit the killing! GJC Applauds UN Human Rights Council For Directly Challenging US Abortion Ban on Humanitarian Assistance (5/12/15)

For poor women in Latin America, their situation is "bleak" if they cannot afford an abortion. Let's see now, how "bleak" is it for the developing child if they can? How inequality limits reproductive rights in Latin America (5/12/15)

"Human Rights Begin in the Womb". Well, that's basically correct, but, really, does it even make sense to say the human rights "begin" at all? The definition of human rights is those rights that every human being has just because he or she is a human being - no other condition required. If you are a human being you have them. Period. Why do we even talk about when they "begin"? Human rights begin in the womb (5/12/15)

U.N. "human rights experts" chime in in favor of killing in the Parguayan case. Paraguay rebuked over pregnant child rape victim (5/11/15) and here and here

Paraguayan story: "[T]he days when Amnesty International actually stood up for human rights are long gone." How sad but true. Amnesty International Pushes for Abortion on Baby of 10-Year-Old Victimized by Incest (5/11/15)

President of Tlaxcala Mexico’s Human Rights Commission argues in favor of killing preborn children. 10,000 marchers in Mexico City ask high court not to legalize abortion nationwide (5/8/15)

Legislation to make abortions in the U.S. illegal after 20 weeks. Tennessee Rep. Diane Black recognizes, "This is a human rights issue.". Congressional Republicans Set To Hold Vote That Would Ban Late Term Abortions (5/8/15)

Again, "human rights" groups want Paraguay to allow baby killing. Abortion Debate: Pregnant 10-Year-Old Rape Victim from Paraguay Allegedly Being Forced to Carry Stepfather's Baby to Full Term (5/5/15) and here and here

"Draconian" ban on abortion in El Salvador. Nothing "draconian" about slaughtering children, right? Draconian Ban on Abortion in El Salvador Targeted by Global Campaign (5/5/15)

In Morocco allowing abortion is labeled as "progressive". In what way is killing children "progressive"? We need to counter such ideas. "Liberal abortion laws have been proven to save lives." Kill people to save lives - that makes sense, right? "Abortions should be safe, legal and rare." How is a procedure to kill a person "safe"? This article perpetuates ideas such as that allowing abortion is "progressive", that abortion is "safe", that it is conservatives against liberals, and that debate against abortion is due to religion. It basically runs the gamut of unsubstantiated assumptions that the writer just wants you to accept without question. We need to challenge these assumptions. Abortion in Morocco: will the king approve a progressive law? (5/5/15)

Amnesty International is at it again, once again a "human rights" group calling for a country, this time Paraguay, to allow a woman to kill her child. Amnesty International Pushes Paraguay to Allow an Abortion for 10 Year Old Victim of Rape (5/3/15)

The (Australian) Victorian Human Rights Commision wants to stop those who are protesting the killing of children. "[O]ne set of human rights cannot be used to nullify another person's rights." Are they listening to their own words? Of course, they chose to throw in that "In 2001, a security guard was murdered by an anti-choice protester," with no mention of the number of preborn children who have been murdered by abortion facilities. Anti-abortion protesters deemed a nuisance (5/4/15)

"UN treaty bodies have repeatedly highlighted the importance of accurate and inclusive sex education and information." Yes! Let's have accurate and inclusive sex education, including the real facts about the results when sex is succesful in the role that nature has for it. South Korea: Amend Sex Education Guidelines (5/3/15)

An "international human rights group" (the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women) decries the fact that the Philippines bans the killing of preborn children. "Criminalization of abortion ... has made it extremely unsafe," they claim. Funny, I thought that abortion was always unsafe for the one being aborted! Pinays denied RH services—UN (5/3/15)

Ex-President Jimmy Carter, "a longtime human rights champion", has drawn up a list of gender-based issues that he feels need attention. "'I would say the one that concerns me the most is the murder of little baby girls, the aborting of them when they're found to be female,' he said, referring to the practice of sex-selective abortion in countries where there is a preference for sons." He is right. But if little girls are indeed being "murdered" when whey are found out to be females, what about all the others that are aborted for other reasons. Isn't that just as much murder? Jimmy Carter: still causing a storm in his fight for women – TRFN (5/2/15)

"Human rights" groups pushing for the killing of a preborn child. No! True human rights groups don't do these things! Should a 10-year-old rape victim be allowed to have an abortion? (5/1/15)

How will the Council of Europe deal with the question of human rights for children who are born alive during an attempted abortion? This should be interesting to watch for. Petition Asks Council of Europe to Take Up Rights of Unborn Babies Who Survive Botched Abortions (5/1/15)

Success with one student at a When Do Human Rights Begin? display. Watch What This "Pro-Choice" Student Says After He Changes His Mind on Abortion (5/1/15)

Copua, Malawi's Coalition on Prevention of Unsafe Abortions, wants to "reduce deaths of Malawi women". Therefore, kill them before they are born! They also say that preventing abortions is "a violation of fundamental human rights such as the ... right to life", if you can wrap your head around that twisted logic! But, of course, what can you expect from an organiation that uses this concept of "unsafe" abortions (implying that killing can somehow be safe) right in its name? COPUA Insists on Reforms to Abortion Laws: Engages Malawi Media (4/30/15)

Okay, perhaps it isn't really news, but Human Rights Watch is at it again promoting the killing of children, saying that abortion restrictions in Ecuador are "cruel" and "degrading", and claiming that Ecuador isn't complying with its "international human rights obligations". (You know, those human rights obligations that require countries to allow killing children!) How long will we stand back and allow so-called "human rights" groups get away with calling for killing? Human Rights Watch Pressures Ecuador to Legalize Abortion, Pro-Life Nation Fights Back (4/29/15)

Here is our problem. It is subtle but staring us in the face, nevertheless. In Tanzania, "opposition to [Muslim] Kadhi Courts has been heard from all sections of the population: Christian churches, Muslims who do not support Sharia law, human rights groups, and pro-life and pro-family organizations." "Human rights groups" and "pro-life" groups are two different things? We have to stop talking this way. It sould be "pro-life (or better, simply "anti-abortion") and other human rights groups". It may be subtle, but those reading this will get the message that we ourselves do not consider ours to be a human rights cause. If we are not human rights groups, then we should just pack it up and go home! Tanzanian gvmt targets NGOs that fought proposed pro-abortion constitution (4/29/15)

Vandalization of student displays on behalf of preborn children. "[D]on’t let ... intolerant pro-abortionists stand in your way of speaking up for the human rights of the preborn and their mothers." Six Pro-Life Student Groups Were Censored or Had Their Displays Vandalized in April (4/29/15)

Representative of the Abolitionist Society of Lincoln [Nebraska] talks to students "about human rights and abolishing abortion". Great! Because that is, of course, what abortion is - a human rights issue. Kudos to them for showing the reality of what abortion is, so that students can see just what a human rights violation it is! But why is the group "designed to reach high school students with their message about the gospel and abolishing abortion"? Why is it necessary to mix religion with human rights. We all know that religion all too frequently has led to gross violations of human rights. We need to keep the two separate. Abortion is a human rights issue, not a religious one. Anti-abortion group delivers message at Southeast with graphic signs (4/27/15)

Once again the world's most prominant "human rights" group is protesting, "calling for women's 'sexual and reproductive rights' [read: right to kill one's child] to be considered 'basic human rights'". Amnesty International protests in favour of women’s 'reproductive rights' (4/26/15)

A U.S. "human rights" delegation protests the incarceration of 17 women that they claim were falsely jailed under El Salvador's abortion laws when they had miscarriages. Maybe. We may never know for sure whether these were natural miscarriages or induced abortions. What we do know, however, is that over 3,000 innocent children are killed in the U.S. every day by abortion. If this were truly a "human rights" delegation I should think they would be more concerned about this incredible horror that is taking place right here at home. Rev. Bourgeois jailed in Washington, D.C., during sit-in at embassy (4/24/15)

National Right to Life quotes a pro-abortion group as saying their side was "standing firm for the human rights of all" at the 48th session of the Commission on Population and Development . But (if you can believe it) Right to Life says nothing at all about human rights! Even reading their own article, they leave the reader to think that it is the pro-abortionists who are the "human rights" advocates! Resistance derails UN Population Commission’s pro-abortion recommendations (4/23/15)

Thanks to these writers for at least acknowledging "pre-born human rights". However, even they have fallen into the trap of referring to "safe" abortions! "[H]ow can we know abortion is safe if the government refuses to let the residents of Ontario know anything that pertains to the procedure?" Abortion is never, ever safe. What other procedure would be called "safe" if it resulted in a human death every single time? Canadian Pro-Lifers Tell Ontario: Stop Censoring Pro-Life People on Abortion (4/23/15)

El Salvador, which has a strict ban on abortions, and enforces it, "is considerably out of step with current global human rights standards." No. It is the so-called "human rights" bodies that are out of step with human rights standards, inclduing the Covenant on the Rights of the Child, and all the covenants that uphold the right to life, when they try to push countries to allow killing preborn children. (Note the reference to a "draconian" abortion ban. Nothing "draconian", I guess, about allowing people to kill their own children!) 300,000 Rally Against Draconian Abortion Ban (4/22/15)

Another "human rights" organization (actually, one of the "usual suspects") trying to push Ecuador to allow killing of their children. Ecuador: Adopt UN Recommendations on Abortion Law (4/22/15)

"Human rights" groups concerned about the rights of women who are accused of killing their babies, claiming that the babies were stillborn or miscarried. Okay. Perhaps that is the case, but the authorities are dealing with dead babies (something that we are unwilling to do here in the U.S.) and are trying to get to the root of the matter. My question is, Whay do these "human rights" groups not seem to care about the children who are dying? In El Salvador, a pregnancy complication followed by a prison sentence (4/22/15)

A "human rights" organization declaring that efforts to limit abortion must stop, rather than that the killing of preborn children must stop. The offensive against the right to abortion must stop (4/22/15)

I share this pro-abortionists disgust with some who oppose abortion. They are trying to claim that legalizing same sex marriage will lead to more abortions! An anti-abortion lawyer is quoted as sayign, "On the surface, abortion and same-sex marriage may seem unrelated." But "the two are closely linked in a short and simple causal chain." Well, as a matter of fact abortion and same-sex marriage are related, but not in the way he wishes to make out. They are related because they are both questions of whether we will respect the human rights of all human beings. That means that if we want people to respect the rights of those in the womb, then we need to respect the rights of those who are already born, regardless of their sexual orientations. The right’s new claim: same-sex marriage is deadly (4/21/15)

Their "mission is grounded in social justice and human rights, and seeks to advance ... unfettered access to 'killing one's child'". Oh, no! Those weren't the words he used! "Comprehensive reproductive health care" sounds a lot nicer, doesn't it! An unnecessary fight about abortion rights (4/20/15)

"Despite the United Nations declaring access to reproductive health care - including abortion - to be a human right, citizens of the United States have no affirmative guarantee to that right." They will keep on using the U.N.'s distorted declarations to promote killing unless we stand up and take the U.N. to task on this. So Far, 2015 Is On Pace to Set Abortion Restriction Records (4/20/15)

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights wants to make it easier for Kenyans to kill their children. Kenya: Top Health Body to Expand Guidelines On Abortion (4/20/15)

A forum of "human rights" voices find fault with the U.S. human rights record. There is plenty to find fault with. But when they claim that the closing of abortion clinics in Texas is "evidence of deteriorating [human] rights for U.S. residents", are we going to just let this slide by? It is what is taking place inside those clinics that is the biggest problem with our human rights record. We need to stand up and make that known! Will we do it? Legal experts pan US for disappointing human rights record (4/17/15)

When you "force women to remain pregnant" then "a problem of basic human rights emerges"? Allow them to kill their children and there is no human rights problem? New abortion legislation is backward (4/16/15)

"Draconian" laws that protect the human rights of the youngest and most vulnerable in Ireland. How is that "draconian"? 'Draconian, inhumane': N. Ireland abortion law reforms don't go far enough, say Amnesty (4/17/15)

Young rape victims of ISIS need "access to reproductive health services — including safe abortion". Inflicting a horrible abuse on one person fixes what is wrong with another? Killing these poor girls' children is not the answer. They need help that respects human rights, not tramples on them! (Also, note the continued usage of "safe" abortions.) ISIS Child Rape Survivors Need Help (4/17/15)

"International human rights standards provide for abortion in cases of severe foetal abnormalities and where a pregnancy is a result of sexual crime." They will keep saying over and over that "international human rights standards" call for killing children, without any substance to back up what they are saying. No human rights document calls for the right to kill one's child. Human rights documents call for the right to life of ALL human beings to be respected. But they will keep on saying these things until people believe them. If we don't counter these claims with the truth, eventually they will just be accepted as given. We need to stand up and declare firmly, "No. International human rights standards do not provide for killing children." They do not! Unionist Executive parties did not respond to abortion consultation (4/16/15)

"Northern Ireland isn’t meeting minimum human rights standards" because it will not allow abortions for rape or incest. What about those countries that do allow killing of innocent children? Are they "meeting mininum human rights standards"? Northern Ireland’s Justice Minister announces plans to reform abortion laws (4/16/15)

Canada: "an immense legal void when it comes to the protection of rights of children at any stage before birth". Pre-born human rights are back on the election menu in Canada (4/15/15)

The horror of leaving babies to die after being born. A serious human rights issue for sure. Of course, if they had been killed a few hours before then it wouldn't be, right?!?! Babies Born Alive After Botched Abortions are being Murdered or Left to Die Globally (4/14/15)

This man is part of the problem. Speaking against the rights of gays and lesbians, and trying to make people think that he cares about the rights of those in the womb! We will never convince people we care about babies while we spit out hatred against those who are already born. We need to stand up for the rights of all! Christians silenced in Canada, says anti-gay activist (4/13/15)

"the importance of access to abortion services within international human rights norms". How long are we going to let people get away with such absurdity and horror? She just throws it in there like it is a given - abortion fits into human rights norms. No need for discussion - it's just a given! And we stand back and let her do so. "A lie told often enough becomes the truth."-Lenin The Surprising Countries Where It’s Easier To Get An Abortion Than The U.S. (4/13/15)

First she says, "Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights." Now Hillary Clinton says, "gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights". How about, "Human rights are unborn children's rights, and unborn children's rights are human rights," Hillary? Why restrict it to only your "favorites"? Where Hillary Clinton Stands On LGBT And Other Issues (4/13/15)

She says, "We will need to analyze the overall health goals and see how aspects like abortion can be incorporated," but then says, "measures should be underpinned by human rights standards and principles". Has anyone asked her how we incorporate killing children into human rights standards and principles? Will you ask? The post-2015 framework: A melting pot of targets and indicators, where to begin? (4/13/15)

"Human rights" network helps abortionist rebuild so she can kill more children! Why This Longtime Abortion Provider May Never Reopen Her Practice (4/10/15)

School district denies students' attempts to create anti-abortion clubs, "a clear misapplication of a policy that was never intended to limit students' speech on significant human rights issues facing their generation". Fargo students stymied in attempt to form anti-abortion clubs (4/8/15)

Ted Cruz: "We are a nation that models itself on a code of natural and human rights, which we believe are not the inheritance of a privileged few but the birthright of people everywhere. Yet today we are one of just seven countries worldwide to allow elective abortions after 20 weeks." Where Do GOP Presidential Prospects Stand on 20-Week Abortion Ban? (4/4/15)

"You don't need to use the Bible to make a case for life. Everyone believes there are human rights..." Of course you don't, but why is she even mentioning the Bible? What does that have to do with anything at all? After all, the Bible is one of the most violent, "anti-life", and anti-human rights books around, filled with God-approved or God-committed death, gore and horror. Why would she even mention such a book? Nexus Regional Pro-Life Conference (4/1/15)

"Roe v. Wade was as much about public health and human rights as women's liberation." Yes, it was. It instituted the greatest human rights horror and ultimate threat to health (i.e., killing) in history. This article doesn't quite seem to realize that, though! Women's Reproductive Liberty: A Football in a Match Played By and For Men (4/1/15)

In an abortion facility "You are in a zone of grave human rights violations". - Lila Rose, LiveAction Lila Rose explains what it takes to perform an undercover investigation—and why abortionists deserve to be exposed (3/31/15)

I probably disagree with Mr. Walsh's views on gays (he isn't very clear about them), but I have to admit that he has a good point: "[Wedding] Cakes for gay people, that's the issue of the day. The widespread legalization of child murder? Well, why would anyone be upset about that?" It’s Legal to Kill Babies, But Let’s Worry About a Gay Person’s Right to Cake (3/31/15)

A human rights film festival. Does it have any films about the killing of children, the biggest human rights abuse of all? Well, sort of. It has a film about "access to abortion" in Nicaragua - you know, how "harsh" those laws are that protect children's lives! Human Rights Watch Film Festival (3/30/15)

Ryan Bomberger: "The NAACP is on the wrong side of this human rights issue." NAACP Continues Battle to Silence Black Pro-Lifer Who Bashed It's Pro-Abortion Stance (3/26/15)

This one goes far overboard, declaring the abortion is a human right, preventing abortions is a human rights violation, and referring to countries with "draconian" abortion laws protecting preborn children, claiming such countries may be "in breach of international human rights treaties", and saying that banning abortion is "torture". Are we going to let them get away with saying that protecting human lives is "torture"? 5 Reasons to Oppose Abortion Bans (3/26/15)

Ontario Human Rights Code forces doctors to take a part in killing children. Ontario doctors launch legal challenge over policy forcing them to facilitate abortion (3/24/15)

John Boehner: The March for Life "to embrace human rights and equality for all". Boehner gets Judgment Day in own office (3/24/15)

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission wants to make abortion legal "in accordance with international human rights standards". Why do we let them get away with sucy absurdity. There is no international human rights document that declares any right to abortion, but the right to life is certainly declared in such documents. The Covenant on the Rights of the Child, for instance, says that "The child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity needs special safeguards and care, before as well as after birth." Why don't we stand up and demand that the human rights commissions and agencies stand up for the human rights for all according to international human rights standards"? Challenging Northern Ireland’s abortion law (3/23/15)

The U.N. "Human Rights" Committee once again pushing Ireland to make it easier to kill children! IRELAND’S HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD: State looked the other way as citizens suffered (3/23/15)

Russian Orthodox Church "calling abortion a major violation of human rights". Russian Orthodox Church concerned about legalization of same-sex marriage, abortion issue, and secularism in Europe (3/20/15)

Human trafficking bill: This article claims that "human rights" advocates are asking to remove the language to prevent money on being spent on killing preborn children. No. They are not "human rights" advocates if they promote killing. That is nonsensical, and we need to challenge such statements. Republican Senate Leadership Has a New Proposal to Push Through the Trafficking Bill (3/19/15)

Student for Life's "The Human Rights Tour" is challenging students to ask, When do human rights begin? Pro-life campus tour challenges students to answer when human rights begin (3/18/15)

"Planned Parenthood and similar advocates dress up the raw nature of abortion in attractive language that speaks of human rights. But violent discrimination against the innocent, before and after birth, is never a human right." Human Rights Must Begin in the Womb, Violent Discrimination Via Abortion is Wrong (3/17/15)

Blog: This article doesn't specifically talk about human rights, but it is important nevertheless. History's greatest social reformers weren't 'nice.' Pro-lifers shouldn't be either. (3/16/15)

"When you take the weakest member of society and deny their human rights, instead of protecting them, then we cannot have the peace we long for." - Lila Rose, LiveAction Lila Rose Gets Standing Ovation After Rousing Pro-Life Speech at UN Youth Event (3/16/15)

Canadian campaign making the point that abortion is a human rights violation. #No2Trudeau: Anti-Abortion Groups Target Liberal Leader (3/12/15)

Most children found to have disabilities before they are born are simply killed. How's that for discrimination against the disabled? Irish pro-lifers launch global campaign to end 'incompatible with life' label (3/11/15)

How's this for biased reporting about a "bipartisan human rights bill"? "The Senate is currently debating a bill that would help victims of human trafficking in the U.S., however within the bill is a provision that would curb abortion rights." Rather than recognizing that curbing abortion would be to support human rights for those being killed, the wording already "cues" you that curbing "abortion rights" is the antithesis of supporting human rights. Anti-Abortion Provision Stirs Controversy In Senate (3/11/15)

"People of goodwill were upset and angry to learn that an organisation which raises millions to protect human rights would now be focused on destroying the right to life of innocent and defenceless unborn children." Irish pro-lifers call on global movement to help expose Amnesty International's abortion agenda (3/10/15)

The Ontario Human Rights Codes forces doctors to assist those who wish to kill little human beings. How can that be a human rights code? Doctors in Canada Must Refer for Abortions or Risk Losing Their Medical License (3/10/15), also here

"The American feminist establishment does a disservice to women through its divisive, relentless focus on abortion rights." International Women’s Day: A Time for Unity, Not Division (3/9/15)

After adopting the Tarrabella Report, which promotes abortion as a fundamental right, the European Parliament is set to now vote on the "Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2013 and the European Union’s policy on the matter" (aka, the "Panzeri report"), which urges the EU to uphold killing children as a "human right". European Parliament Adopts Report Calling Abortion a "Fundamental Right" (3/10/15), also here

"Safeguarding human rights is a bedrock truth, not taking them away from the innocent and defenseless." Millennial Women Reject EMILY’s List Politics (3/10/15)

This articles points out that the U.S. doesn't live up to its reputation as a guardian of human rights. How correct! Unfortunatley, the author doesn't mention the thousands of American children who are killed every day by abortion. He only chooses to point a finger at someone who bombed an abortion clinic. Why doesn't he/she point out the violence that takes place inside those clinics? Dear America, how about practising what you preach on tolerance? (3/10/15)

"Hotlines" to help women kill their children are declared to be helping human rights! Latin America's Safe Abortion Hotlines: Women Take Reproductive Rights Into Their Own Hands (3/9/15)

"When individual states try to recognize fetal rights, it really flies in the face of international human rights laws." What kind of doubletalk is this? Recognizing human rights at all stages flies in the face of human rights? Are we going to let them continue to get away with this? Abortion Bans Are Putting Women Behind Bars (3/9/15)

"[I]t's a human rights issue." If only we would hear more of this! New Mexico House votes to ban late-term abortion, approves 48-hour parental notification (3/7/15)

An "abortion-providing atheist doctor". Okay, so there is something good in even the worst of us. What does that have to do with anything? UPDATED: Ontario doctors must refer for abortions, says College of Physicians (3/6/15)

International Federation for Human Rights: "repressive legislation criminalises abortion, engendering serious violations of women's rights." A "human rights" organization claiming that laws designed to protect the lives of innnocent young children are "repressive". Beijing +20: Broken promises, women's rights under threat across the globe (3/6/15)

Sweden wants to "Strengthen the rule of law and human rights" by allowing the killing of children in the womb. As long as we let them, they will get away with such ludicrous and violent claims. Sweden’s goal of promoting equality (3/6/15)

International Federation for Human Rights report claims "The prohibition of abortion in Senegal leads to serious violations of women's rights". Not a word from this "human rights" group about the human rights of those who are being killed by abortion. As long as this goes unchallenged the world will believe that allowing the killing of children is the "human rights" thing to do! We have to stand up to this! Report/Senegal : "I don't want this child, I want to go to school" (3/5/15)

In Great Britain: "Human rights" groups want to keep those who stand up for preborn children away from the clinics where they are killed. Why would "human rights" groups want that? How long will we let them get away with calling those who support killing children the "human rights" groups? Woman quoted as saying the "protests are a subtle form of violence against women". They didn't bother to quote anyone who would clarify where the "not-so-subtle" violence is actually taking place. 120,000-signature petition calls for protesters to ‘back off’ abortion clinics (3/4/15)

This Catholic bishop wants church "engagement with society that places economic and human rights issues on par with abortion and same-sex marriage". Human rights "on par" with abortion? Has anyone told him that abortion IS the human rights issue of today? Here is the dichotomy staring us in the face, and we need to break it! Robert McElroy will reportedly be named new head of Diocese of San Diego (3/3/15)

Woman forced to listen to her unborn child's beating heart for seven minutes claimed she was "subjected to such torture". Of course, ripping the child apart - that wouldn't be torture would it? The article's writer is the Executive Director of Journalists for Human Rights. Will we ask her to stand up and support human rights for all? Restricting Abortion: A Questionable Tool for Increasing Macedonia’s Birth Rate (3/4/15)

Canadian National March for Life will begin with a vigil at the Human Rights Monument in Ottawa - an appropriate location. Campaign Life reveals theme for 2015 March for Life (3/4/15)

In Argentina, pro-abortion efforts supported by "human rights" groups. United Nations Committee Targets Ecuador, Wants Pro-Life Nation to Legalize Abortion (3/3/15)

Quotes Richard John Neuhaus as referring to abortion as "the great human rights struggle in our time and all times". When were you recruited? (3/3/15)

"[P]rotect the basic human rights of the child in the womb". Yes, that's what we need. Scott Walker Angers Pro-Lifers After CPAC (3/3/15)

Here it is "pregnancy rights" that are "human rights". Nothing here about the rights of the one that is inside the pregnancy. Why is it still controversial to say that women should make the decisions about childbirth? (3/2/15)

This article quotes Amnesty International representative as saying that Ireland's laws protecting preborn children are "harshest in Europe" and "draconian". She claims that the laws are "in significant breach of the British government's international human rights obligations". Please, please speak up! Tell her and everyone listening that what is "draconian" and "harsh" is killing children, and that that is what is in breach of human rights obligations! Amnesty calls for reform of 'draconian' NI abortion law (2/26/15)

To this writer, killing children is "based on an intersectional framework rooted in human rights". He insidiously starts off the article by talking about "those who believe in the human right to a safe and legal abortion and those who call themselves 'pro-life' and consider abortion to be morally wrong." Yes, those who want to kill with "safe" abortion are upholding a "human right", while those who oppose it merely call themselves "pro-life". He has already "framed" the argument the way he wants it, and he will get away with it as long as we let him! Anti-Choice Activists Dishonor Black History, Co-Opting Language of #BlackLivesMatter (2/26/15)

How's this for a sensible argument? "[A]lthough induced abortion was illegal in Malaysia, the termination of pregnancy was legally allowed if done by qualified doctors." So is it legal or illegal??! At any rate, another example of "human rights" groups promoting the "right" to kill a helpless child! Ministry officials in Nepali abortion case have no power to probe patients (2/26/15)

Here's Amnesty International, the world's "premier" "human rights" organization, claiming that laws protecting preborn children in Ireland do "not comply with human rights obligations". Amnesty: Ireland’s abortion laws do not protect human rights (2/25/15)

This report lists "28 countries around the world have laws which completely ban abortion even in cases where a woman's life or health is in danger and in cases of rape" as examples of human rights abuses, but nothing of the countries, such as the United States, where killing preborn humans is common practice. 2014 — a catastrophic year for millions caught up in violence: Amnesty International (2/25/15), also here, and here, and here. If we remain silent, then the lie (even that of ommision) just goes on and on. "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." -Lenin

And yes, churches, too, should speak out against "the human rights issues of our time". This Pastor Says There Was One Thing He Would Never Talk About From the Pulpit, Not Anymore (2/24/15)

This writer is upset that women in Ireland have to make a long journey out of the country to kill their babies. He says, apparenly with a straight face, that this "All because this island does not consider human rights to extend to both parties in a pregnancy". We need to call people on ridiculous stuff like this. Ireland is one place where, at least in general, the do extend human rights to both parties - you can't kill either one. Doesn't it irk you when people make statements like this one and get away with it? Perhaps I Should Have Been Aborted… (2/24/15)

"Unsafe" abortions, again. This time in Malawi. "Human rights lawyer" wants to make it easier (ie, legal) for people to kill their preborn children. They also use the term "maternal deaths". If indeed she is a mother, then the mother of what? Malawi Abortion Law Needs Reform: Copua lobbies Legal Affairs Department of Parliament (2/24/15)

"It’s up to the pro-life community to bring this human rights abuse to the forefront and persuade others that unborn children deserve to be protected from violent dismemberment." Will we do it? Pro-abortionists in deep denial about Dismemberment Abortion (2/23/15)

At least someone recognizes that protecting children is "a message of human rights." Jack Willke, Witness for Life (2/23/15)

Blog: Trying to decide whether someone is a "person" only leads to human rights abuses. The shockingly bloody history of 'legal personhood' (2/19/15)

Here they are talking about those "unsafe" abortions, as opposed to those nice safe ones that kill a child every time! Uganda registers 840 abortions daily (2/19/15)

After the movie Selma, Alveda King says, "Today, we again join together in Selma for a critical human rights issue, the right to and sanctity of life." Alveda King joins opposition to Selma abortion clinic (2/19/15)

"Any inclusive human rights doctrine must protect all human beings." Why abortion is not a 'reproductive right' (2/18/15)

Center for Reproductive Rights quoted as saying that cuts to family planning clinics represent a "human rights crisis". No corresponding quote from anyone pointing out that such clinics frequently engage in the human rights abuse of killing preborn humans. How's that for "balanced" reporting? New Campaign Renews Pro-Choice Fight (2/18/15)

"... we are simply excluding a group of human beings based on arbitrary criteria--in the case of abortion, age. Any inclusive human rights doctrine must protect all human beings." Why abortion is not a 'reproductive right' (2/18/15)

Unce again, reference to "unsafe" abortion. But this article also talks about Ecuador's "punative" laws that prohibit abortion. Protect babies' lives and you are being "punative"?! U.N. to Spotlight Ecuador's Punitive Abortion Law (2/18/15)

More "unsafe abortions". Will someone please ask this journalist how an abortion can ever be safe for the one being aborted? Govt spends sh7.5b annually on unsafe abortions (2/18/15)

This writer was disappointed that a display of pictures showing aborted babies was not one of "real human rights violations". Pictures of dead little human beings do not depict "real" human rights violations? What would it take in her mind to make them human rights violations? Shock tactics derail activist movements (2/18/15)

Students for Life is doing a Human Rights Tour to ask students at universities to identify when a human being has human rights. Students for Life Tour Will Ask College Students: Does This Baby Deserve Human Rights? (2/17/15)

It's all in the language. The intent to end abortion is described here as a "threat". It should be referred to as a "promise". Student’s Killing Turns Spotlight in Turkey on Violence Against Women (2/17/15)

Just a letter to the editor, but it illustrates a fundamental problem. After denying gays their rights, this writer wants his lawmaker to stand up for the rights of children in the womb. If we want people to really believe that we are standing up for the rights of babies, then we need to uphold the rights of those who are already born. Lawmaker ought to focus on human rights of the unborn (2/16/15)

"Unsafe" abortions in Kenya - you know, as opposed to the "safe" ones that kill babies, right? Kenya: A Society At Crossroads Over Devastating Impact of Unsafe Abortions (2/16/15)

"In 2012, Mitt Romney was asked repeatedly about his beliefs in the science of global warming. Nobody asked Obama about his scientific position on human rights vis-à-vis late-term abortion." Media Go Collectively Insane over GOP Positions on Evolution (2/12/15)

President of a "Human Rights Alliance" holding up Roe vs. Wade as an example of granting human rights, rather than recognizing the human rights horror that it was. I [Still] Do (2/11/15)

It is the "Human Rights" Commission that is trying to undermine Ireland's laws protecting preborn human beings. Northern Ireland abortion laws case granted judicial review (2/2/15)

Amnesty International's "My Body My Rights" campaign to promote abortion is described as calling "for fundamental human rights to be better protected across the world". No it doesn't! It is calling for even greater violation of human rights. We can't let people get away with twisting the truth like this! Amnesty Writers’ Club: My Body, My Rights: A feminist call to action? (1/23/15)

U.S. Representative Chris Smith addressed the March for Life: "You and I are part of the most important human rights cause on earth. The right to life is the first right." Chris Smith measure banning federal abortion funding passes on Roe v. Wade anniversary (1/22/15)

At the March for Life, Lila Rose, of Live Action, says, "Abortion is a human rights issue." DC March For Life: The Beat Goes On (1/22/15)

Patrick Kelly, chairman of the March for Life, says the March for Life "has become the largest human rights march in the world". Yes. I only hope he really believes it. I would ask him the same questions that I would ask Ms. Monahan (two articles below). 'The largest human rights march in the world': Hundreds of thousands join D.C. March for Life: More photos added (1/22/15)

"El Salvador has one of the most draconian abortion laws in the world," says Amnesty International, supposedly the premier human rights organization in the world. No! El Salvador has one of the most protective laws for preborn human beings! Draconian = "excessively harsh and severe". It is the tearing apart of little human bodies that is draconian. Will we stand up and contest this? Or will we just let such groups convince the world that protecting chldren is "draconian"? El Salvador: Pardon for woman jailed for miscarriage, a triumph of justice (1/22/15)

"Abortion, in my opinion, is the human rights issue of today," Jeanne Monahan of March for Life said. She's right. However, I wonder if she really believes what she says. Where was she on International Human Rights Day? How many times were human rights mentioned during the March for Life rally, versus how many times God was mentioned? 42 years after Roe v. Wade, young people are still split on abortion (1/22/15)

This killer (i.e., abortionist) is honored by the U.N.'s Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights. My friends, they could never get away with this if we didn't let them! Let's stop them! UN honors abortionist Parker who, never says "abortion" (1/20/15)

The title tells the problem - an abortion provider described as a "human rights activist". Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, Human Rights Activist & At-Sea Abortion Provider (1/20/15)

Here is an abortion proponent referring (apparently with a straight face) to "those of us who support human rights for all"! "For all"! Are we going to let her get away with saying that those who promote killing children are supporting human rights "for all"? Banning information won't reduce abortions (1/18/15)

Once again, "human rights" groups pushing for the right to kill! High Court sets aside Nepali’s conviction in Penang abortion case (1/12/15)

"The fundamental human rights to life and to security of the person, as well as freedom from cruel and inhumane treatment, and from discrimination, among others, means that unnecessary restrictions on abortion should be removed and governments should provide access to safe abortion services." Is this person even listening to her own words?! How can we let people get away with such cruel absurdities? Abortion Rights Are Human Rights (1/8/15)

The biggest human rights rally in the world - the March for Life. Finally, we may be waking up! 'Biggest human rights rally' returns for March for Life (1/7/15)

Pro-Life group to fight "human rights" commission! Does anyone see the absurdity of this situation? Pro-Life Group to Fight Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s Bid to Legalize Abortion (1/6/15)

Supporters of abortion say they stand for "supporting fundamental human rights". I really wish they would! Reproductive Justice -- Mainstreaming a Radical Vision (1/6/15)

And in Ireland, the "Human Rights" Commission wants to make it easier to kill children. Abortion law legal challenge next month (1/6/15)

And once again, "human rights" groups advocating on behalf of killing children. Nepalese worker’s abortion case postponed over translation issue (1/6/15)

Another "human rights" group opposing those who try to end the killing of children. Montana lawmakers allow anti-abortion, pro-Christian militia pastor to deliver Capitol sermon (1/4/15)

President of the Dominican Republic calling on the Congress to decriminalize abortion in order to "be in line with international human rights standards". No. Decriminalizing abortion, that is, legalizing killing one's child, is not in line with either the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states, "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person," or the International Covenant on the Rights of the Child, which states, "the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth." Human rights require that we protect human lives, not kill people! Dominican Republic News 2014: Nation Decriminalizes Abortion By Changing Constitution (12/23/14)

Refers to "the human rights ethic that justifies the provision of safe and legal abortion to women". A "human rights" ethic that allows someone to "safely" kill her child? When conscience and care conflict (12/21/14)

Ontario College's proposed "Professional Obligations and Human Rights" would require a physician to help a woman who wishes to kill her child. How does that fit into human rights? Doctors who oppose abortion should leave family medicine: Ontario College of Physicians (12/19/14)

"Human rights" groups bemoaning the fact that it is difficult to kill one's preborn child in Poland. The author claims that Poland has "one of the harshest abortion laws in Europe," rather than reporting that it has one of the most protective laws for children. Apparently she sees nothing harsh about killing little children! Defying Poland's restrictive abortion law (12/20/14)

Here's an interesting article. Abortion advocates in North Carolina urge their officials to "to focus on science and not politics as they update rules for abortion clinics." Do you suppose they will send them each an embryology textbook so that they can brush up on their science? NC abortion rule-makers urged to put science first (12/19/14)

Just when I think that that there is nothing left that could surprise me, I read that there are proabortionists who are so intent on killing babies that they have to demand that life support be turned off on a pregnant woman who is brain-dead so that the child will die. Apparently they just have to kill, even when it no longer matters to the woman involved! Abortion debate in Ireland re-ignited as clinically dead pregnant woman kept on life support (12/19/14)

El Salvador "has some of the harshest abortion laws in the world." No! It has some the most protective laws in the world. Harsh laws are those that condemn innocent children to death for the simple "crime" of being unwanted! The human cost of El Salvador’s abortion laws (12/14/14)

In Croatia, a representative of the Women's Network, speaking at the parliament's Gender Equality Committee debate, said "the issue of access to abortion concerned human rights because it was about women's reproductive rights." Where were the voices pointing out the human rights issue of those who are killed by abortion? Assistant minister says issue of access to abortion resolved (12/11/14)

"[E]ach and every family planning programme must have human rights as its anchor and guiding light". I agree. So why do the authors seem to wish to promote killing children through abortion? (Note another reference to "safe abortion": the idea that killing a person can be "safe".) The rights way forward for international family planning programmes (12/11/14)

"An anti-abortion group has vowed to fight the legal challenge launched by the NI Human Rights Commission." How come a group that is fighting for the human rights of the weak and vulnerable is an "anti-abortion" group, but the one that seeks to legalize the killing is a "human rights" commission? Precious Life vows to fight abortion law challenge (12/10/14)

Northern Ireland's "human rights" commission taking legal action to make it easier to kill children! How do you figure this? Northern Ireland government taken to high court on abortion rights (12/10/14) also here, here and here

"Article 3 of the UDHR, which states that '(e)veryone has the right to life, liberty and security of person', reflects the decision of the Human Rights Commission to state the general principle without taking an explicit position on either abortion, euthanasia or the death penalty." The Human Rights Commission doesn't take an explicit position on abortion? To anyone who has been paying attention, their position (in favor of killing) could hardly be more clear! The multiple facets of human rights (12/10/14)

"United States foreign policy can serve as a hindrance to human rights for women and girls or it can be the catalyst for change." Indeed. After all, its domestic policy has been a "hindrance" to human rights for women and girls during the initial stages of their lives for over 40 years. Rally outside White House calls on US to aid abortion services abroad (12/9/14)

"Today, on the International Day of Human Rights, it is important to protect the rights of women to access legal medical advice and treatment [kill their children]. Buffer zones would simply prevent protesters interfering with the rights of women to access lawful healthcare [killing] – and protect the staff who provide it – ensuring people can go about their daily lives [killing] without being intimidated or distressed." It's amazing how different it sounds when you supply the description of what is actually taking place! Women attending abortion clinics have a right not to be menaced (12/9/14)

"[W]omen and girls have their human rights violated" when they aren't permitted to kill their babies. How's that for rational thinking? "Restrictive abortion regimes tend to come about when religious beliefs are prioritised over women’s lives, reproductive choice, liberty, and dignity." How about when the rights of those little human beings living in the womb (half of whom are developing women) are completely disregarded? What kind of a regime is that? Abortion: Choice is a human right (12/10/14)

"According to information gathered by the human rights organizations, around 60,000 women are hospitalized per year for treatment after a clandestine abortion was carried out." Funny how they forgot to mention the number of children killed by abortions, clandestine or otherwise! Taking abortion to court (12/9/14)

"In El Salvador, abortion is viewed as a heinous crime." Well, yes, I do think killing children is indeed a heinous crime. Human rights campaigner tells of struggle to clear women of murder for having an abortion (12/9/14)

"[O]nly six other [than the U.S.] countries - including China and North Korea, countries we’re hardly seeking to emulate in human rights - allow elective abortions after 20 weeks"What the Media Are Missing in Their Obsession with Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump (12/8/14)

Uruguay has "raised its profile" by legalizing the killing of children! Can you believe such language? If we don't counter such misconceptions they will continue, and people will believe them. Uruguay welcomes six Guantánamo detainees, underlining focus on human rights (12/8/14)

The U.N. is at it again. The right to kill an innocent child is a "human right". U.N. Declares Abortion Rights Are Human Rights, Promising To Support Reproductive Rights Worldwide (12/6/14)

This offical was criticized for "his anti-progressive views on LGBTI rights and abortion". I guess that means that he thinks it is okay to kill little children by abortion, right? (Just like we need to challenge people on human rights, we must also challenge the idea that allowing the killing of children is somehow "progressive".) Harvard Students Protest Colombian Hardliner’s Appearance (12/5/14)

"Abortion is still criminalized in many countries, killing 47,000 women a year from the violence of unsafe abortion." Who will contact these people and point out that all abortions are unsafe because every one kills either a developing man or a developing woman? We need to stand up to such malicious twisting of the truth. Will you do it? Voices for change: Reflections on the 25th anniversary of December 6 (12/5/14)

"Today we are witnessing the single most serious crime ever committed against humanity involving the total violation of human rights." The Abortion Holocaust (12/5/14)

A resolution declaring the killing of a preborn child to be a "fundamental right" was adopted by the French National Assembly. France’s National Assembly declares abortion a 'fundamental right' (12/2/14)

The UN General Assembly issued an addendum to a report of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals. It "reaffirms their commitment to developing a post-2014 development agenda ... rooted in human rights." It furthermore "proposes addressing universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for all." Unfortunately, "reproductive health and rights" are "code words" for killing preborn chidren. It would be nice if they would truly root their goals in human rights. UNGA Issues Member States' Reservations on OWG Report (12/2/14)

And again ... they just repeat it over and over ... In Senegal, unwanted babies fed to wild animals (12/2/14); Women 'strangle or throw babies in septic tank' as abortion laws too strict (12/2/14) Repeat it often enough and people will accept it, right?

Another article singing the same tune. It claims that "Senegal's legislation on abortion is amongst the most draconian in Africa," rather than "Senegal's legislation on abortion is among the most protective of preborn children in Africa." Funny how the way you word something makes such a difference! Abortion laws make Senegalese women kill babies (12/2/14)

"Strict abortion laws in Senegal are forcing women to seek clandestine abortions and as a last resort kill their own infants, according to a new report by human rights groups." How's that for cruel irony? "Human rights" groups blame laws preventing the killing of infants for the killing of infants. I guess we have to allow the killing of infants in order to prevent the killing of infants, huh? Ahh, run that by me again, now! In Senegal, Women Kill Own Babies Due to Strict Abortion Laws (12/1/14)

President of the Dominican Republic urges lawmakers to decriminalize abortion, stating "the need for the country to live up to international human rights agreements ... including the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of all Forms of Violence Against Women and the Convention on the Prevention, punishment and Eradication of Violence Against Women." He forgot to mention one: The Conventions on the Rights of the Child, which states that "the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth" [my italics] A Move Forward for Abortion Rights in the Dominican Republic (12/1/14)

In Nepal: "decriminalization of abortion is one of the most notable achievements of human rights advocates." What doublespeak is this? How can allowing the killing of children be a human rights achievement? Right to abortion (12/2/14)

Somewhat "off topic", but nevertheless very applicable: A United Nations human rights review report faulted excessive use of force by law enforcement officials in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Funny how the same "human rights" body never seems to find excessive force in the killing of over 3000 children in this country that day and every day! Robert P. McColloch Personifies Misconduct by Prosecutors (12/1/14)

Can you believe this? French man fined $6000 for trying to talk a woman out of an abortion! Just to open your mouth and say anything against abortion is a crime in France? What utter absurdity and injustice! The man plans, if necessary to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights. Good luck! So far that court has only proved as a sounding board for those who wish to kill! However, we can change that, if only we will step up to the plate and do it. Elderly French man fined $6K for advising against abortion (11/28/14)

A "human rights process" that looks at "the implementation of various human rights treaties" calls for El Salvador to allow the killing of preborn children. The article admits that "no UN human rights treaties mention abortion" and that UN monitoring bodies "have reinterpreted a number of treaties to include a right to abortion." [my italics] At UN, Europeans Gang up on El Salvador on Question of Abortion (11/21/14)

Human rights film festival includes a film about abortion. Unfortumately, it apparently says nothing about the human rights of those being killed. Instead, it decries the fact that killing preborn children is not more readily allowed in Nicaragua. Kenya: Human Rights Film Festival Impresses (11/19/14)

The Pre-born Human Rights program is trying to bring awareness to Canadians of the human rights abuse of killing pre-born children. Flag demonstration draws attention (11/18/14)

Women "often face barriers in seeking safe abortion". How can we let them get away with such ideas as "safe" killing of a child? Youth population of 1.8 billion opportunity to 'transform countries' (11/18/14)

At a hearing before the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, talk of "safe" and "unsafe" abortion. Also, talk about the "right to life" for poor people. No concern for those in the womb. Committee on Economic, Social And Cultural Rights Hears from Stakeholders on Guatemala, Nepal And Romania (11/17/14)

The Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights considers Tennessee's constitutional amendment that says that it does not protect abortion "rights" to be a "setback for women's reproductive freedom". So what about human rights? What about the killing? Bright Spots in the 2014 Elections (11/13/14)

Canada is "among the world's elite when it comes to valuing and protecting human rights, except that we are one of the only three countries in the world with no legal protection for children before birth." MP Leon Benoit Anti-abortion push rages on (11/13/14)

El Salvador's "draconian abortion laws" lead to "human rights abuses that women continue to suffer". Too bad they have such "draconian" laws as to illegalize killing people! El Salvador’s Total Abortion Ban Is Driving Pregnant Teens To Commit Suicide (11/13/14)

Assessment "conducted regularly by the United Nations to see whether UN member states comply with human rights commitments" urges Chile to legalize killing preborn children. Why doesn't the UN start standing up for human rights for all? 12 Countries Have Called on El Salvador to Stop Criminalizing Abortion (11/12/14)

"Abortion is the greatest violation of human rights in our time," says Senior Maddie Sutherland at Cortland High School in Spotsylvania, Virginia, where she faces resistance from school administration when trying to form a pro-life club. Law Firm Charges VA Principal with Discrimination against Pro-Life Club (11/12/14)

"In saying we work for human rights, we basically proclaim that each and every human life is valuable and worthy of protection. If we act contrary-wise, we undermine our work in any given field of human rights and we cannot really claim to protect human rights at all. - Aimee Murphy Being 'pro-life' means protecting human life at all stages, activist says (11/12/14)

"Look. Abortion kills a baby, a human being, right? Well, I’m cool with that. If it makes a woman happy to get rid of her kid, she should do it." Hard to imagine that somebody would say that. Justina van Maren describes it as "pro-choice" apathy. However, the more important point she makes is that "Apathy from pro-lifers is just as--if not even more terrifying--than the apathy of pro-choicers." Just to clarify, Ms. van Maren, pro-life apathy is much more terrifying. 'If it makes a woman happy to get rid of her kid, she should do it' (11/10/14)

Concern over the human rights of women who have killed their children. Not a word about the human rights of those who were killed. El Salvador's abortion ban puts women behind bars for decades (11/11/14)

A typical New York Times opinion piece promoting the killing of preborn children. They have the audacity to do it in the name of "civil and human rights". Pregnant, and No Civil Rights (10/7/14)

Here is where many anti-abortion groups go wrong. This is a website UN gets human rights wrong in criticism of Singapore sodomy law (11/7/14)

Filmmaker and human rights activist Jason Jones just produced an anti-abortion film "Crescendo". Pro-lifer releases short film with big aspirations (11/5/14)

Another "legendary 'human rights' activist" promoting the killing of children! While Colorado and North Dakota Rejected Personhood on Election Day, Tennessee's Anti-Abortion Measure Passed (11/5/14)

Gendercide, sex-selective abortions that target females, is "perhaps the most widespread form of violent anti-female discrimination in the world today". Do proabortionists (especially those who like to call themselves "feminists") care? Apparently not. British Parliament Votes to Ban Sex-Selective Abortions (10/6/14)

They had to set up the true human rights display outside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights! Abortion activists in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (10/4/14)

"Though a moderate Republican in many respects, he’s one of the House’s leading anti-abortion voices." Opposing abortion makes a person "immoderate"? I guess standing up for the right to kill children would make one a "moderate" Republican! Elections 2014: Smith re-elected in N.J.'s 4th congressional district (10/4/14)

Finally! An honest journalist who describes a group that opposes abortion, Abolish Human Abortion, as a "human rights" group. Yes! Indeed, he did better than the activists interviewed, who described themselves as "Christians, who think abortion is sin". Now, if we can only get those who are advocating for the unborn to see themselves as human rights activists who think abortion is a violent human rights abuse, we would have it made. Anti-abortion demonstrators surprise, debate student body (11/3/14)

Another article equating abortion with human rights, rather than a human rights violation. Are Uruguayans Conservatively Voting Progressive? (10/29/14)

Protesters calling for loosening abortion laws says "every country must respect the human rights". So why do they wish to deny them to humans still in the womb? Savita Halappanavar 2nd death anniversary: Protests held in Bangalore (10/29/14)

"...while one can fight abortion from a human rights stance..." - What other stance can you fight abortion from?! Abortion is a human rights issue! 40 Years Fighting Abortion, Building a Pro-Life Culture (10/28/14)

Is it with a straight face that this article describes a woman as advocating for human rights, and yet advocates for the killing of children? (Of course, they don't use that wording. They just say "abortion rights".) Social Justice Advocate, now 90, Speaks at PSU (10/28/14)

Another person promoting the killing of preborn children is described as "a democracy and human rights activist" at the end of the article. How much longer do we wait? (10/29/14)

Once again, Amnesty International calls itself a "human rights" organization, but works to promote the killing of children in the womb! Countries urge El Salvador to change repressive abortion laws (10/28/14)

A movie about a ship travelling the world providing abortions to those who live in countries where they are not legal. (As if homocide is "legal" in any country!) It is purported to be a "must-see for anyone intersted in human rights". Yes, indeed. For anyone interested in human rights violations, that is. Abortion at sea, the story of Women on Waves (10/27/14)

Once again, the UN "Human Rights" Committee seeks to "combat ... criminalisation of abortion". Their pressure to promote killing children never ends. UN Human Rights Committee’s Concluding Observations on: Sri Lanka, Burundi, Haiti, Malta, Montenegro, Israel (10/27/14)

"Abortion is a human rights issue." Yes, Nathan Raynor. Students for Life Q&A Encourages 'Education and Awareness' (10/24/14)

Here's the problem. This article describes a candidate as progressive on human rights, but conservative on "social issues such as abortion". We have to remove the divide between abortion and human rights. We are killing children. That is a human rights issue. Minnesota House candidate Yolandita Colón hopes to bridge party divide (10/23/14)

Aljazeera America jumps on the abortion-rights-are-human-rights bandwagon. Bring back the abortion underground railroad (10/23/14)

Again, abortion being presented as a human right, rather than a human rights abuse. Texas Latinos Overwhelmingly Support Abortion Rights (10/22/14)

Religious zealot spoils things for Students for Life group. Christina Lo Piccolo, the leader of the group, is right: "We don't think (abortion) is a religious issue, we don't think it's a political issue — we think it's a human rights issue". Preaching man causes chaos on campus (10/22/14)

A "Human Rights Commission" gave a candidate who stands against killing children a zero rating! We have to challege such ludicrousy. A Closer Look: The ins and outs of a few important races (10/21/14)

She wants to bring abortion services to Prince Edward Island (Canada). But why would she go through the PEI Human Rights Commission to bring a human rights abuse? Abortion service on P.E.I. would have saved money: report (10/20/14)

Jonathan van Maren: "The vast majority of pro-life people I know oppose abortion because it is a human rights violation." The 'brand-new' abortion rights strategy that will supposedly shatter the pro-life movement (10/16/14)

The head of the March for Life describes it as a human rights protest. MONAHAN: Obamacare, or abortion care? (10/16/14)

A new book arguing that the right to kill one's child is a "human right". Review: 'Pro' by Katha Pollitt (10/16/14)

Another so-called "humman rights" group standing up for the "right" to kill children. Group says pregnant women unfairly targeted (10/14/14)

Ryan Bomberger: "The NAACP is on the wrong side of this human rights issue." Black pro-lifers fight NAACP’s free speech attack (10/14/14)

Texas law to require hospital level requirements, causes "abortion clinic owners and human rights supporters deemed the additional requirements to be much too expensive and unnecessary". Why would "human rights supporters" want to make it easy to kill children? Supreme Court Blocks Key Parts of Texas Abortion Law, Allows Abortion Clinics to Stay Open (10/14/14)

According to "human rights" groups, abortion laws in Brazil "pose a risk to women determined to get an abortion." What about the risk to the child bing aborted, "human rights" groups? Brazil police break up illegal abortion ring, arrest 47 (10/14/14)

"Human rights groups and health associations request that abortions are made legal." No! No! No! Human rights groups do not promote killing children! It's those that oppose killing children who are the human rights groups. Election Candidates in Brazil Avoid Talking About the Abortion Issue (10/8/14)

They continue to promote killing children in the name of human rights! Protecting babies' lives is the human rights violation, they say! If they keep saying it people will believe it unless we stand up and confront them on this. They want to "change the way you view" human rights. Yes, they want you to view a human rights abuse as a human right. Don't let them get away with this! #MyBodyMyRights: This powerful poster campaign by Amnesty International will change the way you view basic human rights (10/5/14)

"Human rights" groups calling for abortion to be legalized in Brazil. Why do they call them "human rights" groups if they promote killing? Why don't they refer to the ones who oppose the killing as "human rights" groups? We have to change this dynamic. Brazil election candidates stay silent on abortion issue (10/2/14)

Another "civil and human rights organization" that promotes killing children. Eight weekends of 'Reproductive Awakening' for Black women (10/2/14)

Venezuelans who want to be able to kill children in the name of "human rights". Revolutionary Students Demonstrate Against Venezuela’s Strict Anti-Abortion Laws (10/2/14)

Another one trying to say that attempting to save lives is "an attack on women's human rights". They'd rather attack children's human rights. National abortion rights group asks Williams Lake to rescind 'Celebrate Life' proclamation (10/1/14)

"In a Land Without Abortion Women Die". Yes. And in a land with abortion a whole lot more developing women die. Let's make the world safe for all women, at all stages of their lives! In a land without abortions, women die (10/1/14)

"According to the Centre for Health, Human Rights and Development, over 300,000 abortions are carried out every year, most of them unsafe." If they were truly a human rights center they would know that all abortions are unsafe! The longer we let them get away with such oxymorons, the harder it will be to stop the killing. Uganda: Mulago Gets 15,000 Abortion-Related Complications Yearly (9/30/14)

The head of Amnesty International talking about human rights, and complaining that El Salvador doesn't let women kill their children. As long as we let him get away with this, people will believe the stance of the "premier human rights" organization. We have to stand up to this! VICE News Talks Human Rights with Salil Shetty, the Head of Amnesty International (9/29/14)

Here it is again: "safe" abortion. It never ends: "safe abortion", "safe abortion", "safe abortion"... It will never end until we stand up and make it end! We need to tell them loudly and squarely, "Any procedure designed to kill someone cannot be safe!" Will we do it? Nigeria: Need to Legalise Safe Medical Abortion (9/27/14)

Another "human rights" media advocacy organization campaigning for "women's right to safe abortion". No! No! No! There are no safe abortions, and any group promoting the killing of children is NOT a "human rights" organization! We have to stand up and counter this. It is running rampant, and if we don't soon everyone with just accept these ideas for granted! GMF Supports Int. Campaign On Safe Abortion (9/28/14) ("A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Lenin)

"Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights". Cute slogan. So why do they then wish to deny them their human rights during their first nine months of life? 'March for Choice' attracts thousands in Dublin (9/27/14)

"human rights" leader worried about "unsafe" abortions. We have to challenge this concept of "safe" abortion! He "expressed worry about the rate at which many teenage mothers callously abandoned or killed their babies". Does he listen to his own words? Global Action For Access To Safe And Legal Abortion (9/26/14)

"So we’ve worked with the media and journalists, to provide them with language and data on human rights and SRR ['Sexual and Reproductive Rights']", this pro-abortion activist says. I wonder if she provided them with data on the number of children that have been killed. El Salvador - Breaking the Silence on Criminalizing Abortion (9/26/14)

In Ireland: Amnesty International, the "human rights" organization, is at it again, claiming that it's an abuse to make it to hard to kill one's child! Amnesty to report on Irish abortion laws (9/26/14)

Planned Parenthood, the biggest killer of children in the U.S., now says it is time for Liberia "to stand up for dignity and human rights". How? By ensuring the "right" to kill children in the womb! Liberia: PPAL On Int'l Population, Development (9/25/14)

In New Brunswick, "human-rights experts" are looking for ways to make it easier to kill preborn children. Incoming New Brunswick Premier moves to remove barriers to abortion (9/24/14)

Chile's "highly punitive" laws restricting abortion are "a violation of the human rights of women". So we allow people to kill children in order to stand up for human rights. That makes sense, right?! Therapeutic Abortion Could Soon Be Legal In Chile (9/24/14)

"[T]he United Nations Human Rights representatives must address abortion for what it is -- a grievous infringement on children’s rights." "Children’s Rights" are Meaningless Without Rights for Unborn Children (9/23/14)

Decriminalization of abortion puts Uruguay "ahead of most other countries in the region". Ahead in terms of killing people, I guess! High for Uruguay’s progressive policies (9/23/14)

"Safe" abortion, again! How can we let them get away with such oxymorons? Activists urge renewed women’s rights focus as UN meets in New York (9/22/14)

"Anti-abortion protesters lined the street leading to" the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Good! I'm glad to see that some people who truly care about human rights for all are stepping up and being heard. Thank you to all who participated! I just wish that the new site would refer to them a little differently. Yes, I suppose they are anti-abortion protesters, but, more to the point, they are "preborn children advocates". Museum: the elephant in the room (9/21/14)

Thanks to Denise Mountenay for speaking up about a human rights museum that ignores the human rights catastrophe being waged on preborn human beings. Wait finally over: public visits galleries, exhibits inside Canadian Museum for Human Rights (9/20/14)

Still another clue about the Canadian Museum of Human Rights' decpiction of abortion. This writer points out that there is an exhibit about abortion with videos depicting "forceful pro-life and pro-choice arguments". However, "the subject of that exhibit is called The Safety of Women". Apparently they are not so concerned about the safety of preborn children. True to Izzy's vision: Museum raises challenging questions, with complex answers (9/19/14)

Another clue about the Canadian Musue of Human Right's depiction of abortion. It will include a video of "Dr. Henry Morgentaler and his supporters fighting for abortion rights." How can a "human rights" museum laud someone who is fighting to kill children? Canadian Museum for Human Rights opening draws protests (9/19/14)

More about the expansion of killing preborn children under the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Programme of Action. All done in the name of "human rights", of course! New Report: Global Trend of Expanding Legal Abortion Services Continues (9/18/14)

"Unsafe" abortions. We have to put an end to this deceptiveness (that implies an abortion can be "safe"). Women's Caucus Back Reform of Abortion Laws in Malawi (9/17/14)

"Our goal is to raise awareness about the fact that abortion is a human rights violation that decapitates, dismembers and disembowels the body of a child." Sounds like a human rights violation to me. Anti-abortion postcards targeting Brian Gallant lead to complaints (9/14/14)

"Extreme" anti-abortion measures in 3 states. It's "extreme" to want to protect little human beings' lives, right? Why does the North Dakota "Human Rights" Coalition object to protecting human lives? Isn't that the essence of human rights? 3 State Measures That Could End Legal Abortion (9/17/14) If only...!!!

September 22 is the 20th anniversary of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development. This article claims that its goals are to put "human rights at the centre of policy-making". But at the center of its "human rights" policy is "reproductive" rights (that is, the "right" to kill one's preborn child). An Unfinished Agenda: Sexual and Reproductive Rights in the 21st Century (9/17/14)

In answer to the previous (9/16) question about whether the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights will depict the greatest human rights violation of all, it looks like we have the answser: "The right-to-life movement could argue, for example, that abortion is the greatest atrocity in history, but it's unlikely they will have their own gallery, if any space at all." Museum opening may silence critics (9/17/14)

Why does standing up for those being killed make one "socially conservative"? Jim Dobbin (9/17/14)

The grand opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Do you suppose it will depict the greatest human rights violation of all? Tories seek museum content (9/16/14)

Do Gays and Lesbians Have a Place in the Pro-Life Movement? (9/14/14) Do heterosexuals?

Thanks to New Zealand Right to Life for pushing for charges against an abortion doctor for "violation of the children's inalienable human rights". Doctor Reported to Police for Unlawful Abortions (9/8/14)

Furthering "the human rights of the most vulnerable members of the human family." Wisconsin Success Story in Decreasing Abortions a Model for Other States (9/5/14)

A little more sane look at the subject of abortion and human rights. Discusses pro-abortion groups' use (or abuse) of the human rights system to promote a "right" to abortion. Rogue UN Committee Ramps Up Pressure on Abortion (8/5/14)

This abortion provider describes herself as a "human rights activist". Are we going to let her get away with that? Meet The Woman Who Refuses To Stop Fighting Against Texas' Abortion Restrictions (9/4/14)

"Why are the Anglican Bishops silent in the face of this appalling violation of human rights?" Why is anybody? Why are the Anglican Bishops silent in defending life? (9/3/14)

Family Planning Organization of the Philippines wants governments to recognize "reproductive health" (code words for abortion) as human rights. Killing in the name of human rights - it goes on and on. They want to reduce maternal mortality due to "unsafe" abortion. Int'l body readies development framework for 2020 (9/2/14)

Escort at this abortion clinic says that abortion "is a human rights issue." She's right. So why does she work to help destroy the human rights of innocent children? "Deceptive or Informative: Pro-choice and anti-choice people go toe-to-toe on North University (8/31/14)

Doctor providing drugs for women to kill their preborn children "thinks of herself as a human rights activist". She's wrong! She is a perpetrator of human rights violations. A Dutch physician is making abortion drugs more accessible to women around the world — by mail (8/29/14)

"Fathers have an inalienable right to protect their children. Our abortion law cruelly silences and rejects fathers, violating their human rights." I would have said "inalienable responsibility to protect their children", but this is another important aspect of the abortion issue. We expect fathers to be responsible and protect their children, but then we tell a father he can do nothing while his child is being killed, if it happens to still be living inside a woman's body. I am lucky that I have never had to face this situation, but what would I do if my child was about to be killed and there was nothing that I could do to stop it. Could there be any more effective way to destroy a man's character and his interest in trying to do good on this earth? If I cannot save my own child, will I give a damn about anyone else on this earth? If I have to stand by and allow my own child to be ripped to pieces, am I going to have any respect toward women or anyone else on the earth? Abortion violates the Human Rights of Fathers (8/29/14)

Another example of the misconception of "safe abortions". Yes, "maternal deaths should be treated as a human rights issue". So should childrens', including preborn childrens', deaths. Some hard truths on safe motherhood (8/26/14)

"[R]eproductive rights that embrace human rights recognized both national and international, legal and human rights documents include the basic right of all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing of their children". A human being's right to life (as in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) be damned, I guess. Nigeria: WHARC Trains Pharmacists On Abortion Management (8/25/14)

Laws protecting lives of those in the womb are described as "a gross violation of human rights"? At least here they include the opposite point of view, that "The argument that we should terminate the life of an innocent human being on the basis that he or she is less worthy than others contradicts the core ethical value of human rights." (Note that this article refers to another article that claims that, even in Ireland where abortion is illegal, one in ten women have abortions by going to another country. This is truly the most massive human rights abuse in the world toady!) In the Battle Over Abortion, Ireland Struggles to Define Human Rights (8/22/14)

At least this source realizes that abortion is "an issue of life and death". (Although, it distinguishes this from "human rights" issues. Funny, I thought life and death was a human rights issue.) Second Australian state Labor Party branch backs binding MPs to vote for marriage equality (8/24/14)

The Center and the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers is working to safeguard Ugandans' human rights in regards to AIDS/HIV. However, it has worked on "the human rights implications of lack of access to legal abortion". If we rely on organizations that twist the meaning of human rights to the degree that they help promote the killing of human beings, can we trust them when they say they wish to help with the AIDS problem? Museveni Signs Callous Law Criminalizing HIV And AIDS Transmission (8/21/14)

U.N. "Human Rights" Committee still complaining about the "highly restrictive circumstances" under which a woman can have her preborn child killed. Imagine, "restricting" the "circumstances" under which someone can kill her child! Outrageous! Cork demonstration for removal of the Eighth Amendment (8/29/14)

Mother of a child conceived by rape: "Not only am I not an object for use by a rapist, but my child is also not to be reduced to a mere product of a violent criminal act simply because of how her conception took place." Thank you for your courage and clarity, Analyn Megison. People Look at Me in Horror When They Learn My Daughter Was Conceived in Rape (8/20/14)

How can a Nazi Holocaust survivor, and supposed human rights activist, stand up for today's holocaust against preborn children? Would someone explain this, please? Kickass Woman Of The Day: Holocaust Survivor And Activist Hedy Epstein Arrested In Ferguson Protest (8/20/14)

The U.N. (so-called) Human Rights Committee complains that "the Irish law on abortion treats women 'as a vessel and nothing more'". And what does the "liberalized" abortion law that they are promulgating treat preborn humans as? Irish Abortion laws: NO MORE THAN A VESSEL (8/19/14)

In India, women can have abortions up to 20 weeks. The Human Rights Law Network wants to change the law to protect the innocent children who are being killed. Right? Oops! No, it's the other way around. They are the ones who want to remove even the 20-week limit and allow them to be killed anytime! FOETAL POSITION (8/19/14)

Ireland: Woman "forced" to give birth. "The woman herself, and the baby delivered prematurely, have been failed terribly by our laws," the article says. Poor baby! Forced by such terrible laws to be allowed to live! We should seek political agreement for a referendum within the term of this Government (8/19/14)

They just lump "abortion rights" in with the other "human rights" or "social justice" causes that this activist has been involved in. Will we let them get away with this? Holocaust survivor activist arrested in St. Louis protests (8/19/14)

Pro-abortion protestors in Ireland are going to use human rights language to promote a human rights abuse. Thousands to march in protest to voice disgust at latest abortion controversy (8/19/14)

Ireland's "appalling and systematic abuse of female bodily autonomy". Nothing here about "appalling and systematic abuse" of preborn human beings' "bodily autonomy" in those countries that allow abortion. Why did Ireland deny a suicidal woman an abortion? (8/18/14)

Ireland: Watch out for those who "use pregnancy as a pretext to strip women of basic human rights". How about those who use women's "basic human rights" as a pretext to strip little children of their basic human rights? Immigrant Woman in Ireland Denied an Abortion, Forced Into a C-Section (8/18/14)

"[D]enying women basic human rights is unacceptable". Denying little children basic human rights is, though? Criticism over new RoI abortion laws (8/18/14)

Protecting little human beings' lives is "in direct violation of women's human rights"? Ireland Forces Suicidal Rape Victim To Bring Pregnancy To Term (8/18/14)

In Chile, illegal abortions entail "high risks". Yes, for the baby! Chile: Possible Reform Sheds Light on Illegal Abortions (8/13/14)

We have to allow abortions to women who might commit suicide, right? After all, we don't want to take the chance of having a dead woman on our hands. Better to be sure about it and have a dead baby! And, guess who has the greater chance of committing suicide, women who have abortions or those who don't? (If you're not sure, take a peak here.) Pregnant women in Ireland could be banned from having an abortion even if at risk of suicide (8/8/14)

"[W]hat is the right of doctors, who believe Ireland's abortion laws are a human rights violation, to exert their conscientious commitment to the provision of abortion services to Irish women?" Oh yes, the doctors think that protecting lives is a human rights violation, so let's just let them kill! Abortion law strangled at birth by unworkable guidelines (8/8/14)

Refusing to pay for abortions in other countries "is a violation of women's human rights". Yeah. Let's just help them kill their babies. That will make things better for them. Right? Helms amendment blocks aid to African women (8/8/14)

Good question, Dennis Savoie: "Why were we so stunned and bewildered by the 3,000 deaths on 9/11 when we’re so silent about the 3,000-plus deaths that occur each day in North America from abortion?" Too bad the writer of this article doesn't see the plain truth of that. Just when you thought the big human-rights battles were over... (8/8/14)

Allowing abortion in South Africa "saved thousands of women's lives". Not a word about the children that it has killed. Women’s Day: A-Z (8/8/14)

I don't understand this writer. He refers to "the American woman's right to 'abortion'. The debate derives from, and is centred on religion." If it does then we have a problem. It is a basic human rights issue. He says, "The fundamental rights and the UN-enshrined human rights of the woman invariably take a back seat..." Hmmm, it seems to me that, with over 3,000 innocent children being slaughered every day, that it is the preborn human being's rights that have taken the back seat. (Although, yes, half of these are, of course, developing women.) Maldives: Uniting In The Name Of Islam And Palestine – Analysis (8/7/14)

"Legally enshrine an international human rights framework that establishes the right of all persons to" ... erh, uhh ... kill one's child? Back to the Future — Modernizing Sexual Health Care, Regulations, and Reimbursement for Teens (8/4/14)

"Currently, in the UK, the woman has ALL of the human rights in pregnancy, and the unborn child has none. As harsh as this may seem, you have to let yourself imagine what sort of scenarios might unfold if the unborn child is given a share of the rights." Yes, just imagine - we might stop killing them! At least this writer has the honesty to recognize the there is indeed an unborn child and that he/she is not being accorded any rights. 'Should we make drinking alcohol in pregnancy a crime?' (8/1/14)

A little bit of history here. Abortion is not a "human right". UN Secretary General Pushes for Abortion During Wartime (8/1/14)

Chile's Gender and Equity Watch wants "a new Constitution that fully includes women's equality, parity and human rights... [including] reproductive rights". Yes, they want early developing women to be just as subject to being killed as early developing women! Chilean President Michelle Bachelet's New Mandate Has A Gender Agenda (8/1/14)

"And many of these fine folks aren’t too concerned about due process for "certain" people who don’t deserve all those human rights to which Real Americans are entitled." If only he realized just how true his words are! Proof the GOP’s newfound "libertarianism" is a big ol' sham (8/1/14)

This person wants Canadian doctors to be forced to help a woman kill her child. And, of course, they are to do this in the name of "human rights"! (No, this is not a joke!) Doctors do not have the right to discriminate and deny basic health care (8/1/14)

Here it is again: "unsafe abortions". Why do we let them get away with such deceptive language? Addressing Problem Of Unsafe Abortions (8/8/14)

This looks like a book worth reading. UN Abandons Children Born of Rape in War-Torn Countries When Women Reject Abortion (7/31/14)

"[I]t’s actual human rights and lives that are at stake. Women were dying..." before Roe v. Wade. And even more women were dying after Roe v. Wade, if you count developing women. They seem to ignore them. Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks male justices have a blind spot, loves being called 'Notorious RBG' (7/31/14)

"Why does the world seem to have so much trouble recognizing women's rights as human rights?" this one asks. Do they not stop to think that it might be because they insist on killing children under their umbrella of "women's rights". Perhaps if they didn't insist on killing, people would be more willing to listen to their concerns about women's rights! Female Troubles: Women's Rights as Human Rights (7/31/14)

Here's that "unsafe abortion" again! Human rights demands that we kill children to reduce maternal mortality? (Note the use of the word "maternal" = is a mother = has a child!) Nigeria: Group Launches Campaign to Reduce Maternal Mortality, Others (7/31/14)

It is the U.N. Human Rights Committee is tring to get Chile to allow killing preborn children! UN urges Chile to allow abortion in some cases (7/25/14)

Ireland's laws protecting preborn children's lives are "are in violation of human rights". What could be more ludicrous? State must respond to UN committee’s concerns (7/25/14)

U.N. Human Rights Committee says "a majority vote in parliament [that approved Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act] could not be used to deny human rights to a section of society". But they are trying to get Ireland to deny the human rights of the section of society that still lives in the womb! Irish women are being denied human rights, says UN report (7/25/14)

The pro-abortion Irish Council for Civil Liberties criticizes Ireland for failure "to respect the human rights, autonomy and bodily integrity of women". No concern here for the rights of those inside the womb. UN human rights panel criticises 'restrictive' Irish abortion law (7/24/14)

"The UN’s Human Rights Committee has shown itself to be incredibly biased on abortion and has not the slightest concern for the rights of unborn babies throughout the full nine months of pregnancy" - Pro Life Campaign of Ireland UN Issues Scathing Attack on Ireland’s Pro-Life Abortion Laws (7/24/14)

Continued pressure by UN Human Rights Committee for Ireland that woman are being denied their "human rights" by not allowing them to kill their children. Tánaiste rules out abortion change despite UN criticism (7/18/14)

Another article about the United Nations concern about Ireland being "in breach of human rights legislation" because of it "criminalizes preganant women" seeking abortions. Not a word about the human rights abuse of killing the preborn child. Poll: Is another referendum on abortion needed? (7/16/14)

"The rights of the unborn were not raised even once by any member of the [U.N.] committee" addressing abortion laws in Ireland. Ireland in breach of human rights law on abortion (7/16/14)

"Allowing abortion to be considered as a 'human right' risks derailing the entire concept of international human rights law. There is no human right to end a human life, and if the UN allows pro-choice lobby groups to continually take pot-shots at the fundamental right to life, then its own reputation as a defender of human rights will be in tatters." Attention United Nations: There is No "Right" to Abortion in International Law (7/14/15)

Article criticizes Ireland for not allowing enough abortions. Claims they are "in breach of international human rights legislation," pointing to "a right to an abortion under the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)". How can protecting human beings be a "breach" of human rights legislation? And where do they get this right under the ICCPR, which doesn't mention abortion, to kill one's child? The ICCPR actually states, "Every human being has the inherent right to life" (Article 6, Section 1) and "Every child shall have, without any discrimination ... the right to such measures of protection as are required by his status as a minor, on the part of his family, society and the State" (Article 24, Section 1). Fitzgerald told Ireland’s abortion law breaches human rights law (7/14/14)

Created Equal is "seeking to end the greatest human rights injustice of our time". Woman Attacks Young Pro-Lifer: 'Racist F***ing Male That Doesn’t Stand For Women’s Rights' (7/10/14)

"[T]he criminalization of abortion was a real step backwards for human rights." How can protecting human lives be "backwards" in terms of human rights? Committee On The Elimination Of Discrimination Against Women Considers Report Of Lithuania (7/9/14)

Unfortunately the Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court will reinforce that abortion is a "religious" rather than a human rights issue. Following the health care mandate would have "forced them to violate deeply held religious principles because they believe some of the contraceptives amount to abortion."Hobby Lobby ruling much more than abortion (7/2/14)

Access to "safe abortion". So you can "safely" kill your child. CEDAW (Committee on Elimination of Discrimnation Against Women) grilled India on AFSPA (7/2/14)

She is worried that a fetal personhood law would "create human rights for a foetus". It won't. By definition human rights are rights that everyone inherently has, whether or not a particulary society protects that right or not. The right to life is a basic human right - everyone, including preborn humans, have it, regardless of whether this law passes or not. All human beings have human rights! The Greens are Trying to Legalise Abortion in New South Wales (6/30/14)

Wow! This article refers to a previous New York Post article that actually (so it says!) referred to an organization that opposes abortion (Live Action) as a human rights group, rather than the groups that support the killing! I wish I had seen that one! UPDATE: NBC & Planned Parenthood Reach Truce Over 'Obvious Child' Ads (6/24/14)

A "sinister" attempt to save the lives of preborn human beings. Nothing "sinister" about killing them, huh? But don't worry - "thankfully for women’s and human rights" we will keep on killing the children! 'One of Us' petition marks a sinister mobilisation of the pro-life movement in Europe (6/23/14)

Here's that "unsafe abortion" concept again. We need to tell them, "No abortion is safe for the one being aborted." (Also note WHO's incorrect definition of abortion as the "termination of a pregnancy".) Nigeria: The Chilly Road to Unsafe Abortion (6/20/14)

How can we let someone get away with this? "I'm a lifelong pro-choice woman who is a champion of human rights and civil rights." Democrats’ convention focuses on party unity (6/21/14)

Here's the problem. It's "pro-life protesters" (and conservatives) who oppose abortion, but "human rights groups" that support it. No! It is NOT human rights groups that support human rights violations. It is the ones upholding the right to life who are the human rights advocates. How many of the "pro-life protesters" have objected to this description? That's the problem. Chile reaffirms pledges on abortion and anti-terrorism law at UN (6/19/14)

Again we let them get away with talking about "unsafe" abortions - as if there is a safe way to kill someone. Deaths from unsafe abortions are rising (6/20/14)

Chile's human rights center promotes killing preborn children as "human rights". Today Chile came under the Universal Periodic Review of the Human Rights Council. Chile accepted 180 out of 185 recommendations made by other countries. (6/19/14)

Dr. Alveda King: "we have yet to connect the dots between the denial of African-Americans’ human rights through slavery to the denial of unborn children’s human rights through abortion". 'Juneteenth' Celebrates Freed Slaves (6/19/14)

"[A]ttacks on the reproductive health of vulnerable women in rural South Texas must stop." "This is a human rights issue, and we all, as humans, have a moral duty to act." Well, yes, we do have a moral duty to act - to safeguard the human rights of ALL women - no matter how young! The Women of Texas -- Part 2 of a Series (6/10/14)

Leaders of organizations "committed to human rights" calling for the killing of children. What could be more horrific? U.S./International NGO Leaders Call on Kerry to Ensure Global Sexual Violence Summit Addresses Access to Abortion (5/29/14)

This columnist equates being pro-abortion with being "progressive on human rights issues". No! Killing children is not "progressive on human rights issues! (And, of course, we are "anti-choicers", rather than those standing up for the rights of preborn human beings.) Moving forward with the abortion debate (5/30/14)

"Canada cannot pick and choose which human rights to respect and promote," Amnesty International says. Are they listening to their own words? Ottawa's maternal health push a key move for post-2014 agenda (5/29/14)

A "human-rights based approach" requires that we allow the killing of children?!? Global Call for Inclusion of Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Post-2014 Agenda (5/28/14)

Access to "safe" abortion "is a human right". Show me an abortion that is "safe" for the one being aborted and I will agree! We have to get rid of this idea of a "safe" abortion. Canada must do more to prevent unsafe abortions (5/28/14)

"Abortion is a sickening human rights abuse against both women and children" - Lila Rose Your Tax Dollars Pay for Child Rape, Sex Trafficking and Fraud at Planned Parenthood (5/28/14)

The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child said that making abortion illegal was not a good idea. Let see - killing them is the way to stand up for the rights of children. Yeah, that makes sense!?! Committee On Rights Of Child Examines Reports Of Jordan On The Convention, Children In Armed Conflict And Sale Of Children (5/27/14)

"Reproductive Justice Walking Tour" coming to New York "in support of complete human rights for women and girls". Well, not those girls still living in the womb, of course! First Reproductive Justice Walking Tour Steps Off in NYC, June 7, Showing Vitality of Endangered Rights (5/22/14)

Amnesty International wants to "set the record straight" and laudibly declares, "Women and girls have the right to live free from sexual violence and have the right to bodily integrity." Then it turns around a promotes killing them if they are still living in the womb! Let's set the record straight! Stop making excuses for sexual violence (5/20/14)

Mexican governor proposes allowing the killing of preborn children, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights applauds him? What's wrong with this picture? Mexican governor proposes abortion on demand – UN congratulates him (5/13/14)

"The last time I checked, when you kill innocent people, that represents a human rights violation not a flowering of equality." Well stated, Mr. Fonseca. New Democrats file motion to have House of Commons affirm ‘woman’s right’ to abortion (5/12/14)

The Reuters Foundation's continuing biased coverage of abortion: "International human rights law recognizes that access to safe and legal abortion is crucial to women's and girls' effective enjoyment and exercise of their human rights, including the rights to life...." How can they get away with using the right to life as a justification for killing? Because we let them, my friend. Because we let them! Spain: Abortion Bill Violates Rights (5/12/14)

Another person, a spokesman for the European Parliament's Development Committee, appealing for "reproductive rights". (They will never say what they really mean - the right to kill a preborn child.) "All individuals should be able to realize their human rights, without discrimination and without the beliefs of others being imposed on them.". Is he listening to his own words?! Why sexual and reproductive rights can’t be taken for granted (5/12/14)

MP Niki Ashton wants the Canadian Parlaiment to vote on whether abortion access is a "fundamental question of equality and human rights". It is! But not quite in the way that she is suggesting. NDP to raise abortion debate in the House (5/12/14)

Not allowing a girl to have an abortion is "torture" to the girl! Ripping a baby to pieces - well, that doesn't count, I guess! UN tells Catholics to change canon law; not allowing abortion is 'torture' of pregnant girls (5/10/14)

We are "pushing back on women’s reproductive rights, safe abortion"? No. We are pushing ahead on children's human rights and the recognition that there is no such thing as a "safe" abortion for the one being aborted. Strategies and synergies for AIDS post-2014 (5/9/14)

At March for Life rally in Ottawa: Abortion is a "justice and human rights issue". 'Pro-life' Catholic students at anti-abortion protest in Ottawa (5/9/14)

Standing up for preborn childrens' right to life "is not a Democratic or Republican 'position', it is not a conservative or liberal position, it is a human rights position". Congressman Chris Smith and Fr Frank Pavone: Two Witnesses of Courage and Moral Coherence (5/12/14)

To be able to kill one's child is "a fundamental question of equality and human rights". Really?! Justin Trudeau’s pro-abortion edict dashes former veteran MPs’ hopes for political comeback (5/9/14)

The "shocking human rights abuses suffered daily by women ... being turned away" from having an abortion. "[W]omen's bodies are being used as political battlegrounds." And what of the childrens' bodies, pray tell? The Women of Texas: Part 1 of a Series (5/8/14)

"Our nation’s traditional devotion to human rights also calls out for this humane and compassionate response" to enact Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act banning abortions after 20 weeks development. Thank you, Senators. Senators Ask For Immediate Vote on Abortion Bill (5/8/14)

Standing up for the right to kill one's child is "a natural progression of a party that respects human rights". Really!??! No anti-abortion candidates allowed to run for NDP: Mulcair (5/8/14)

Once again, "human rights" groups reacting against any law that even slightly restricts abortion, instead of standing up for those being killed by abortion. NHS Abortions In England Not Free For Women From Northern Ireland, High Court Rules (5/8/14)

Candlelight Vigil honors abortion victims at Canadian Human Rights monument (5/8/14)

The U.N. Committee on the Convention Against Torture calls the Catholic church on it's toleration of priests sexual abuse of children, but also wants them to change their policy toward abortion. Sexually molesting children is a human rights abuse, but apparently killing them is okay. Pro-Abortion Ideology on Display as U.N. Committee Grills Holy See (5/7/14)

In Canada: "Why have politicians been successful in resisting the enactment of even the smallest restrictions on abortion? ... [O]ne [reason] is certainly the fact that pro-lifers are under the false understanding that a few hour march through the streets fills their quota of political activism for the year. One day out of 365 doesn’t constitute a groundswell of support." 20,000 People Will March for Life in Canada Against Abortion, Will the Media Ignore Them? (5/7/14)

A "basic human right" - to kill children? Abortion advocates holding rally Thursday at Province House (5/7/14)

"According to the Report on Human Rights in Chile published in 2013 by Universidad Diego Portales, 70,000 clandestine abortions take place every year." Unfortunately, instead of deploring this unconcienable abuse of 70,000 innocent people, this article talks about the effort to make such killings legal! Local health workers back reform of Chile’s anti-abortion laws (5/5/14)

More "human rights" groups deploring the lack of "safe" abortions. We need to combat this misconception of a "safe" abortion! Would public disclosure of maternal death improve maternal health care in Uganda? (5/5/14)

Placing some "outside the circle of common concern and legal protection" results in "denial of the first of human rights, the right-to-life, [which] under both German National Socialism and Marxism-Leninism: the result was genocide." George Weigel: Nazi doctrine of ‘life unworthy of life’ is at root of pro-abortion ideology (5/5/14)

"Where do you draw the line?" on human rights, asks Right to Life of Central CA. How I Got a Pro-Choice Biology Professor to Consider the Pro-Life Perspective (5/2/14)

And here is an article from an anti-abortion website that talks about "unsafe" abortion, as if there is such a thing as a safe abortion. If our own people are saying that only some abortions are "unsafe" then we have lost the battle. Please remind LifeNews to never suggest that there is such a thing as a "safe" abortion! France Tells United Nations Abortion Should be an International Human Right (5/2/14)

Another article clammoring for "safe" abortions! (Including by the co-founder of the Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights and Gender!) Please, please, please -- yell, scream, do whatever you have to do, but get the message across - Abortion is never, never, never safe for the one being aborted! Brazil’s abortion nightmare: Why one desperate woman lied about rape (5/2/14) (And, an aside perhaps, but why does this article have to make a point of the fact that Brazil has the largest Catholic population in the world? What does that have to do with killing children?)

Hmmm, this is interesting. I have no great love for the Vatican, being the "non-believer" that I am, but this articles says that it is, ironically and sadly, the UN committee that oversees the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child that has critcized the Catholic church's stance on abortion. Let's see now, if I remember correctly, the Catholic church takes a stand in favor of protecting children in the womb. Am I confused here? UN panel on torture to put unlikely guest on hot seat: the Vatican (5/1/14)

Buying health insurance can be "subsidizing this egregious violation of human rights against babies and mothers", says Congressman Chris Smith. Are There Any Pro-Life Health Insurance Plans Available? (5/1/14)

Alabama's Supreme Court ruling that an unborn child is a person "protects the human rights of the innocent unborn in Alabama". Four Victories (4/29/14)

Students for Life abortion display at University of Buffalo: "We’re out here to stand for human rights for all human beings." Students for Life bring anti-abortion display to campus for second year (4/29/14)

"In addition to saving lives, sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights can promote human rights, gender equality and health..." -- by killing people? Ethiopia's Investments in Family Planning (4/29/14)

"Here is the bottom line: Abortion is the killing of an innocent child." Then the writer goes on to say, "To those of us who subscribe to the Christian faith, abortion is simply wrong." Ahem! Ahem!! Abortion is the killing of an innocent child! What does that have to do with the "Christian faith" (which has been responsible down through its history for more deaths than perhaps any other cause!). This only gives pro-abortionists the fuel they need to call this a "religious issue". It isn't. Your religion has nothing to do with it. It is a matter of life and death. Abortion Debate Is Not Going to Go Away (4/24/14)

"[H]uman rights for human beings would be nice." The illiterate abortion activists of the Maritimes (4/24/14)

The "backlash against abortion" comes as a result of "an increasing acceptance of the idea that only certain people deserve human rights". Is this person even thinking about what he is actually saying? Why we must defend Josie Cunningham's right to an abortion (4/23/14)

Challenges the David Cameron's claim that the UK is a "Christian Nation" or "whether it should be". Once again I find myself in agreement with much of the writer's thesis. However, in pointing out that the "Church of England has been grotesquely oppressive and cruel in its time" (with which I agree, as is true of Christianity as a whole), he points out, among other things, that it has "restricted women's access to abortion". The alternative, of course, to restricting access to abortion is to allow wholesale slaughter of innocent children. Which is it that is cruel, may I ask? It may be true that the Church has been cruel, but this happens to be an example of its attempt to prevent cruelty and violence. And I agree with the writer's conclusion that "Secularism is the answer." Killing children, however, is not. The debate over David Cameron’s call to Christianity has taken a wrong turn (4/22/14)

Well, I have to take a slightly different turn for this one. "In the opinion of secular humanists, unborn babies have no human rights," the writer says. Well, not in the opinion of this secular humanist, Ms. Hudson. To stand for the rights of all human beings, born and unborn, is the perfectly proper position for a secular humanist. (And if you truly live in a "Christian country", [i.e. the UK] I feel sorry for you.) Just to be perfectly clear, being anti-abortion or pro-life is not a matter of being Christian or of being religious at all. It as a matter of being human, and humane. And that I am, without need of your religion. I should say, better without your religion. And we need to separate opposition to abortion from religion if we are going to win protection for preborn humans. Assisted suicide means someone has to help with killing (4/22/14)

This is an interesting article. I agree with this "human rights activist"'s main premise: that governments shouldn't funnel money through religious organizations. However, she makes the interesting comment about the Salvation Army, who the UK government has contracted with to provide help to victims of sex trafficking, saying it is "worth pointing out that the Salvation Army opposes abortion". As if this is automatically a reason to object to the arrangement. Ms. Smith, if you were really a "human rights activist" wouldn't you think that opposing the killing of little children would be a point in favor of the Salvation Army? Would you rather the organization that the government funds support killing little ones? It is the indisious comments such as hers that do the real damage. It is just assumed that because they oppose abortion they are not qualified to handle this other human rights issue. It makes them more qualified, Ms. Smith, not less! Cameron's Christian pledge 'could hurt thousands of British women'. Here's how (4/22/14)

"[A]nyone who cares about women's lives and basic human rights should be outraged" that an abortion clinic is closing!? The closing of a place that kills little human beings should be celebrated by anyone who cares about human rights, shouldn't it? Abortion clinic closing sad day for women (4/21/14)

And here it is again, "unsafe abortion"! Implying that abortion can be safe, when the whole purpose of the procedure is to kill the child. Since when is killing safe? Not for the one being killed. Tanzania: Unsafe Abortions Needs to Be Checked Sooner (4/19/14)

Right under the picture at the top, "Safe abortions have the potential to transform women’s health abroad". We have to stop this concept of "safe abortions." Abortion is never, never, never safe for the one being killed. In global health, abortion bears the scarlet A (4/21/14)

Once again, "human rights" groups promoting the killing of preborn humans. El Salvador: meet the women who dare to challenge the anti-abortion state (4/17/14)

Again it is "human rights" activists who are warning about the restrictions passed on abortion in Spain. Why don't we hear about "human rights" groups standing up for those who are being killed by abortions? The march backwards (4/10/14)

The new government in Chile considers "reproductive rights as an integral part of human rights". Killing = human rights? I don't get that! Newly-Elected Government in Chile Turns Its Back on Unborn Babies (4/9/14)

Another "human rights" organization promoting the killing of preborn human beings. GLOMEF to Implement 3 - year “Access to Safe Abortion” Project in Brong-Ahafo Region (4/9/14)

"[T]he human rights implications of unsafe abortion". How about the human rights implication of all abortions being unsafe for the one being aborted? Tackling Violence Against Women (4/8/14)

Chris Smith: " abortion is a serious, lethal violation of human rights." The Duty to Protect the Weakest and Most Vulnerable (4/7/14)

"Human rights advocates have been trying to pressure the government to allow the girl to seek abortion care". If they were truly human rights groups they would be standing for the human rights of children, not pushing the government to allow them to be killed. 10-year-old rape victim denied abortion in Senegal (4/7/14)

And now that "Human Rights" network is setting up an online donation site to help out the killers. How's that for supporting "human rights"? Only clinic to offer abortions in the Flathead may not reopen (3/28/14)

The Montana Human Rights Network is greatly concerned about who vandalized an abortion clinic. If they are truly a "human rights" organization, though, why do they not seem to concerned about the killings that took place in the clinic? (And another article referring to "safe" abortion - what an oxymoron!) Abortion is Safer Than Birth, Except When it’s in the Hands of Anti-Choice Judges and Other News (3/28/14)

Steve Karlan, of 40 Days for Life, calls abortion a "human-rights crisis". Anti-abortion leader to visit (3/27/14)

This one's curious. Jimmy Carter says that selective abortion of female fetuses "is the worst human rights abuse on earth and it’s basically unaddressed." What about the "unselective" abortion of many millions more of both boys and girls. If it's a human rights violation to kill a child for being a girl, is it not a human rights violation to kill it for being "unwanted"? Former President Carter tells “Morning Joe” that “there are 160,000 million girls missing” who were killed at birth or “selectively aborted” (3/27/14)

The 40 movie: " Abortion is the most important human rights issue of our time." '40' documentary to open eyes on abortion (3/27/14)

Okay, this is just an opinion piece, but it demonstrates the insidious use of language. It says the Commission on the Status of Women's conclusions "were better than expected on sexual and reproductive rights, including safe abortion". If we let them get away with using terms such as "safe abortion" we are losing the battle. This makes is clear to the listener that as long as the women isn't endangered the abortion is "safe". There is NO SUCH THING as a safe abortion. Abortion is never safe for the one being aborted! If we don't stand up and call them on this then people begin to simply accept that abortions are "safe" if they don't hurt the woman. UN Women's Conference Does Well on Sexual Rights But Gays Lose Out (3/26/14)

"Induced abortion is one of the greatest human rights dilemmas of our time. Yet, abortion is a very common experience in every culture and society." But instead of asking how such a horrible state of affairs can be, the article goes on to conclude such things as "half of the abortions took place/initiated under unsafe circumstance" and "It is imperative that improved sexual health education, with focus on safe and legal abortion services is rendered ..." Not a word about the true human rights issue that underlies abortion. Magnitude and risk factors of abortion among regular female students in Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia (3/26/14)

Personal observation: Prior to March 25, 2014, stories in Google News that were found to have to do with both abortion and human rights were somewhat few and far between. Starting March 25, however, the number of stories "mushrooms". That may be either good or bad. We certainly want people to see the connection between abortion and human rights, but, as we have already seen, there are many who try to promote abortion as a "human right". However, it is certainly my feeling that if the talk surrounding abortion is moving toward the human rights arena, then it can only help us in our battle to bring human rights to the youngest human beings.

The Commission on the Status of Women came out with it agreement with "explicit references made to a woman's right to access abortion services". It is claimed that they also had "strong language around violence against women and girls". Yes, their "strong language" promotes violence against girls in the womb. Campaigners welcome 'milestone' agreement at UN gender equality talks (3/23/14)

"[P]rogressive moves such as legalizing... abortion". How is killing innocent children "progressive"? A Step Toward Justice in the Long War on Terror: Uruguay Offers to Welcome Guantánamo Detainees (3/21/14)

"[I]f abortion is such a good idea, why do pictures of it make you so angry? In other words these guys believe abortion to be a human right. Normally when we see human rights being exercised, we are given reason to celebrate. What is it about abortion that its supporters don't want others to see?" Good question! Abort67 Seek Police Intervention After Sussex University Student Block Pro-Life Display (3/21/14)

More "human rights" activists who promote killing children. Loyola Univ. of Chicago Lecturer Involved with Pro-Abortion Groups (3/21/14)

Dr. Alveda King: "Civil rights and human rights will always decry the killing of baby girls in the womb, of killing babies because of their ethnicity, of killing babies for any reason." Shame on the Leaders Who Support Abortion (3/21/14)

Spain's "step back" in restricting abortion puts it at odds "international human rights bodies". A "step backward for women's human rights", it claims. Once again, not a word of concern about those who are being killed by abortion. Spain's step back on abortion is catching flak (3/19/14)

Human Rights Watch report criticizes the U.S. for enacting laws restricting abortion as one of our ten "shameful" ways we neglect human rights. Not a word about the violation of the human rights of the 3000 children who are killed every day in our country by abortion. Nothing "shameful" about killing children, I guess! 10 shameful ways the United States is failing to preserve basic human rights (3/18/14)

"There are no objective serious arguments to justify banning the termination of an unwanted pregnancy...human rights defenders speak out against prohibiting abortions". This is the kind of misinformation we need to counter. People who promote killing children are NOT "human rights defenders". Will the protection of prenatal life and ban on abortions be legalized in Lithuania along with prostitution? (3/17/14)

"Human rights" group pressures Mexico to allow killing preborn children as a "human right". Amnesty International pressures Mexico to legalize abortion (3/13/14)

Ireland's laws protecting preborn humans are being challenged again on "human rights" grounds. Ireland’s abortion laws to be challenged at the UN for a second time (3/14/14)

The world's foremost "human rights" organization leads a campaign to make preborn child killing legal. Amnesty International Launches New Campaign to Push Abortion Worldwide (3/10/14)

The world's foremost "human rights" organization leads a campaign to make preborn child killing legal. Amnesty International launches global campaign for unrestricted access to abortion (3/10/14)

Does a Montana Abortion Clinic Break-in Signal a New Cycle of Clinic Violence? (3/10/14) Clinic violence? Are they talking about the violence that takes place in the clinic every working day?

Refers to Amnesty International's (the "human rights group") call for governments to "secure sexual and reproductive rights, saying the health and safety of women and girls is under threat". Not a word about all the girls that are killed through "reproductive rights" while still in womb! They try to tie "reproductive rights" to opposing child marriage, and they will succeed in convincing people that denying a woman her reproductive rights (read, right to kill her child) is just like forcing them into child marriage if we don't stand up to them and set the record straight. Child marriage a human rights violation, advocates say (3/8/14)

Women's rights are essential, "including reproductive rights". We all know what that means. Ahead of International Women’s Day, UN asks men to ‘stand up and deliver’ on human rights for all (3/7/14) How about sending the U.N. a message?

Another so-called "human rights" group that sees Spain's attempt to protect preborn human beings as a threat to "women's human rights". No concern for those developing women who are still living in the womb. Spain must abandon anti-abortion Bill (3/7/14)

Again, abortion is being hailed as a "human right". The article talks about "human rights that apply to everyone and everybody", but what about those living in the womb? Amnesty International new campaign defends sexual, reproductive rights (3/6/14)

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health calls the Texas law requiring abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges "a human rights violation," because abortion clinics are closing. The article says nothing about the human rights abuse that goes on inside those clinics. Rio Grande Valley Loses Only Remaining Abortion Clinic (3/6/14) How about sending them a message?

Amnesty International continues to fight for the right to kill, claiming that doing otherwise is "'backward' in terms of human rights". We have to stand up to such ridiculous thinking. Amnesty International: "Spain’s abortion reform violates human rights and European health laws" (3/6/14)

Amnesty International, the so-called "human rights" group, wants Spain to allow the killing of preborn children. Abortion limits would endanger the lives and health of women and girls, they say. What about those girls that are living in their mothers' wombs, AI? As long as so-called human rights groups press for the killing of children, how will we ever end this human rights atrocity? We need to stand up to them on behalf of those being killed. Spain: Proposed abortion limits would endanger lives and health of women and girls (2/21/14) How about sending them a message?

Abortion "simply doesn’t fit into TED’s focus on 'wider issues of justice, inequality and human rights.'"? Hmmm, killing people is no longer a human rights issue, huh? TED Talks Don’t Cover Abortion Because They Say It Doesn’t Count As A Human Rights Issue (2/13/14) [Please take a look at my response and then send one of your own.]

The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child "criticized the Holy See for its attitudes toward ... abortion and said it should change its own canon law to ensure children’s rights and their access to health care are guaranteed." So now abortion is children's health care?! U.N. committee blasts Vatican on sex abuse, gays, abortion (2/5/14)

"Abortion is a serious, lethal violation of fundamental human rights" Rep. Chris Smith: Abortion is a "violation of fundamental human rights" (1/31/14)

Human Rights Council continues to put pressure on Chile to allow killing of preborn children. Mapuche: UN Calls On Chile Yet Again To Protect Mapuche Fundamental Rights (1/30/14)

"[A]bortion is the greatest human rights abuse of our time" - Kate Bryan Thousands Decry Abortion at March for Life in Washington, D.C. (1/23/14)

"Without recognizing this first Right to Life ... the entire infrastructure of human rights is placed at risk... The great human rights movement of our age is the struggle to restore ... the fundamental Human Right to Life." - Deacon Keith Fournier Roe v Wade: After 41 Years and 56 Million Dead Children, the Evil of Legalized Abortion Must End (1/23/14)

"[W]hen society bases human rights on age or state of development, 'we're practicing mass discrimination.'" - Deirdre McQuade March for Life Is Important Witness of Unity, Advocate Says (1/22/14)

"Unsafe abortion" is a "denial of one's human rights". This person claims to be a human rights activist! Ask her, Has there ever been an abortion that was "safe" for the one being aborted? Malawi Experts Call For Safe Abortion Law: Costs of Unsafe Abortion at K232m (1/21/14)

Roe v. Wade created "a human rights violation of monumental proportions." - John Lillpop Why Not Celebrate 'Life Before Birth'? (1/21/14)

"[W]hen society bases human rights on age or state of development, 'we're practicing mass discrimination.'" - Deirdre McQuade March for Life is important witness of unity, advocate says (1/21/14)

At the 41st year's March for Life: "No sacrifice is too big when we are talking about the human-rights abuse of today, abortion." Marching on Washington, Again (1/20/14)

"[D]ismembering the tiny bodies of the youngest, most vulnerable humans amongst us is a human rights violation." Thank you, Stephanie Gray. What made 42% of staunch abortion supporters change their opinions? This. (1/14/14)

Argentine court uses human rights basis to grant a right to kill a child? Argentina Court Cites UN Opinions to Push a "Right" to Abortion (1/10/14)

Planned Parenthood wants to provide schools in Tempe, Arizona with curriculum describing abortion as a "human right" in the name of "comprehensive sexual education". Do you suppose it will be comprehensive enough to teach kids about development in the womb and what abortion actually does? More than 100 parents protest as Arizona school chooses from three pro-abortion sex ed courses. (1/9/14)

Penny Young Nance, president of Concerned Women for America, calls abortion "the seminal human rights issue of our time". CROUSE: A growing tilt against abortion (1/6/14)

"Despite a tradition of progressive abortion policies, a new law in Serbia may undermine women's reproductive rights". Since when is killing children "progressive"? Reframing the abortion debate in Serbia and the world (12/22/13)

Abortion proponents as human rights defenders. What could be more absurd? UN official says world has 'collective understanding' that favors abortion (12/20/13)

We won this battle, but why does this reporter have to put things in terms of "liberal" or "conservative"? Does it really matter if you're liberal or conservative to decide whether it is okay to kill people? Liberal Activists Angry European Parliament Rejected Declaring Abortion a Human Right (12/13/13)

"Human rights" organizations pushing for more funding to kill children. How bizarre! Woman conceived in rape slams campaign for Obama to fund abortions for rape victims overseas (12/13/13)

Woman was raped, so kill the child. That makes it right? Groups Urge Foreign Aid for Post-Rape Abortions (12/12/13)

Not enough killing in this region. We have to help them kill more! Rights group calls for US foreign aid use on post-rape abortions in conflict zones (12/11/13)

Nelson Mandela may be remembered as a human rights leader, but when it came to preborn humans he helped kill them. One Million Babies Have Died in South Africa Since Nelson Mandela Legalized Abortion (12/10/13)

Suppressing the right to kill a child. How can we do something so shameful?! Parliament's shameful suppression of women's rights on World Human Rights Day (12/10/13)

So far, so good. European Parliament Again Rejects Bill Declaring Abortion a Human Right (12/10/13)

Declaring killing people to be a human right? Abortion may be declared a ‘human right’ in tomorrow’s EU vote (12/9/13)

Spain's Center for Bioethical Reform counters those who would claim that preborn humans have no human rights. Van covered in anti-abortion fetus photos in Madrid (11/30/13)

Abortion rights advocates claim abortion restrictions violate the "human rights" of women in Texas. Not a word about the human rights of those who are being killed by abortion. Texas abortion restrictions are harming women’s health (11/30/13)

EU Parliament resolution trying to define abortion as a "human right". Instead of pushing back against such horror, we need to be pushing for them to "define" a preborn human being's right to life as a human right. We need to take the offensive, rather than continually playing defensive. Abortion to be imposed as a right in Europe? (11/24/13)

Human rights advocates are pushing to end Haiti's ban on abortion? No, my friends. Those pushing for the right to kill others are not human rights advocates! Unsafe abortions: Haiti’s abortion crisis (11/23/13)

Another attempt to try to say that making it difficult for a woman to kill her preborn child is somehow violating her human rights! Texas defunding abortion providers violates a woman’s 'right to life,' pro-abortion group says (11/22/13)

Decriminalization of killing one's preborn child in Tasmania "brings our laws into the 21st century, into line with community expectations and the overwhelming majority of medical, legal and human rights opinion." Advancing into the 21st century means allowing people to kill their children? And if indeed killing one's children is in line with the "overwhelming majority" of "human rights" opinion, then we'd better get to work challenging that majority! Tasmanian Parliament decriminalises abortion (11/22/13)

The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform uses abortion imagery to "combat the most widespread human rights violation of our day -- abortion." Graphic anti-abortion images defended (11/19/13)

The pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights, which is pushing to loosen Ireland's abortion restrictions, "presents itself as a credible human rights body." That's the problem! We cannot let any group that promotes killing claim to be a human rights body. American Group Pushes UN to Allow Abortions on Disabled Irish Babies (11/19/13)

Canadian MP says his motion condemning sex-selective abortion "was about human rights". But of course! What else could it be about? John Ivison: Conservative Party’s pro-life contingent content to play a long game over abortion (11/19/13)

Gushing about how wonderful Planned Parenthood is, this article tells how the community of the author of the 1970 New York bill legalizing killing preborn children is "committed to justice and human rights". "Sexual rights are human rights," they claim. What a way to describe killing children! Ithaca Home to Connie Cook, Assemblywoman Who Legalized Abortion in New York (11/15/13)

Woman appeals to the U.N. Human Rights Commission because Ireland's abortion laws caused her to have to travel to have her abortion. She claims her human rights were violated because this subjected her to "severe mental suffering". Who is going to appeal to the Commission on behalf of the human rights of the child that she killed? Woman attempting to bring Ireland to UN Human Rights Committee over abortion law (11/13/13)

A warning that even though the European Parliament has so far rejected declaring abortion a "human right" (see article 10/25), the threat remains. Will we heed the warning? Abortion by stealth (11/1/13)

Patrick Mahoney says we should "embrace human rights and justice for all" and stop funding Planned Parenthood, an organization that kills 915 human being every day in the U.S. Capitol rally to 'Expose the trifecta': ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood, and abortion funding (11/1/13)

Thanks to the Canadian Center for Bioethical Reform for fighting "the most widespread human rights violation of our day". Abortion images are offensive—and they should be (10/30/13)

This is just a blog (i.e., opinion), but underscores the incredible perversion of the concept of human rights that is common. It talks about "unsafe abortions", as if there is such a thing as a "safe" abortion. No one has responded to this blog and pointed out that abortion are not only just unsafe, but 100% deadly to the one being aborted. We need to be calling them on this. "Safe abortion" makes it sound, well..., safe, doesn't it? Girls Are Dying From Unsafe Abortions, Why Won't Canada Help? (10/29/13)

It's the European Court of Human Rights that says Poland's laws are "unsatisfactory" because they don't give women enough freedom to kill their preborn children! When will we demand that human rights bodies actually stand for human rights? Poland's abortion laws 'ineffective' (10/25/13)

Fortunately, the European Parliament did not vote to declare abortion a woman's human right (as the article from 10/20/13 suggest was likely to happen). So we have avoided another setback for now, but how long before such a measure goes through? We need to change the direction of this dynamic. They should be voting on whether preborn human beings have human rights, not whether those who want to kill them have rights. When will we change this dynamic? European parliament rejects abortion as a human right (10/25/13)

So far the attempt to make the right to kill one's child into a human right has been held off in Malta. How much longer before they "buckle"? MEPs send pro-choice bill back to committee (10/22/13)

It's the Centre for Human Rights that bemoans that the fact that "unsafe" abortions kill women. No hint here that abortion is always unsafe for the one being aborted. Unsafe abortions kill 1,500 women a year in Uganda (10/22/13)

So far Malta is resisting the EU's push to establish the right to kill one's child as a "human right". Will they be able to hold out? Maltese MEPs set to vote against pro-choice resolution (10/21/13)

The U.N. Security Council passes a resolution to allow abortion "in accordance with international human rights". UN Security Council Supports Abortion for Women Raped in War (10/21/13)

The European Parliament is ready to declare the killing of children to be a human right, rather than a human rights violation. Vote to elevate abortion to 'human right' (10/20/13)

Human rights report by the Diego Portales University decries abortion laws as "a violation of women's human rights". Not a word about the human rights of those being aborted. Human Rights Report Accuses Chile of Violations (10/17/13)

EU report on "sexual health and reproductive rights" says "as a human rights concern, abortion should be made legal, safe, and accessible to all". Allow killing as a "human rights concern"?! 'Re-educate' doctors to promote abortion and contraception: EU report to face vote next week (10/16/13)

The U.N. Human Rights Committee wants to "scrutinize" the U.S., not for it's killing of 1.2 million children per year, but whether it provides "access to abortion". U.S. shutdown forces delay in U.N. scrutiny of rights record (10/11/13)

A "human rights" organization calling on Ecuador's leadership, saying that "obtaining a safe and legal abortion is crucial to women's effective enjoyment and exercise of their human rights"! Ecuador: letter to the President of the National Assembly (10/11/13)

Maria Vitale Gallagher has it right: Abortion is Not a "Social Issue," It is a True Human Rights Issue (10/8/13)

According to the Reuters Foundation, which "stand[s] for human rights", it is "religious fundamentalisms" that impede women's "human rights". No hint that it might be concern for little human beings' human rights that might fuel opposition to abortion. Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHRs) Challenged by Religious-Based Political Parties (10/10/13)

Macedonia is added to the list of countries where "human rights" groups are pushing for the right to kill little humans: Macedonia Abortion Changes Taken To Court (9/27/13)

This article about human rights violations deplores women having to undergo "unsafe" abortions. Not a word about how unsafe all abortions are for the one being aborted! Health and women in India: The instinct to care, the will to heal (9/20/13)

Here it is an advocate of killing preborn children who is the "human rights advocate", and those opposing her are "doing so in a cynical attempt to undermine women’s reproductive rights." Congressional Republicans Try to Exploit India's Missing Girls for Anti-Choice Propaganda (9/16/13)

An abortion-promoter is given an honorary degree for (believe it!) campaigning for "human rights"! Anti-Abortion Campaigners Slam St Andrews University Decision to Confer Hillary Clinton with Honorary Degree. Thanks to the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children for standing up against such a travesty. (9/6/13)

This "human rights" group says Ecuador’s abortion restrictions are "draconian". Nothing about the "draconian" act of killing little children: In Ecuador, a Rape Survivor Must Be "an Idiot or Demented" to Get an Abortion (8/30/13)

It's a "human rights" group that wants Ecuador to make it easier to kill children. Ecuador must take chance to ease abortion law for rape victims – rights group (8/27/13)

Ecuador's Abortion Ban Hinders Services and Contributes to Maternal Mortality (8/24/13). Nothing here about how many children's lives it saves.

Ireland's passage of a loosened abortion law is a "historic day for human rights in the country". Yes, like Dred Scot was a historic moment in Blacks' rights here in the U.S. New abortion laws 'historic moment' (7/30/13)

More "human rights" groups pushing for abortion: Dozens of NGOs Join Forces Pushing for New Abortion Laws in Chile (7/12/13)

Human Rights Watch supports new Irish law allowing abortion when the mother is at risk of committing suicide: Abortion Approved Where Mother's Life at Risk by Ireland's Parliament, Includes Risk of Suicide (7/12/13)

"[O]ne of the world's most progressive women's human rights instruments" promotes abortion. Maputo Protocol - Forcing Abortion On Africa or Securing Women's Rights? (7/11/13) What kind of perverted thinking says that it is a woman's "human right" to kill her child? When will we make them see that "human rights" demands that we prevent people from killing children?

"Human rights" group Amnesty International pushing for Chilean rape victim to be allowed to kill her child: Raped 11-year-old Chilean Should be Allowed to Abort (7/11/13)

Abortion restrictions "impede women's access to a full range of human rights". It's a woman's human right to kill another person! They can only get away with such lunacy if we let them. Let's STOP them! After Jailing Women, Bolivia Weighs Legalizing Abortion (6/24/13)

This writer puts "anti-choice" groups up against "rights-based" groups. This is our problem! We need to make them see that the "anti-choicers" ARE the rights-based groups! Why Do Migrants’ SRHRs Matter? Why Don’t They? (6/21/13)

Another group pushing abortion rights as "human rights" for women. Killing children - well, that's no problem, I guess! Ontario Catholic teachers union urges members to endorse campaign pushing 'safe abortion' (6/21/13)

Another one who thinks it's a woman's "human right" to kill her child: It's Time For Liberal Men to Break the Silence On Abortion Rights (6/15/13). Just for the record, this liberal man thinks we should protect young people, not kill them in the name of "human rights"! This has nothing to do with "liberal" or "conservative" (or being a man or a woman) - it has everything to do with whether we are going to kill people or not.

Representative Trent Franks "likened late-term abortion to a human rights issue on the scale of slavery and genocide". Exactly! House GOP Set To Vote Next Week On 20-Week Abortion Ban (6/12/13)

Ireland is "in breach of human rights" because they are protecting the lives of preborn human beings! What could be more ludicrous? Council of Europe welcomes Government commitment to abortion legislation (6/7/13)

The "Human Rights" Council pushes for the right to kill one's baby, based on the "right to life" (of the woman), no less! Namibia: Nam Should Reassess Abortion Policy - UN (5/28/13)

Amnesty International, the "human rights" organization, pushing the right to kill: Amnesty 'very concerned' about Ireland's abortion laws (5/23/13)

Kermit Gosnell found guilty in abortion trial: a victory for human rights that will shame many (5/13/13)

Young Labour 'declares war on women' (5/12/13)

Largest ever National March for Life attracts 20,000+ (5/10/13)

This article make clear our dilemma in the very first paragraph. It says we are "adopting language usually used by human rights advocates", as if abortion opposition and human rights activism are two different things! Anti-abortion movement rebrands, adopts human rights focus (5/9/13)

Harper accused of silencing anti-abortion protesters (5/8/13)

Abortion Rights Community Has Become the NRA of the Left (5/6/13)

Malawi medics, activists push govt. to review abortion laws (5/1/13)

Irish abortion bill accused of being misogynistic and offensive (5/1/13)

President Obama's Address to Planned Parenthood Requires a New Human Rights Movement (4/28/13)

The faculty objected when University of Buffalo Students for Life were "citing the history of oppression and voicelessness of the victims who deserved human rights and justice" by hosting the Genocide Awareness Project display of graphic images of abortion. Professors Refer to Pro-Life Students as "Those Who Supported Lynching" (4/17/13).

At least some lawmakers are concerned about the lack of media attention to the killings of babies by abortionist Kermit Gosnell. "This is not about being 'pro-choice' or 'pro-life.' It’s about basic human rights." Lawmakers Decry Media for Ignoring Abortion Doctor's Trial (4/15/13).

USA Today's (liberal) columnist Kirsten Powers exposes the news media's bias and deplores their lack of coverage of the recent story about abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who delivered and then killed numerous babies - "a major human rights story if there ever was one": We've forgotten what belongs on Page One (4/11/13).

Now the U.N. representative says that denying a woman an abortion is torture! Is there an end to this craziness?! UN Report Claims Not Offering Women Abortion Equals Torture (3/8/13)

"Denial of abortion services to a woman is always violation of human rights"?! How the US Denies Justice to Victims of Sexual Violence Worldwide. (3/8/13). We have to counter this madness!

Strict Arkansas abortion law "protects the most basic of all human rights - the right to life": In Arkansas, challenges expected for nation's strictest abortion law. (3/7/13)

Human rights report criticizes Ireland for not providing easier abortions! What can be more ludicrous?! UN report criticises stance on abortion (3/6/13)

Ireland: "Reproductive health rights are a part of women’s human rights"? They couldn't state it clearly, "The right to kill another is a part of women's human rights!" More than 700 protesters demand action on X case. (3/5/13)

Personhood amendment to "recognize the most basic of all human rights, the right to life, for all human beings, born and unborn." New Personhood Amendment Filed (3/5/13)

Standing up to the U.N.'s push to call abortion a 'human right': Pro-Life Groups Tell UN Treaty Bodies to Stop Pushing Abortion. (3/3/13)

My own article at LifeSiteNews: Abortion is a Human Rights Issue. (3/1/13)

Pro-Life Organizations Take on UN Human Rights Council. (2/21/13)

"If our constituents cannot trust us, their elected representatives, to defend the most basic and essential of human rights, that of life, how can they possibly trust us to have the wisdom and discernment to make appropriate decisions regarding all of the other daily issues that face us?" (Rep. Andy Mayberry): Bill to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks Passes Ark. House (2/6/13).

University of Oregon's Students for Life leader Amanda Rudd knows that "it's about human rights": Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King lectures on women’s reproductive rights (2/5/13)

In Australia: "Our basic human rights aren't based on religious beliefs. They are based on human law." Pro-life advocates rally against abortion.(2/5/13)

Representative Chris Smith says "abortion is a serious, lethal violation of fundamental human rights": Legacy of Abortion: 40 Years of Victims. (1/25/13)

At the 40th annual March for Life, "abortion is a defining human-rights issue of our time" Speaker of the House: Abortion Is a Human-Rights Issue (1/25/13)

March for Life says abortion is "the Human Rights Issue of Today"

In Ireland, fighting for "a human rights issue on behalf of the smallest and most voiceless": No point in saving economy if child's right to life compromised, says Harte (1/21/13)

The fight for the "human right" of abortion in Ireland continues! Protesters gather in Dublin for separate abortion rallies (1/19/13)

This lady in Ireland wants human rights organizations to help her fight for the right to kill: Aims of Abortion Rights Campaign announced (1/19/13).

Human Rights First (one of the "human rights" organizations in our lists) says "Obama Faces Fundamental Human Rights Issues as Second Term Begins" (1/18/13). One of their concerns is to "Disrupt Enablers of Mass Atrocities". Nothing is said about Planned Parenthood.

Here is a current effort by Human Rights Watch to undermine protection for the preborn in Ireland. Ireland: Clarify and Reform Abortion Laws and Regulations (1/10/13). We have an opportunity here to "call them on the carpet" for promoting killing in the name of human rights.

Olivia Turner has it right: Abortion is a human rights issue! Reproductive rights still a focus at Capitol (1/9/13)

Abortion as a human right? UN General Assembly Prevented From Promoting Abortion (1/4/13)

Although focused on the rape issue in India, this article also refers to "acts of violence women face from before birth (feticide) and after (rape)". India Journal: What You Can Do to Make Women Safer (12/31/12)

What are the Churches Doing? The Failure of America's Mega Churches to Publicly Confront Ending Abortion is Extremely Troubling (12/28/12)

Jubilee Campaign Visits the International Criminal Court and the Chinese Embassy in The Hague on 'Human Rights Day' (12/11/12)

Amnesty International Bans Pro-Life Group from Human Rights Event (12/10/12)

Human Rights Day in Canada: From Never Again to 'Til Next Time (12/10/12)

On International Human Rights Day Beware of Pro-Abortion Treaties (12/10/12)

Planned Parenthood: Your Voice Counts Unless You're a Baby (12/10/12)


A Google search yielded some interesting stuff:

From our side:

Stand to Reason argues that abortion is a human rights issue by comparing it with slavery: Abortion and Human Rights

The San Jose Articles say that No, Abortion is not a human right: Why the San Jose Articles

Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues: The right to life movement is the greatest human rights struggle on earth.

A brief synopsis by LifeNews: UN Forgets Abortion is Not an International Human Right

Frank Provone doesn't seem to buy that abortion is a human right: Abortion: A Human Right?

The right to life is the foundation of all other human rights: The ABC's of an International Right to Abortion

Red Cross and WHO can't quite seem to make up their minds: Red Cross promoting abortion as a human right? Shame on WHO

From the other side:

The United Nations Human Rights Council thinks abortion is a woman's human right: U.N. Pushes Abortion as a Human Right

Women's Enews agrees with Human Rights Watch's view that abortion is a woman's human right: Reproductive Health page

Another one that says abortion is a "human right", from the Children By Choice Association: Human Rights -- Another Look at Abortion

And another one, this time in Ireland, that says that abortion is a woman's "human right": Abortion & Human Rights

And another...: Abortion is a Human Rights Issue

And another...: Abortion Is a Basic Human Right

As well as the International Women's Health Coalition: Access to Safe Abortion is a Human Right

As well as the Center for Reproductive Rights (surprise!): Safe and Legal Abortion is a Woman’s Human Right. (Do you suppose they clarify, safe for who?)

As well as the Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights: International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion (Ditto!)

This one even cites "the right to life" in her description of abortion as a woman's "human right"!! Access to Abortion: A human rights issue for Australian women

You have to pay if you want to read this article, but the abstract is free and they make it clear that they consider abortion to be a woman's human right: Abortion as a Human Right -- International and Regional Standards

A Huffington Post article: Do U.S. Abortion Restrictions Violate Human Rights?

An article from Human Rights Quarterly: Inscribing Abortion as a Human Right: Significance of the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa

The European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health: International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion

This one thinks the UN's adoption of abortion as a human right was overdue: Abortion Is A Woman’s Human Right, Says UN

Okay, this one is both. Jill Staneck (our side) shows an article about Hollywood celebrities who claim abortion is a fundamental human right: Hollywood celebs claim abortion a 'fundamental… human right'

You can see where the bulk of the sympathies lie. We have our work cut out for us!

"I believe that abortion is the most important human rights issue of our times. Without the right to life we have no other rights to talk about. At the end of today, 3,300 innocent babies will die in their mother's womb through the tragedy of abortion in clinics across our nation. Over 55 million have perished since Roe v Wade in 1973. Nobody talks about this silent holocaust. You'll never read an op-ed in the USA Today or the New York Times about those numbers. The fact is that more unborn babies will die today than the number of Americans that died on September 11th." -John Morales

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