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Will This Approach Work?

I was recently asked, "What data or evidence do you have that taking this new approach will work?" The person also suggested that my trying to do so was even a bit arrogant or demeaning to all of the effort that people have put into this issue over the all these years. I had a hard time answering this question because I, of course, have no specific evidence to show. Afterwards, however, I realized that the question was not really the one that we should be asking. Instead of asking what evidence I have to show that we should focus more on the world of human rights, including such things as Human Rights Day, the question should be, "What data or evidence do or did we have that taking a track off on our own away from the world of human rights would be successful?" The point is, we have engaged in a grand experiment for the last 40 years of trying to combat a human rights issue by disassociating ourselves from human rights activism (i.e, creating a dichotomy) without any reason to believe that it would be successful. This certainly was not logical. We are fighting the biggest human rights cause on earth, and yet we have removed ourselves from the human rights arena.

And we have seen the results. Because of our absence, groups and bodies that call themselves human rights advocates have taken a stand in favor of killing children, and done it in the name of human rights! The United Nations Human Rights Council has been putting tremendous pressure on countries to loosen their abortion laws and allow people to kill their babies. Just recently Ireland caved in to such pressure and loosened their abortion laws to allow easier access to killing children. Just take a look at the news page at this site and you will read about the pressure being exerted on other countries such as Chile, Malta, and Peru by human rights bodies to loosen their laws and allow the killing of their children.

Consider also a group such as Amnesty International. Up until 2007, AI did not take a stance on the issue of abortion. This made some sense, since at first they were focused specifically on the plight of political prisoners. But as they broadened their focus to include more general human rights issues, instead of taking a stand in support of those who are being killed, they actually took a stand in 2007 in favor of abortion. With the absence of groups such as ours actively working on abortion in the human rights arena, what was left for them to do? The "pro-lifers" were that "other" group of people who were out there fighting that "other" agenda. The others who claimed to be fighting for human rights were pro-abortion and AI caved in to that pressure. Now, instead of having an ally in fighting for the rights of preborn children, we have an organization, and many others besides, that is fighting against us and wielding a tremendous amount of influence in the world of human rights in favor of killing preborn humans. Just think how different things would be if we had been in there with them back in the 1990s and early 2000s exercising our influence in favor of the victims of abortion! And the longer we distance ourselves from human rights activism the more the pressure to declare abortion itself a human right will mount. Indeed, if only we had been in there fighting for preborn human rights before 1973 (when abortion was "legalized" in the U.S. by the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision), we might have prevented the carnage in the first place.

And if the logic of the situation doesn't convince you, just look at the results. Here in the U.S. alone we are still killing babies after 40 years of "legalized abortion", with at least 55 million dead children to show for it. And, although there are those who would like to point to some optimistic signs, there is really little evidence that anything is likely to change in the near future if we keep up the same efforts. We live in a civilized country, where we enact laws even to protect owls and protect nonsmokers from the smoke created by others, and yet we continue to brutally kill little children. How can such an incredible irony possibly exist? There has to be a reason.

Albert Einstein gave the definition of insanity as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Another way of stating this I saw on the wall at a Vocational Rehabilitation office: "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten." Over and over for 40 years we have been separating ourselves from the human rights movement in order to fight the biggest human rights battle on earth. Not only is it completely illogical, and we never had any evidence to suggest that it would work in the first place, but the fact is that this grand experiment simply hasn't worked. The longer we go on, the more difficult it is to back up and take a different track after we have invested so much energy in one direction. There are those who will not want to think that all the effort that they have put in is mostly for naught, and that now we should just pack all that up and head off in a different direction. But if we continue with something that hasn't worked, it will continue not to work. We can't let our pride or our intransigence get in the way; we have to do what will save the lives of the innocent children who are dying.

And, of course, this campaign is not trying to get everyone to stop doing everything that they are doing and put all their "eggs in a different basket". But we should be, first of all, asking ourselves honestly why we have not succeeded, and then exploring other avenues and at least making a reasonable effort to try something that might actually work. There is no reason that this horrific, bloody irony should still be taking place. We live in a society of generally peaceful and compassionate people, who abhor violence. If you don't believe so, just watch the news and see the reaction the next time a gunman breaks into a theater or a school and starts shooting people. People do not approve of killing others; they believe peoples' human rights should be respected. We can end this tragedy -- if we get back into the human rights arena where we belong. Commemorating Human Rights Day, and using it to remind people of the biggest human rights abuse on earth, is certainly not the entire answer to the problem, but it is a place to start.

We are fighting a human rights battle. Alveda King has said so; Rep. Chris Smith has said so; Speaker of the House John Boehner has said so; the March for Life has said so. Perhaps these people were just uttering "rhetoric" because they thought is sounded nice, but I'd like to believe they really meant what they said, because it happens to be true. Abortion truly is a human rights issue. We are fighting a human rights battle. And yet we have distanced ourselves from the human rights movement and allowed the pro-abortionists to take it over. It is a totally illogical track to take, and it has failed. If we are going to win this battle we need to retake the human rights mantle. We can start doing this on International Human Rights Day.

"The child shall be entitled to grow and develop in health; to this end, special care and protection shall be provided both to him and to his mother, including adequate pre-natal and post-natal care." -Declaration of the Rights of the Child

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